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What to get a hipster girl for christmas

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Finding gifts for hipster girls is always a fun challenge. Not all of us are as cool as these ladies. Luckily internet is full of all sorts of crazy unique items. Here are some of the best ones. Is it necessary to even say more about this necklace? It does come in different materials and lengths to suit any taste.

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50 gifts fit for a Portland hipster

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A hipster gift guide. A note. Don't let this stop you from scrolling, but this is 's gift guide, so some of the information could be out of date.

Find our latest gift guide here. There are nut butters, science kits, ceramics, whiskey cocktail maps and so much more. See 's guide here , and 's here. The Portlandia effect. Courtesy Grafletics. Just embrace it. And what better time than the holidays to cozy up to all things rustic and flannel?

Here are a few dozen made-in-Portland items for your hipster consideration. Real gift or gag gift? It's up to you. Just don't forget to shop local. A heavy-duty shirt. This overshirt is made by Dehen Knitting Co. Because the shirt is made from Pendleton wool, it's warm and thick — perfect for camping or winter walks through the neighborhood. Wooden measuring spoons.

Each of these sets of measuring spoons is one-of-a-kind, hand-made with different types of wood. Smells like Twin Peaks. Even though the show was set in Washington, Oregonians also harbor a special appreciation for "Twin Peaks. A farm share. Farm shares also known as Community-Supported Agriculture aren't just for vegetables anymore, though that would probably be great for a fresh-out-of-college relative who spent the last four years living on Top Ramen.

Now, there are farm shares for beer, ice cream, flowers, olive oil and more. Find out more here. An adorable children's book. Will our obsession with woodland animals ever end?

Hopefully not. This kids' book follows a family of tiny bears as they move to the forest with their even tinier adopted baby fox. Cuteness overload commencing. Mounted stag head. Love the cachet of a mounted animal head on your wall but hate shooting things? We've got you covered with this wooden stag head from Space Monkey Designs.

Other nice things about choosing wood over taxidermied animal skin? It doesn't weigh a ton, and it comes in bright colors. Found at Boys Fort , SW Morrison St ; available for special order by contacting the designer at spacemonkeydesigns. Ceramic pour-over. Do you have a friend who still brews coffee with a French press? Help them catch up to modern times with this pour-over cone from Wolf Ceramics , a sleek, grown-up alternative to the flimsy black plastic cone that's probably been sitting in the back of their cupboard since the '90s.

Woodsy sunglasses. Sometimes, locally made isn't enough. For those who want to carry a piece of Oregon with them at all times, there are these sunglasses, featuring actual pine cones pressed using high-pressure resin casting. Also available in moss. Courtesy Wildfang. Feminist tee. Thanks to tomboy clothier Wildfang, these shirts have become as integral to the Portland uniform as plaid flannel and denim. Ask around to see which of your friends still hasn't bought it, and help them complete their closet.

Available at wildfang. Throwback pin. Enamel pins are all the rage right now How else are you supposed to jazz up your vintage denim jacket? Trying to shop for the cyclist who has everything? This may come in handy. It's easier to consult than an iPhone, and if your loved one already has the city's bike routes memorized, they can use it as a regular hankie, or to grease their bike chain.

Hood in beeswax. For those days that clouds obscure our beloved Mt. Hood basically every day from October through May , there's this candle from the founder of Portland Bee Balm. The 3-D candle is made from a LiDAR scan of the mountain, so it's an exact topographical replica, in miniature. Also available in Mt.

Helens and Mt. Available at cascadiacandle. Pocket cribbage. Who knew? Playing cribbage is an excellent alternative to staring at your phone while waiting for your pour-over. This miniature game features a leather case that holds laser-engraved boards, and the brass tube stores four solid copper pegs.

A tipsy Tarot deck. For those who don't take divination very seriously, there's this offbeat Tarot deck. Instead of telling you your fortune, these cards tell you which drink to make.

Each card features an original drink recipe, and the set includes a "pentacle of taste" to help players decipher flavor profiles. Imaginative fragrances. This set of scents just keeps getting better as the line grows larger. The vintage-inspired bottles sport names like Cape Heartache and Violet Disguise, and offer notes like apple, leather, Douglas fir, Baltic Sea, mist, oak moss and artesian well.

Sad animals. Did you know that cats are incapable of tasting sweet things? Or that mayflies only live for a day? Enjoy these and other unfortunate facts, along with the animals' hilarious reactions, in " Sad Animal Facts ," which features more than illustrations by Portland author Brooke Barker. Available at powells. Courtesy Portland Gear. Portland's hat.

If you haven't seen these hats all over the city lately, it might be time for a trip to the optometrist. Available at portlandgear. Earthy incense. Each set gives off a distinct smell: Ignatius features frankincense, holy basil and vetiver, while Caron will fill the room with tobacco, blue spruce and clove.

Found at Flutter , N Mississippi Ave. Courtesy Feminist Sticker Club. Feminist sticker subscription. Is there anything better than getting a present not just on Christmas, but every month? Get your friends the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to this Portland-based feminist sticker club, and they'll get a sticker every month. If they're more into cats, there's a club for that , too. Available at feministstickerclub.

In case you weren't aware, the '70s are back in a big way. These designs range from enormous and intricate to beautifully simple. Forest-scented apothecary. There's no such thing as too much forest. And when we can't be in it, we like to pretend we are.

Enter these beautifully packaged body creams and bath salts from Live Botanical's NW Rainforest line, featuring lavender and conifer. Courtesy Sweet Anthem. Make-your-own-perfume kit. Let your kid make their own fragrances with this DIY kit.

The perfumes and scent notes are vegan and cruelty-free, and the set comes with suggestions and step-by-step instructions.

Hipster Gifts

Updated: November 8, References. Being a hipster girl is more than just wearing the right clothes; it's also about adopting the right attitudes and starting to dig deeper into hipster communities and cultures. Hipsters, who are typically in their early 20s or 30s, are defined by their distinctive clothing and style, which expresses their goals of staying out of mainstream trends. To become a hipster girl you have to start somewhere, and changing your appearance and style is a good place to begin. Once you've done that, you can work your way into having a hipster lifestyle, which might include going to art shows and film screenings, getting involved in local politics, and drinking lots of coffee!

A hipster gift guide. A note.

Do you have someone on your holiday list who lives in graphic tees and beanie hats? Someone who is technically a millennial, but thinks it's super uncool to use that word? Do they wear skinny jeans, like folk music ironically, and have a picture of a sunset as their Facebook profile pic? Not only is it a film camera hipsters love retro stuff , but it also has a quirky travel theme and comes with a Lomography art book. Hipsters love art, too.

young hipster girl with Christmas present. Overhead view.Red shoes,lipstick and nails.

Finding gifts for that one hipster friend you have can take up your entire summer. Well search no more, here are 18 quirky gifts that your hipster friends are sure to love. No Title No Description. Certainly fun and not boring! Honey Cloudz bra inserts provide lightweight shaping, support, and nipple coverage! Worn in regular bras, nursing bras, sports bras, swimwear, and active tops. Contributors : Angie Kornas from Honey Cloudz. They are a great carry-on for your needs on the beach or in urban centres which allow all of your hobbies and interests to soar with this one of a kind accessory.

10 Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life

On those cold days in winter at the office it sometimes seems like they put the air-conditioning on instead of the heat, and you usually feel that most in your hands. Typing while your hands are freezing is damn-nea. But I don't think I've ever been more on board with a new up and coming trend than these 3D beer mug socks. If you really wanted to protect your phone in case you drop it on the floor, a plastic case will most likely do nothing.

The label "hipster" gets passed around as much as a good meme on Facebook.

Environmentally conscious, spiritually centered and socially savvy, hipsters savor some of the simplicity from the past. T8is insanely cool kayak fits all the requirements of the hipster lifestyle in that it embraces the outdoors, takes up minimal space, and can be packed by a bicycle to the nearest beach or river for a paddle adventure. At just 26 pounds, it folds into the size of a large portfolio that can fit into the trunk of a non-SUV, or can be easily carried on mass transit. This fully functional watercraft is ultra-lightweight yet strong, and can withstand sliding onto a rocky shoreline, or bumping underwater obstacles.

51 Best Hipster Gifts: Your Ultimate List

What to buy for the back-to-land, cooler-than-thou, anti-establishment hipster? Everything is artisanal, organic, and heritage. This energy clearing bundle of goodness is centered around some raw palo santo, the best-smelling burn on Earth. Sure to help keep the transcendent vibes going for weeks.

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18 Boho-Chic Gifts for the Hipster in Your Life

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Download this stock image: young hipster girl with Christmas present. Overhead shoes,lipstick and nails. - GNF87T from Alamy's library of millions of.

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18 Quirky Gifts For Your Hipster Friends | Hipster Gifts

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