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Classy dress up party themes

A theme for your party can be a great way to bring your celebration to life. We can help with all types of party themes such as: Vegas , Masquerade, Casino, James bond , Best of British and more! Whatever that occasion, we can help develop your theme into a reality for your event. Check out our private party and corporate party case studies for more inspiration and an idea of the expertise we can apply to your party. We can create exciting and inspiring bespoke virtual events that will bring your friends and family together, no matter where they might be in the world.

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List of Unique Hen Do Themes.

One way to make your party stand out is by choosing a creative event theme. For better or for worse, your theme sets the tone for your whole event and directs many of your party planning decisions. Get it right and your event will feel like a breath of fresh air not to mention spread like wildfire on Instagram!

What better way to let your hair down than with a bit of childlike fun? To bring this party theme to life, think grown up versions of your favourite childhood activities — an adult-sized ball pit, jumping castle, slide, confetti, bubbles, and of course, fairy bread.

We matched the balls in our giant ball pit to the color of the sky! The Lion King is coming back this year and our inner child is just a little bit excited.

To style your safari-inspired party, look to on-trend animal prints, bamboo-hut bars, and loads of greenery. We all know the drill: Tomorrow, we diet. This event theme lets guests indulge in all the good stuff in a fun blowout before treat day ends. Catering should include decadent cocktails, doughnuts walls, and fried food galore.

The Pantone Colour of the Year is Living Coral, which means this reef-inspired hue is set to appear everywhere from fashion to tableware in mid-late Check out the pop-up for a limited time beginning tomorrow at 10 AM ET.

Party Theme Idea 5: Nautical, But Nice Hosting an event on a boat or by the river, but want to avoid a kitschy pirate themed event? Try a more sophisticated nautical theme — styled with crisp whites and deep navy blues. To achieve this setting, your event space should look more at home cruising the French Riviera than sailing the high seas.

Encourage guests to dress with sparkle and offer glitter face or body painting on site. Need a quirky idea to raise money for charity? Dare bearded guests to donate their facial hair and wear a glitter beard if you hit a fundraising target.

Take your guests to timeless Cuba with a Havana Nights theme. Think rum cocktails, latin dance music, outlandish tropical prints, and vintage resort wear. For another fun take on the classic beach theme, dress your event space as an airport lounge, hotel lobby, or resort bar and ask guests to dress as summer holiday tourists.

Party theming ideas include selfie-sticks, Hawaiian shirts, palm-print maxi-dresses, and wearing socks with sandals. To pull off a video-game inspired party theme, invite guests to dress as their favourite game character, past or present. Hire a space that has retro arcade games or hire virtual reality headsets for gameplay entertainment. The world is having a moment with all things sweet and colourful. Immersive exhibitions like Sugar Republic are insanely popular and everyone wants to fill their Instagram feeds with pops of candy colour.

Tap this trend for your party by styling it with all things bright and colourful — and a dessert table filled with sweet treats. For a party that is both elegant and a touch spooky, look to a Victorian-era style gothic theme. Think candles, candelabras, skulls, taxidermy, black flowers, old frames and furniture.

You can ask your guests to dress up as Victorian ghosts and even have serving staff dressed as Victorian maids and butlers. This event theme is the ultimate fancy dress party. Dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, famous historical figures and pop icons — the possibilities are endless. Guests are encouraged to dress in formal wear for a champagne-filled party. Celebrate with a musical themed event, encouraging guests to dress as their favourite musical characters.

Look to local theatres for venues as many have event spaces available for party hire. To inject some preppy fun into your event, create a Hamptons style garden party with turf lawn, tennis whites, sneakers, and pastels. With a jug of Pimms on the side, of course.

With mid-century modern coming back into vogue, host a Palm Springs inspired party. Think red-checkered picnic blankets, baguettes, cheese, and champagne. An oldie but a goodie. With the non-stop release of superhero movies, comic books are on trend again and provide great costume choices for themed parties and events. Rides, amusements, games of chance, sugary treats, show bags, and eclectic prizes — a homespun carnival can be a colourful affair for a party if you have the budget and space to recreate this experience.

Get your guests involved in an art project at your next party by creating a giant interactive canvas wall. An instant hit and sure-fire way to draw a crowd in the summer months: an ice-cream social. In addition to lots of delicious icy treats, this party theme should be paired with crisp whites and playful pops of pastel to evoke nostalgic memories of ice-cream vans and summers passed.

Ideal for sunny Sunday afternoon events. The whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland is always a classic and allows you to really bend the rules when it comes to creative styling for a party. Craft a foodie event focused exclusively on local farmers, chefs, and vendors. For a more modern take, opt for high end tequila tastings no lemon or salt required!

For a party theme with a hint of mystery and magic, enlist tarot card readers, clairvoyants, or vintage-style fortune-telling machines to tell the futures of your party guests. Lego is trending in Australia, with exhibitions, bars, and pop-ups booming in popularity with both adults and kids alike.

To create a lego themed party, hire giant Lego from a party supplier and enlist the help of an expert Lego builder to create unique party styling. Party Theme Idea 1: Inner Child What better way to let your hair down than with a bit of childlike fun? View this post on Instagram. All Rights Reserved. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn.

100 Event Theme Ideas

From classy hen do themes to seasonal, colour-based and unique ideas, here's your ultimate guide to the best hen party outfits and themes! By Helen Pye. And both of them are fantastic!

One of the hardest parts about planning a party, though, is coming up with the perfect theme in the first place—which is why we turned to the experts. StyleCaster asked party planners to give us their best theme party ideas , so all you have to focus on is actually throwing the perfect bash.

One way to make your party stand out is by choosing a creative event theme. For better or for worse, your theme sets the tone for your whole event and directs many of your party planning decisions. Get it right and your event will feel like a breath of fresh air not to mention spread like wildfire on Instagram! What better way to let your hair down than with a bit of childlike fun?

57 Fun Hen Party Themes for Every Type of Bride

You name it each member of the group will be wearing it. Us girls love lounging about in our comfy clothes so if you are planning on relaxing on your hen weekend a pyjama party would be great! Even better if you got personalised or matching pyjamas for all the girls in your group! Pink to make the boys wink for one last night of freedom right ladies? There are a huge variety of different shades of pink too so a fun idea would be to make sure each person in your group is in a different shade! Try our Grease Dance Class. Simple but effective. A classic that is known by everyone is the playboy bunnies, the perfect sexy outfit that will definitely make a statement during your hen weekend. Bring out your inner Britney Spears with the back to school hen party theme. We are thinking pleated skirts, white shirts and ties.

80 Hen Party Themes

They can be a great way for your attendees to get involved and it can be a fun participatory activity in itself, while creating plenty of photo opportunities. Themes can also create a buzz prior to the event as guests discuss how they can interpret the theme, what they are going to go as, what their friends are trying and whether they can do joint costumes which can be great corporate team building. Regardless of the event type, there is a theme to transform your event, improve user experience and only make the whole thing better. The neon theme has always been popular at raves or music events and it has recently found itself trickling into other event styles.

Creating an event with a strong visual theme that will inspire attendees to whip out their camera phones is a surefire way to spread like wildfire on Instagram. And with a strong social presence in your pocket, your event will enjoy reach that may have been impossible without the help of some killer photos and well-placed hashtags.

Theme parties are not just about superheroes and princesses. There are so many options one can choose to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion. Here are 20 theme party ideas that will make everyone want to be on your guest list. Bring the magic of Harry Potter home.

30 Unique and Instagram-Worthy Party Theme Ideas

People who love hen party themes and those who brandish them tacky and unfavourable. As well as being a great excuse to get dressed up, a themed hen do can help you make decisions. As well as providing a little inspiration for the ultimate party outfit, it can also influence activities, decorations, food and drink, and hen party games.

Here's the list you have all been asking for. There is a different theme for almost every style of hen party that will make your celebration lots more fun and with a little imagination unique as well. Adding a theme to a hen party doesn't have to cost you anything if you are good at putting a fancy dress costume together yourself but if you are in a hurry or are not so hot with a pair of scissors then you could rent or buy one. Another good idea is to have a theme so you can just where some of your own and some borrowed clothes. Charity shops are also great places to shop for cheap outfit ideas and are excellent for finding out those little extras like hats, costume jewellery and vintage accessories.

20 Unique and Fun College Party Themes

If matching slogan t-shirts, pink feather boas and thigh-high nurses' costumes aren't your bride-to-be's jam, then this guide will make essential pre-hen party reading. Most modern brides forgo the more traditional often tacky! A hen party with a fun dress code is not only a great way to get everyone in the celebratory mood and feel part of the squad, but it also makes it easier to spot your fellow hens in the crowd - which might come in handy. Not to mention the fact that an awesome dress code looks pretty great in the photos too hashtag squadgoals! Today we are sharing 10 classy hen party themes which are a little more modest, chic or cool, that your bride-to-be and her her gaggle of hens!

Nov 19, - Event staff could dress in nautical theme or sailor outfits and guests can If you are including fancy dress, attendees could dress up as astronauts or aliens. A traditionally classy event and definitely an easy option when it.

Tired of the all-black outfit you wear every time you go out? Are your fave booties torn up from night after night of college parties? Breathe some life into your party looks and the party itself by mixing up the theme! Everyone will have a great time dressing up, and of course, it will provide tons of opportunities for Instagrams. Next time you plan on throwing a party, check out these 20 college party themes that will give you and your friends the opportunity to mix up you Saturday routine and give your black ripped jeans a break for the weekend.

Party Themes

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32 Party theme ideas perfect for your next celebration!

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51 of the Best Theme Party Ideas Actual Party Planners Could Think Of

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