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How to be a vsco girl on instagram

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VSCO girl starter pack?? A post shared by girl starter p a c k s girlstarterpacksss on Aug 24, at pm PDT. When VSCO girls take over tik tok?? Skip navigation!

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What It Means To Be A VSCO Girl

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She can be the girl on the street, but she can also be a popular influencer, like Emma Chamberlain. But she's not just appearing on her own social media channels. The VSCO girl has also been parodied online. But while some love to hate on the cool-girl, carefree aesthetic, others aspire to it.

A VSCO girl is easy to spot. She tries to embody a '90s-meets-surfer-girl look. Here, the ultimate starter kit on how to be a VSCO girl, from the uniform to the lifestyle. Source : The Cut. A post shared by sums summermckeen Jun 7, at pm PDT. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe Subscribe. My Account. BI Prime Intelligence Logout. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Hillary Hoffower. VSCO girls have the internet buzzing. The VSCO girl's laidback aesthetic is a crossover between '90s fashion and a surfer lifestyle.

While some people are hating on the look, others want to know how to be a VSCO girl. Hint: It requires scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, and Brandy Melville crop tops. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The products: The VSCO girl is known for her "no-makeup" makeup — a natural vibe that contrasts with the contoured faces of Instagram influencers.

It's a fresh and dewy look — which can be achieved with help from Mario Badescu facial spray. The VSCO girl paints her nails in pastel rainbow colors. For that, you'll need candy colored nail polish. But the VSCO girl alsos love the opposite of small baby tees: the oversized graphic t-shirt. And since the VSCO girl lives at the beach in the summer, you'll of course need a bathing suit You'll also need high-waisted denim shorts for the summer and mom jeans for the fall — both preferably ripped.

The accessories: No outfit is complete without the right accessories. A puka shell necklace is a must. Pura Vida bracelets are essential, too — to stack on your arms along with scrunchies, of course. Another staple is the wave ring, which keeps in tune with the VSCO girl's beachy, surfer vibe. You can paste those Polaroids to your bedroom walls. You'll also need string lights and succulents for decor.

And for surprise, there's "and I oop," referencing a video of drag queen Jasmine Masters. The cause: And you have to care about the environment. The VSCO girl is environmentally friendly and cares about "saving the turtles" — as evidenced by her stainless steel Hydro Flask and love for metal straws.

The Ultimate VSCO Girl Starter Pack

She can be the girl on the street, but she can also be a popular influencer, like Emma Chamberlain. But she's not just appearing on her own social media channels. The VSCO girl has also been parodied online.

Do you like to wear scrunchies? Can you not leave your house without your reusable water bottle and metal straws?

A new social media term is gaining popularity, and it describes a lifestyle of reusable straws, hair scrunchies, and Birkenstocks. The name comes from the VSCO editing app, which is used for its filters that create a consistent social media aesthetic. What does it mean to be a VSCO girl? The term is used to describe female teenagers who dress and act in a certain manner that is virtually indistinguishable from one another, both online and in real life. On Instagram, where the hashtag VSCOgir l has been used on more than 1m posts, the aesthetic is mostly that of a colourful, beachy lifestyle.

The rise of the VSCO girl – and how to spot one

The VSCO girl is a fashion trend or subculture that became popular among teenagers around the summer of The term refers to the photography app of the same name VSCO. Environmental concerns in particular for sea turtle conservation are common. Stereotypical catchphrases include "and I oop", "sksksksk", and "save the turtles". It is often mentioned in relation to other online-based teenage fashion trends of this time, including the E-girls , soft girls , as well as " Tumblr girls". The VSCO girl style is often described as both "preppy" fashion relating to the dress of pupils of preparatory schools and "beachy" fashion relating to tourists at a beach such as oversized t-shirts and scrunchies. The style is often described as "laid-back" as VSCO girls aim to look relaxed and easy-going. VSCO girls are often seen wearing over-sized T-shirts that are sometimes long enough to cover their shorts.

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Nov 14, - What is a “VSCO girl”? The name is derived from the photo-editing app VSCO (say “visco”), a kind of Instagram in which everyday images.

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