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Two guys and a truck moving reviews

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Two Guys and a Truck

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The friendly, "not-so-local-anymore" moving pros. Get Started. The year-old moving company Two Men and a Truck bills itself as "movers who care. These are just some of their slogans. That positivity is infectious; Two Men and a Truck is a formidable competitor in the moving industry. A lot of customers will disqualify the company immediately for blowing up their budget.

On the other hand, if you have the budget and want to save your back from your move, then Two Men and a Truck should be in the running. Its friendly customer service representatives and commitment to the community makes the company appealing to consumers. Still, there are pitfalls to avoid. I ordered the service at the start of the busy moving season in mid-June. To review their customer service and checkout process, I completed the order, then later canceled it. In the meantime, I also planned a move from Fort Lee, New Jersey to Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, where my parents live, in order to give you an idea of the company's local moving service process.

By keeping the particulars of the move roughly the same for each order, I've made it possible for you to easily compare. I live in a three-bedroom home with two large flights of stairs.

In addition to the bedrooms, there are: Two and a half bathrooms, A finished basement which includes a bar and living area with a sofa that turns into a queen-sized bed , A laundry room with storage under the staircase that includes boxes of holiday decorations , A kitchen, living room with two sofas, including one that converts to a queen-sized bed , Formal dining room with a large and heavy china closet filled with delicate china and glasses for entertaining , An attic with some items in storage including my wedding dress in a preservation box.

My parents live in a similarly sized home with three floors and three bedrooms, but they also have the following: An additional room in the basement, A garage with landscaping equipment and some other gadgets, An internal patio with glass doors that houses holiday decorations and some extra dishes and platters.

Two Men and a Truck gives potential customers the option of either calling for an estimate or filling out a form online to determine the possible cost. If you opt for the online forms, which is what I did, you will get a phone call to finalize the estimate. Two Men and a Truck charges a flat fee or binding contract for long-distance moves and an hourly fee or non-binding contract for local ones.

Therefore, I experienced both kinds of estimates. With a binding, long-distance contract, you should have no surprises at the end of the move, the price won't fluctuate. But a a non-binding, local contract can move in either direction of your estimate. Here's how I got to that number.

This cost guaranteed trained professional movers would:. Also, I would have a guaranteed delivery date. We had set the pick up date in Fort Lee for June 9th, and the drop off in Kissimmee was going to happen June 12th. The local move was much more affordable than the long-distance move. This covers gas, and the time for traveling from Livingston, N.

The sales rep who called me used the information I gave her on the online form to estimate the job would take between seven and eight hours. Keep in mind that if it takes fewer hours to complete the job, you will pay less. Of course, if it takes longer, you'll pay more. You should always inquire about about a mover's cancellation policy because you never know what might happen. In this case, the deposit is refundable as long as you call to cancel within 48 hours before the delivery of the truck at the first location of your move.

In addition, there were options for purchasing insurance included in the estimate for the long-distance move. However, on the phone the sales rep was vague about how much this would actually cost and said they would calculate it once everything was finalized.

She never did go over the cost with me on the phone, but I eventually received an email regarding estimated coverage. Their second option is "full coverage", which means the moving company is responsible for the full value of your items should it lose or damage them. That means they would either repair the damaged item or have another company repair it at their expense, or they would pay you the sum of the worth of the item. Full-Service Moving companies must provide an estimate, including the cost of this option.

I mentioned in my online form that money was a concern. I think that's why the sales rep downplayed this portion and did not explain it to me, nor did she include the total of full coverage insurance when we talked.

In addition, Two Men and a Truck suggests looking at your own homeowner's insurance to see if you are covered or could add a rider to save yourself some money. You are a good fit for Two Men and a Truck if budget is not an issue and you can't or don't want to do virtually any heavy lifting. This is a particularly smart option for those with disabilities or elderly people who simply can't physically handle a move on their own.

As a Full-Service company, they do all the work, and you just have to oversee the workers and move in. Healthy and young? Maybe consider other ways to move. What is most wonderful about any reputable, Full-Service Moving company is the convenience and ease.

Truly, Two Men and a Truck promises to make this process as simple as possible, and not just with the labor part; there's a lot of hand holding and solid customer service right from the beginning of contacting them about your move.

On moving day, you don't have to do much more than point at what needs to be packed and make sure everyone is staying on track. Just grab a margarita and lie back on your recliner as someone else carries it out of your old place and onto the truck.

Well, you can't actually travel that way, but you get the idea. All you have to do to get a price for a move is head to the company's website and answer a few questions. This only takes few minutes. Within a few hours at most, someone will call you to explain how much it might cost and what that includes.

Then, the sales rep also emails you a written estimate for you to consider. Unlike some other Full-Service Moving companies, you complete the inventory digitally instead of having a rep of the company come to your house to see for him or herself.

It's all instantaneous without having to clean up. While the Two Men and a Truck Full-Service Move may almost literally cost your arm and leg, its staff is accommodating. Within hours or even minutes of completing the online form requesting a free estimate, I received a call from someone in the office. I spoke with two different reps at different points in my planning.

They quickly responded to any question I had and walked me through the entire process. They put in lots of effort to put my mind at ease. While filling out the initial forms, I was asked to share concerns I might have. I was given lengthy, personalized! When I spoke with the customer service reps, they went even further by describing how the company could work with me to alleviate my worries.

However, I'll admit no one had much info to offer in the way of saving money, even though I imagine changing the date to a time during the week, rather than a weekend, might have slashed the price. Still, I was impressed with the representatives, their responsiveness, and their kindness in working with me. Full-Service Moving companies do everything - absolutely everything. It's great, but it does not come cheap, especially if you're moving a long way.

When considering a Full-Service company like Two Men and a Truck, really ask yourself, "Do the perks justify the cost? Also, you have to consider your budget. If it's not in your budget, you can always opt for a Hybrid Move , which offers the best of both worlds - a much cheaper price and little, if any, back-breaking work. Although I loved the convenience of the online inventory, I felt a bit uneasy. When I've previously received an estimate from a Full-Service company for my reviews, they've always sent a representative to my home.

They would walk through the whole place with a tablet and calculated weight and size to determine how much to charge me. This also helped to determine the size of the truck and how many professional movers to send. But here, I was telling the company what furniture I had, but no one was actually seeing the enormous size of my four-door china cabinet with buffet or the inordinate number of delicate wine glasses I had inside it. While I'm grateful no one had to see the piles and piles of superhero toys littering my living room thanks, son , I still felt as though the estimate would have been more accurate with a real-life person coming to my door.

You always provide a credit card to secure a "moving date. When I canceled, the company reimbursed my credit card, so all was forgiven. But there is definitely more of a commitment there than with companies that compliment a DIY or Hybrid Move. Be aware! More than 30 years ago, two high school kids launched Two Men and a Truck as a way to make money after school.

With its hand-drawn logo, the business was expected to stay local. But today, Two Men and a Truck boasts locations worldwide and experienced 95 consecutive months of growth. They claim to have completed "nearly 7 million moves and counting.

Two Men and a Truck has a long history of doing charitable work. After the first year in business, one of its co-owners created inroads with 10 charitable organizations. During the run up to Thanksgiving, Two Men and a Truck collects non-perishable items from schools, pantries and businesses every year to help feed the hungry. Contributing Author: Francesca Di Meglio.

Francesca Di Meglio is a writer, editor, and moving professional featured on Businessweek and About. As a wife and mother of two little ones, she is always on the move. Pros Relax! You can sit back and watch people take care of your entire move. Estimates are free and handily available online. Customer service representatives are impressive and knowledgeable. Cons Definitely not the cheapest option, especially for a long-distance move.

The form for taking inventory online is convenient, but easy to become inaccurate.

Two Guys And A Truck

Just like In-N-Out, Two Guys and a Truck franchises are popping up around the country, making it one of the most accessible moving companies. But do the moving services of Two Guys and a Truck compare to the savory, delightful taste of a double-double? Like most franchise businesses, quality will vary—and depending on which location you go to, you can either have an amazing culinary experience or you can end up with an upset stomach. Likewise, depending on the quality of your local Two Men and a Truck franchise, you can either get a seamless full-moving experience or a total disaster. You can expect great customer service from the website, but your actual moving experience will depend on your local movers.

Headquarters located Martin Luther King Blvd. Family owned and operated since

The friendly, "not-so-local-anymore" moving pros. Get Started. The year-old moving company Two Men and a Truck bills itself as "movers who care. These are just some of their slogans. That positivity is infectious; Two Men and a Truck is a formidable competitor in the moving industry.

Two Men And A Truck

Ben Wright, who works as a training manager for our St. Learn the differences of what goes into the moving process when you try moving yourself vs. Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Now Hiring. Movers Who Blog. Passwort vergessen? Jetzt nicht.

Two Men and a Moving Truck – Costs, Prices, Rates & Tips

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A relocation job can be quite costly no matter how small. This is why lots of people choose to have two men and one truck on their disposal and do the majority of the work involved themselves.

Your trust is our top concern , so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Patty Stump is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.

Two Men and a Truck

The costs associated with relocation can be very expensive if you have to pay for it. Many people choose two men and one truck to move for them. Hiring two men and one truck to move everything for you will save you time and the hassle of doing it by yourself.

Two Men And A Truck has a consumer rating of 1. The most common issues with Two Men And A Truck are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. We hired two men and a truck to move a rather heavy, and valuable family piano. I called a month in advance and had a lengthy conversation with them about the possibility of success of moving such a heavy item into our 70's style home narrow staircases. I sent them pictures of the piano and the staircase with dimensions and was told it definitely could be done. The day of the move, I was asked to resend the pictures.

Two Men And a Truck

Big thank you to your Business for the excellent service during our move! We are so happy with it and will be absolutely using you guys in the future! In particular, I would like to acknowledge the hard and amazing quality work from 4 guys last night: Rodrigo, Felipe, Fernando, Bruno and Manga hope I got the last one wright. All very flexible and customer oriented, listening to client requests, no damages at all with careful handling and all focused on the objective for the day! Very cool Brazilian team! Well done guys! Great to hear that your entire move process was smooth, easy and with no damage.

Learn the differences of what goes into the moving process when you try moving yourself vs. hiring professional movers.

Your trust is our top concern , so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Amanda Szerpicki is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.

Two Men and a Truck Moving Review

This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Two Men and a Truck is a moving company with more than locations across the U.

Two Men and a Truck® Full Service Movers

That said, the company is not without a few downsides. For example, some of its franchises only facilitate moves within certain distances. Lastly, customer reviews are positive on average but vary between different franchises.

Years in Business: Overview of BBB Ratings.

Have a browse on this page at our customer feedback to see what people think. Overall 4. Outstanding service - good value for money but more importantly for me very accommodating, my move was more complicated than expected, they rolled with it, they were always courteous and upbeat, and they really took care of my property. Everybody I came into contact with at the office, or the movers at my my home were very professional.

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