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How to meet gay guys on a cruise ship

February 10th, , AM. How do I meet Gay guys on a straight cruise. Hi, im Dale. Im going on my first cruise Sunday Feb. See previous post How do I meet Gay guys on board.


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Being on a Gay Cruise alone vs with a partner


Whilst we love going on gay cruises together, we also do the occasional solo trip independently of one another — something we recommend everyone does, whether you're in a relationship or single. The bane of solo travellers, however, is having to fork out for the luxury of travelling solo…. We get it. Cruises have to account for their costs. But what if you want to set sail and not have to factor in this unnecessary cost? We've scoured the net and found all the best gay cruises available for solo travellers and put them all in this detailed guide.

It can definitely be tough scouting out the perfect cruise when travelling solo. Everything is geared towards couples, so branching out can be very intimidating, not to mention expensive since you usually have to budget for that ubiquitous single supplement fee! Luckily, there are several options available for solo travellers.

This is where they pair you up with another solo traveller based on whether you are a smoker or non-smoker and sometimes with even more details about your personality. We love this idea because you know that you're likely to make a new lifelong friend if not something more!!

The Room Share Programme is also a fantastic way of getting around paying for that single supplement. This is probably more suited to younger LGBTQ travellers… let's just say one reaches an age where the idea of sleeping in bunk beds is not as exciting as it was when one was in one's 20s!

Cabins come with either bunk-beds or a double bed which is split if it's not booked for a couple , so you will be placed with other solo travellers if the cruise is fully booked. Yes, you read right! Instead of being punished for being a single traveller, some cruises will offer a single crew cabin discount.

Note: however, this is not an exclusively gay cruise, but a small group of gay guys among a larger cruise. The RSVP anniversary cruise is inviting all gay singletons looking for love to sail around the Caribbean. The ship, the Nieuw Statendam , is the perfect backdrop for a holiday romance — beautiful design, gorgeous deck space and fabulous entertainment venues.

And if that's not enough, they have no fewer than five different restaurants on board! After stuffing yourself silly with all that delicious food, you can work it all out the uber -modern gym, or join one of the fun group classes.

There is also an inviting Greenhouse Spa and Salon for relaxation, where you can be pampered with all sorts of lush treatments. The swimming pools are not only great for laps but also where the best pool parties happen. This gay cruise kicks off from one of the gayest cities in the world: Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Day 1 is definitely a highlight of this cruise: exploring Little San Salvador Island, a acre paradise that you and your fellow passengers have all to yourselves for the day.

The island is known for its otherworldly distinctive 2. Another not-to-miss highlight is the stop at Grand Cayman. Here you get the chance to swim with rays at Stingray City and stroll along one of the stunning beaches. Plus, the duty-free shopping means no post-haul blues after you explore the markets for all sorts of cool items.

This gay cruise has a Room Share Programme available , which means that if you're travelling alone you can contact RSVP Vacations ahead of time and they will pair you up with another traveller. This way you can still join the cruise without needing to pay a single supplement, and since your roomie will also be travelling solo, you'll probably become fast friends!

RSVP also organise special singles gatherings and dinners on their cruises, so you will have even more opportunities to mingle with other solo travellers. The GaySail Exclusive cruise from St. Martin is clothing optional — so you can definitely pack light for this one! Let yourself feel freer than you've ever felt before, exploring some of the most stunning islands of the Caribbean. There are so many moments throughout the gay cruise that will stay with you forever. Here you can also do some world-class diving and discover a whole new world.

Other highlights of this cruise include the stunning sunsets at the Bay of Grand Casse on St Martin and Maho Beach also on St Martin , which is located next door to the airport, so you can get a pretty epic pic of you with a plane landing right above your head! This cruise takes place across two comfortable 40 feet-long Lagoon Catamarans , with 20 guys spread out across both boats. You'll have the services of a gay skipper and a gay cook to provide your meals, plus you can add on another week that's exclusively nude to make it a two-week cruise.

This gay cruise will see you set sail aboard a luxurious 52 feet catamaran , with just 14 passengers! So whether you're lounging on the deck, having a chat while sipping on a Margarita, or exploring one of the wondrous bays during a pitstop, you will become well acquainted with your fellow passengers. Regardless of whether you meet Mr Right or Mr Right Now, you're guaranteed to make loads of fabulous new gay friends.

The GaySail cruise of Tahiti will see you bouncing from island to island and bay to bay across the South Pacific archipelago. You'll board the foot catamaran, escorted around the boat by your gay crew. You'll be shown all the nooks and crannies of the boat, whilst sipping on a welcome drink.

Your gay cook will also be on hand to make all your delicious meals during the trip. You'll dine in a fancy French restaurant at the Taravana Yacht Club and take a stroll, admiring the scenery — all to get you in the mood for the adventures ahead. From snorkelling to hiking, you'll be putting the explorer cap firmly on your head as you discover bustling fish villages and picturesque mountain ranges.

She's so new that as of writing this she hasn't even been launched yet, that will happen on Valentine's Day — how cute?! There's no shortage of things to do while onboard either, from theatre shows and pool parties to sweating it up in the gym, having a lazy brunch or watching hilarious drag queens. Apart from alcohol, everything onboard is included in the price, so there are no nasty surprises in store either — just the fun ones! As well as entertainment onboard you can explore the gay bars of Key West and you'll definitely want to spend a bit of extra time in the gay haven of Miami.

Beach bums will be in heaven as you have ample shore time to relax on white-sand beaches and snorkel in crystal-clear waters. If you crave a bit of adrenaline then you might like to ride an ATV through the jungle of Mexico, while those who are more laid-back will enjoy shopping for a bargain in the local markets.

There's truly something for everyone on this cruise. Atlantis also organise special singles gatherings and dinners on their cruises, so you will have even more opportunities to mingle with other solo travellers. The Explorer of the Seas ship will not only introduce you to the experience of discovering new places but also offer you the opportunity to uncover new passions and skills you never knew you had! Who knew Seb would turn out to be such a good surfer?

The onboard FlowRider surf simulator is how we found out. Plus, the ice-skating ring allowed us to test our Adam Rippon impressions outside the winter season. Imagine watching an Oscar-winning movie whilst also staring out at the sea. This gay cruise has an excellent Single Share Programme available , which means that if you're travelling alone you can contact them ahead of time and they will pair you up with another traveller, based on your answers to a short survey.

Many solo travellers in the past have gushed over how much fun they had with the friends they made after using this programme! What better way to spend a week than on a 40 feet Lagoon catamaran, with 10 hot gay guys , exploring the best of Croatia? GaySail takes all the fun and relaxing elements of a normal cruise, but strips away all the overwhelming grandness and puts the focus back on simple relaxation.

On the luxury catamaran , you can choose from cabins with double bed ideal for couples , cabins with split double bed suitable for single guests and two small crew cabins in the front with access from the deck. Your gay cook will be providing a delicious breakfast and lunch each day, with stop-offs in local villages for dinner.

Starting in Dubrovnik, fans of Game of Thrones will definitely want to take some time to explore filming locations before embarking on this cruise. Other highlights include stopovers at some really charming islands like Korcula a super picturesque medieval town thought to be the birthplace of Marco Polo , Mljet , Lastavo , Vis and Brac.

This is a very multicultural cruise as well, with participants coming from all over the world and some of the performances offered in French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese. There are multiple pools and hot tubs for you to relax onboard, as well as t he amazing Canyon Ranch Spa where you can indulge yourself or get in a workout in the state-of-the-art gym.

Of course, there will also be plenty of Atlantis's signature wild parties along with comedians, drag queens, singers and more performing in the lounges. As well as the fun you'll be having onboard the ship, don't forget about the opportunities to explore the best of Europe as you go.

For those who love learning about history there's Rome, of course, as well as Naples where you can head to Pompeii and see the devastation left by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. On the Greek island of Santorini you'll be able to relax on the idyllic beaches under the sun during the day, then check out the hottest gay clubs during the overnight stop on Mykonos!

Time to get our Amanda Seyfried singing-on-a-bed-of-rocks fantasy on. The GaySail cruise around the Greek islands is a must-have for your checklist , especially if you're a fan of the film. A mix of natural scenery with sprawling villages, cities with gorgeous beaches, there is so much this little pocket of Europe has to offer. This gay cruise is perfect for single travellers because it allows you to take as much joy in your solitude as you like. There isn't a strong party emphasis, but whilst there is still a social element, you can happily enjoy a quiet trip of exploring the gorgeous Greek islands.

The gay cruise begins in one of our favourite cities, Athens , which offers a mix of incredible cultural history think Parthenon, Acropolis… and a fun gay scene around the Gazi area. From Athens, the cruise stops at several islands including Poros and our favourite, Hydra.

Whilst most tourists will rave about Santorini and Mykonos and for good reason! It's extremely beautiful, with ancient merchant houses and cute tight narrow cobblestone streets. Everything here is transported by mules and donkeys because cars are banned! Africa might be the last place a group of gay guys should head off to, but Seychelles is one of few African countries where homosexuality is legal.

LGBTQ travel here is growing every year, and GaySail does an amazing job with making you feel safe the whole time, whilst still creating a fun and happy atmosphere. This is perfect for travellers who don't want to be surrounded by too many people, preferring a smaller and intimate crowd. The yacht welcomes a maximum of 14 guests , with comfy cabins for sleeping quarters.

This cruise takes you around The Seychelles and some of the surrounding islands. Exploring the lush, wild scenery and the stunning Indian Ocean that constantly sparkles under the beating sun, you will feel like you're living in a constant paradise. Activities include bird-watching, snorkelling and horseback riding , particularly on La Digue.

Other highlights of this cruise include the views from Belle Vue and atop Nid Aigle. When you're finished exploring, you can dine in one of the island's restaurants and go shopping in a surprisingly eclectic mix of shops.

Why not try something a little different to celebrate the Christmas holiday season and explore the gorgeous nation of Thailand on a gay cruise? After setting sail on Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner will take place at a stunning resort amongst a fabulous group of gay men. Turkey and crackers after a long day of sunbathing sounds like paradise to us!

Not to mention how absolutely stunning the bays, beaches and islands of Thailand are.

Welcome to Cruising: Cruising 101

Royal Caribbean prides itself on being a super gay friendly company and our 28 day cruise from Singapore to Barcelona aboard Mariner of the Seas gave this celebrated company another opportunity to prove their claim. We also talked to staff and fellow gay guests to find out what they thought. One fellow traveller recounted while he and his partner were embarking the ship in Dubai he had asked,.

Going on a cruise is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing vacations you can take. The options are limitless ranging from the Mediterranean and Caribbean to the Baltic Sea or even Alaska. On a gay cruise, the entire ship is full of LGBT guests and all staff have been extensively trained to provide you with a welcoming and gay-friendly experience.

New to cruising? Not to worry. To take some of the work off your plate and to give you an overview of what you can expect on your first cruise, we rounded up some of the most commonly asked questions and tried to answer them as thoroughly as possible here. In a word, no. There are ships for the adventurer in you, the part of you that just wants to sit back and unwind, the person who is looking to book a vacation for the whole family — in fact, there are ships that cater to all of these needs and more.

Cruise secrets: What do these unusual codewords REALLY mean on board a ship?

By aliendope , July 27, in Carnival Cruise Lines. I'm going a carnival magic cruise for a week in a few days. Considering i'm 18 years old, I'm to young for some things, but also too old for some things. I've heard the year olds have the hardest time finding things to do on a cruise, but I'm not too worried. My question is if anyone has any advice on how to find other gay guys preferably around my age on the cruise. But I don't necessarily wanna hook up. And I figured that's who would be in there. Also, have heard a lot of the crew members are gay, but ofcourse they're working.

Gay Cruises – The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Best Gay Cruise

It used to be common to see a Friends of Dorothy sometimes abbreviated as FOD meetup listed in your cruise ship's daily newsletter, usually grouped among singles meetups, Friends of Bill W. Recently, these meetings have begun to disappear, leaving cruisers to ask: What is a Friends of Dorothy meetup? Who's Dorothy? And, where have her friends gone?

Cruise ship crew often use codewords as they work on the vessel and communicate with one another. For those unused to the traditional cruise ship way of life, two codewords, in particular, are misleading.

Whilst we love going on gay cruises together, we also do the occasional solo trip independently of one another — something we recommend everyone does, whether you're in a relationship or single. The bane of solo travellers, however, is having to fork out for the luxury of travelling solo…. We get it. Cruises have to account for their costs.

The BEST gay cruises for singles departing in 2020 / 2021

If you have been cruising you will probably have seen that Friends of Dorothy meetings are held on most cruise ships most days. They tend to be listed in the daily program as informal and un-hosted get togethers, and other than a room and time there is very little information about who these mysterious friends of Dorothy are, and why they are meeting up. So just who is Dorothy? And why does she have so many friends on-board that she has to have a special meeting advertised in the daily program?

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What Is a Friend of Dorothy on a Cruise Ship? Exploring LGBTQ+ Meetups at Sea

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Oct 23, - Friends of Dorothy meetings are advertised on many cruise ship daily programs. that gay travellers are invited to meet with other gay people on that ship. She was known for having a lot of gay men in her glitzy social circle.

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