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How do you show your husband respect

But how often do you put forth effort to ensure that you are respecting your spouse? But, as with many other things, what the world will tell you is true is so often the opposite of what the Bible tells you is true. And this is why making an effort to show your husband respect is important. Because the Bible says that this is what we are to do and this is how we should act. No matter how your spouse acts towards you, it is your responsibility to obey God and to demonstrate the love of Jesus towards him in everything you do.

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27 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect

But how often do you put forth effort to ensure that you are respecting your spouse? But, as with many other things, what the world will tell you is true is so often the opposite of what the Bible tells you is true. And this is why making an effort to show your husband respect is important. Because the Bible says that this is what we are to do and this is how we should act.

No matter how your spouse acts towards you, it is your responsibility to obey God and to demonstrate the love of Jesus towards him in everything you do. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. So essentially this is telling us that the role of the wife in a marriage is to act as a caricature of the church towards Christ. We are a walking example of how the church should behave towards Christ!

And because of that, we should strive to obey our husbands. So we both have a role. And obedience implies respect towards the one you are obeying. Your actions have the power to win your husband over to the Lord!

Again, in Colossians we are told to submit to our husbands, but also that husbands have the responsibility to love their wives. And, while these verses are directed specifically towards wives, there is also an overarching theme all throughout the Bible that we, as people, are to respect and love each other in general. Whoever we pass by in our lives we should have respect towards and treat as we would want them to treat us.

The same sentence can be construed in a multitude of ways depending on our tone, time of delivery, etc. So whenever you speak with your husband try to do so in a way that is respectful and in the same way that you would want him to talk to you. Talk to him as if you respect whatever answer he will respond with. As we get to know our husbands over the years, we begin to form a picture of them and what makes their day.

What favorite foods does he like? Does he seem more content and at peace when the house is clean and picked up? Does he respond well to spontaneous acts of kindness? What are his favorite hobbies that you could do together? Whatever it might be, go out of your way to do the things that you know brings him joy. Try to do something intentional like this for him every day, or at least every week, so that he knows you not only see him, but you know him and you care for him.

We also need to have respect towards our husbands in our thought lives too. Because what we do on the outside will reflect what is going on inside, and Jesus has even made it clear that it is possible to sin not just in our flesh, but in our thoughts as well Matthew ,28; 1 John Praying for your husband is such a precious gift to give him and it also is a private between you and God demonstration of the respect you have towards him.

It can be hard to have time alone with your husband after you start having kids. But this can quickly eat away at a marriage. Time alone together is vital for the heath of a marriage. This will help nourish your marriage and help your husband to see that he is a priority to you, and not just second string in your life.

If your husband is sharing his day or something else important to him with you, are you really listening to him? Our husbands can pick up on this stuff. This demonstrates enormous respect towards him. Do you put his needs above your own too? But, we should all strive to be more Christ like and Jesus always put the needs of others before his own.

And doing this demonstrates a great amount of respect for the other person. So if you can help your husband in some way that might just cause you to have to set your own needs aside for the moment, consider doing it anyways. In fact, that will quickly turn into the exact opposite of respect.

But rather, find a way to respectfully share your feelings with him. So instead of burying your feelings deep and allowing the root of bitterness to grow, kindly share your hurt with him, and bring it to light.

And the same goes with being a wife. Do it to the very best of your ability. But not first and foremost for the praise of your husband, or your children, or anyone else…but for God. Do it because you are doing it for God. So in everything you do, ask yourself if your actions would glorify God.

This will often shed just the right light on everything you do for and towards your husband. I know that sometimes the world will make you believe that those wives who might do the things above are being weak.

But the Bible will tell you differently. A humble and meek spirit and a person that demonstrates respect in everything they do is operating in the strength of Christ. And that is never weak, but rather as strong as you can possibly get.

So make an effort to show your husband that you respect him, and do it for Almighty God first and foremost. So you can serve God in your role as wife and as a Biblical woman. Find out what essential things you need as a Christian mom in order to train your children up in the ways of the Lord.

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11 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband

Men NEED respect! Women NEED love! There is a surprising, or maybe not so surprising, amount of women who struggle to show respect to their husbands.

Here are some ideas for how a woman can give her spouse the esteem he longs for. He said when a wife feels unloved she usually reacts in ways that are disrespectful to her husband.

How do we show respect to our husbands? Here are a few ways you may want to try…99 to be exact. That said, as you venture through some of these ideas, keep in mind that all husbands are not made the same. You know your husband best so choose wisely.

8 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect

Confession: I have not always respected my husband, treated him in a respectful way, or even thought he was someone who I ought to respect. I'm going to assume that my husband and I are not the only ones who have ever struggled in their marriage, had deep valleys to drudge through, or huge learning curves to overcome when it comes to pursuing Biblical marriage? I'm going to assume we aren't the only one who've hit rock bottom, maybe signed some divorce papers and then burned them in the fire? If you have walked through some seriously rocky times in your marriage, I hope that some of the lessons we've learned together can be an encouragement to you. We are celebrating 15 years of marital perfection this year. Not really. But we will have our 15th anniversary and MOST of those years have been absolutely splendid. But a few of those years, especially in the beginning: yep, not so much. Marriage is HARD, y'all.

15 Ways to show RESPECT to your Husband

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. For more information about subscriptions, click here. He is saying she must show respect. Put those two verses together, and you'll realize that the wife's call to respect her husband does not preclude the husband's call to respect his wife anymore than the husband's call to love his wife precludes the wife's call to love her husband.

This is the viral list of Ways to Respect Your Husband — everyone loves lists, right? So here it is.

Latest family articles and help. Weekly CBN. Ron always wanted me to respect him, but I thought he had to earn it and I had to feel it, before I could do it.

99 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect

Hi friend! I am so glad you have stopped by the site. We have such a wonderful community of moms here and we would LOVE for you to join us as we share life and learn together!

Imagine you are hosting a party. Your husband has lovingly baked a cake and brought it for the guests. But the design on the cake got disturbed, and you are furious. You do not wait until the guests are gone, but go ahead and criticize him in front of everybody. You would not want such situations to happen in your life.

10 Steps Towards Respecting Your Husband

When John swept into my life, I was a teenage mom, and I saw him as a godly man who worked hard and made good choices. I could tell he loved God and cared for people. I looked up to him with respect. I also had more expectations. Instead, I respect my husband because I love him.

27 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect. Ask about his job. Listen to his joys and struggles at work. Thank him for working so hard for your family. Invite some.

And funny thing—my husband seems a lot smarter than he did back then. I love the playfulness and passion that shows up when I do. Respect is a key ingredient for that to continue. I know because I tried leaving it out, and things did not go well around here.

How to Show Your Husband Respect

Do you respect your husband? Show your appreciation. Thank him for protecting and providing for your family.

Because of this verse, Eggerichs and many other marriage experts believe that, though every spouse needs both love and respect, God gave men a particular need to feel respected and women a particular need to feel loved. I can see the veracity of this principle in my own marriage. However, sometimes when I think about respecting my husband, I draw a blank. It seems like a bit of an abstract concept.

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