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Why cant my boyfriend get me pregnant

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Join now to personalize. I want to get pregnant but he doesnt want to. I want to have a baby and my boyfriend doesnt want to is there any way to talk him into it??. Answer this question. I am 36 and will be 37 early next year so my time is running out!!


me and my boyfriend want to have a baby,but i dont seem to get pregnant? whats wrong??

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Join now to personalize. I want to get pregnant but he doesnt want to. I want to have a baby and my boyfriend doesnt want to is there any way to talk him into it??. Answer this question. I am 36 and will be 37 early next year so my time is running out!! I have been wating a baby since 3 years now and has been waiting on him I love my husband and hope that when i am pregnant that he will come around but if he doesn't i feel that its ok for me We talked about being married a year before trying to have children.

I told him i wanted to start trying and he tells me he doesn't want to have a baby and says he is too selfish to be a dad I love him but I feel lied to. I will be 30 in a year and him in a couple months, I wanted to have a baby before i was Should I stay with him and try to convince him we should start our family or should I divorce him and start over?.

I see that I'm not the only one here who wants a baby. I am 20 and my fiance is We are having unprotected sex for four months now but he says he does not want to have kids yet. I was really depressed for a while, because everyone around me have babies and I can't have one. I think there is no way you can talk him into this. Maybe he is just not ready to take that much responsiblity yet, because he knowns he is the one who will have to take care of the family. Good luck anyways :. You shouldn't have to talk someone into having children.

You can talk to him about why he doesn't want to have them and see if they are rational reasons, Also if he hasn't commited to you by marrying you then he probably isn't ready for the commitment of having a child with you. If you are older and are running out of time to have children then maybe you should find someone who has the same goals in life, like kids and a lifetime commitment.

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Common causes of fertility problems in men

Isn't it funny how the very same pregnancy hormones that make you bloated and queasy can also leave you hungry — for sex? But there are actually good reasons why you're always in the mood for love right now. For one — your perpetually engorged pelvic region is leaving you all tingly, all the time. For another, there's probably less stress between the sheets than there's been in a while — since you're not actively trying to prevent a baby or create one.

My new boyfriend and I have only been together for two months. He constantly talks about marrying me and having kids. He even admitted that he didn't use condoms when we first got together to try to get me pregnant!!!

We were acquaintances for 5 years until we became best of friends and eventually started dating. He moved in pretty quickly and everything was going great minus the occasional setback. We are both in our early 30s, live in a beautiful apartment, he owns a business and makes very good money and I have a bundle of savings. I wanted the baby and he wanted to plan our lives better so we terminated the pregnancy. Then, while on birth control, I got pregnant for the second time a couple of months later.

Why can’t I get pregnant?

Join now to personalize. Answer this question. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for over a year before we got pregnant at one year and month. This helps a lot! Hope this helps you My boyfriend and I were having unprotected sex for months before I got pregnant. I know it's easier said than done, but quit stressin over it. I know a lot of people who have been trying for a long time with no results, and I know a bunch of people myself included who weren't necessarily trying that it's happened for Maybe you're just putting too much pressure on yourselves!. The advice my doctor gave me was 'don't make it too clinical,have sex and have fun' and she was right.

Relationship problems and pregnancy

There are several factors that can lead to infertility in men. Learn about possible causes for male infertility and available treatments. It is estimated that between 10 percent and 20 percent of couples are infertile, which means they are unable to conceive after trying for one year or more. And infertility is not just an issue for women ; male infertility problems are the cause of roughly one-third of all infertility cases. There are usually no symptoms or warning signs that a man is infertile, notes Ira Sharlip, MD, clinical professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and spokesperson for the American Urological Association.

Semen analysis and sperm counts aren't the most enticing topics of conversation for most men, but if you're having trouble conceiving, you may need to have "the talk" with your guy.

The latest male fertility research reveals how your relationship length plays a role in pregnancy—and his best swimmers aren't waiting for him to settle down! When you think about starting a family, you probably imagine having that conversation with someone you've been dating-or at least have known -for a while. But it turns out your best chances of getting pregnant may actually be with the guy you just met. A new study in Evolutionary Psychological Science found that men produce higher quality sperm with a new partner compared to when they're aroused by someone they've been laying eyes on day after day.

My Boyfriend Admitted He Tried to Get Me Pregnant

I am 38 and accidentally pregnant. It turns out my boyfriend does not ever want children, never mind after just a few months of dating; he wants me to have an abortion. I am pro-choice and not attached to what has begun to grow inside me. Name Withheld.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: My BF Got Another Girl Pregnant-Storytime + Advice

If you're struggling to get pregnant, here are 10 reasons you may be having trouble. It might seem that getting pregnant is straightforward process, but having a baby depends on everything being just right, including your lifestyle. Sex waxes and wanes over the course of a relationship, but having a frank discussion with your partner about the end goal could set things in motion. If either of you have more than four units a week it can lower your chances of falling pregnant by a third. You may want to try cutting down gradually or take part in intiatives such as Dry January to give you a kickstart.

Deceptive Conception

Pregnancy hormones can make you feel a mix of emotional highs and lows , which can make many women feel more vulnerable or anxious. A positive relationship can make you feel loved and supported, and more able to deal with these situations. Sometimes this has nothing to do with pregnancy. These include:. This made me really stressed and irritable, which affected my relationship with my husband for a while.

The most common issue affecting men's fertility is a problem with the sperm. This could be due to one or more of the following factors: a low sperm count (oligozoospermia), or no sperm at all (azoospermia) sperm that don't move well (low motility, or asthenozoospermia).

That said, if you and your girl have been trying for a while without success, these five crazy factors could explain your inability to conceive:. That means guys hoping to have kids should knock off their usual masturbation habits in the week leading up to their attempts at conception, Dr. Your Junk Might Be Faulty Roughly one out of every men suffers from some form of hypospadias—or a misplaced urethra opening, Dr.

Dealing With Infertility When He Has the Issue

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Husband Afraid of Sex

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