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What should i get my vegan friend

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Best for Cooks: Foodie Dice at Amazon. Best Unexpected: Sprout-Ease at Amazon. Provide a little inspiration to your vegetarian friend that loves to cook with a set of Foodie Dice. Each wooden block features a different meal component. Simply grab all the dice in hand, shake them up, then let them roll to determine your next recipe. The dice are vegetarian-friendly, thanks to the alternative proteins listed under each meat.


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Our Vegan Stories/ The SaVeg Podcast (Episode 23)

23 Vegan Birthday Gift Ideas to Please Even the Pickiest Person

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Whether a birthday, Christmas, or just a nice surprise, I've selected 21 gifts for you to choose from, all available at the click of a button. There's a diverse selection here, because vegans come in all shapes and sizes: those who like to cook, those who like to wear their veganism on a t-shirt, those who like to read, and those who miss cheese!

If you really don't know that much about the person you're buying for, go for something simple like one of the make it at home kits or a book. They'll be thrilled, I promise! If you haven't tried Yonanas you need to know what you're missing. They're actually just frozen, over-ripe bananas, but they taste like magic. The texture is a dead ringer for soft-serve ice cream and the taste is even better. Sort of a banana sherbet. You could try using a standard blender to do the same thing but they'd come out lumpier and you'll make a right mess.

You'd be surprised at the number of vegans who say the only thing they miss about being an omnivore is cheese! Included inside is everything you need to make home-made Vegan Italian style cheese. All you have to do is add nuts and vegan milk to the ingredients provided.

There's everything in here: from salads to veggie burgers and falafel, creamy dips and sides, hearty one-pot curries and stews, speedy breakfasts, weekend brunches, muffins, cakes and brownies. A family member did that for me last Christmas and, because I don't normally buy chocolate myself, it made for a lovely treat. This book continues to be a best seller and comes full of recipes that are good for you and good for everyone else who inhabits the planet — human or not.

Does your friend like making to-do lists, or keeping a diary? This is a great present for the vegan who likes to jot things down. This is better suited to every day list and note taking. Most people that aren't aware that a pressure cooker can cut the amount of time required to cook beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. It's a lot harder to under or over cook them this way too, which is very important with kidney beans, especially.

Trust me, from experience I know this really is a fantastic present for a vegan, and there's plenty of models to choose from other than the one featured here. If you want your friend to cook up some delicious African-Amercian cuisine, this book is the one.

No one is going to dislike this gift of treats: a delicious combination of 18 chocolate chip, sesame crunch, and brownie chocolate chip cookies. Do keep in mind your friend will need to buy raw soy beans, so maybe you can grab a bag of those too. When you buy this tempeh starter kit, your friend will get free access to an online library that's packed with easy-to-make recipes, how-to articles and instructional videos tempeh-making videos.

True, there are plenty of plant-based yogurt options, but there's nothing quite like making it yourself. This is great for your gut flora and can be added to a number of recipes that wouldn't otherwise be vegan.

When you buy this vegan gift, your friend will get access to a page yogurt ebook with a treasure trove of easy recipes, articles and how-to yogurt-making videos. It can be hard to keep your yogurt cultures at exactly the right temperature, so this machine will probably save your friend from at least a couple failed batches.

Comes with a 3-year warranty and is BPA Free. Make up to 42 ounces of yogurt. Kombucha is a fermented, slightly alcoholic sweetened black or green tea drink, commonly consumed for its health benefits. Probably best to gift two of these. A colorful t-shirt with a powerful message of health, compassion, and ecological awareness, this tee highlights all the benefits of being vegan in cool graphics.

This Vegan For Everything tee comes in sizes to fit all, and colors including black, grey and blue. This cotton tee makes a big statement! This popular, cool t-shirt is a neutral and fun way to spread the message that humans can happily and healthily run on plant fuel. In many ways Animal Liberation is a basic introduction to Veganism, but a classic all the same that should be on every vegan's bookshelf.

It will find a happy home with any vegan who has a taste for reading and a passion for the protection of animals. A very interesting read for the vegan who wants to understand why others are still stuck in the old paradigm of eating meat and dairy.

Voted a top ten book by VegNews Magazine, this is an absorbing insight as to how humans can so wholeheartedly devote ourselves to certain animals and then allow others to suffer needlessly, especially those slaughtered for our consumption.

Many people have doubts over whether or not fish enjoy the same sort of social interaction as humans and other mammals. If your vegan friend is a tad alternative or likes Heavy Metal, then this book is a definite winner. The Seitanic Spell book is not only full of amazing vegan recipes, it's also pretty damn funny and filled with beautiful artwork. It's almost worth buying even if you don't plan to cook.

It'd be an amusing next-to-the-toilet item, or fit right in as an interesting piece on a coffee table. Dec 05, at pm. Nov 28, at am. Apr 24, at pm. Does anyone know if you can add ingredients into the Yonanas dessert maker?

Or do you add things like fruit and nuts afterwards? Thanks in advance. Mar 08, at pm. Mar 05, at pm. Thank you, thank you!

Mar 04, at pm. Thanks for the list! Everyone that helps contribute to the vegan movement is spreading compassion. Sep 28, at pm. Dec 28, at am. Jan 06, at pm. Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. Buying a present for a friend or family member? Vegan gifts needn't be difficult. As a vegan myself, I've got 21 fantastic ideas for him or her.

From books to t-shirts and chocolate to cheese vegan , there's a treat here for everyone. Similar Posts You'll Love! Oh My! Comments Mu hubby bought me the Booja! And there I was on a diet. Sooooo good! Wow, thanks. These are interesting ideas. I was struggling for vegan gifts for Thanksgiving. Mu hubby bought me the Booja! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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24 Gift Ideas For Vegans

Whether a birthday, Christmas, or just a nice surprise, I've selected 21 gifts for you to choose from, all available at the click of a button. There's a diverse selection here, because vegans come in all shapes and sizes: those who like to cook, those who like to wear their veganism on a t-shirt, those who like to read, and those who miss cheese! If you really don't know that much about the person you're buying for, go for something simple like one of the make it at home kits or a book. They'll be thrilled, I promise!

Even if it doesn't feel like it, it is indeed getting to be the holiday season — which means it's time to start planning your gift-giving. By planning, I mean wasting time at work looking at gift guides like this one.

Skip to main content Vegan Gifts. Temporarily out of stock. It is a true marvel of science, magically producing perfect frozen yogurt from fruit, yes that's right, magic. It blew my mind how similar it is to real ice cream. If you had placed a bowl in front of me, I dare say I would not recognize its true composition of pure fruit.

Have a Vegan Friend? Avoid Making These 10 Common Mistakes When Buying Gifts This Season

Everyone has a vegan or vegetarian friend or family member that they may not be sure how to feed or purchase gifts for. As 3-year-ish vegan myself, I have put together a list of stuff I'd be delighted to receive. These gifts are great for vegans , vegetarians , and carnivores alike. Have a compassionate holiday season, everyone! Tanks, tees, and more. By Herbivore Clothing. Buy it here. Order one of their boxes here. The vegan queen delivered big time in her gorgeous print cookbook, available here.

The best christmas gifts for vegans 2020

Kindness can change the world. Donate today to help animals. Is your own birthday coming up and you want to treat yourself to a little something? The best vegan birthday gift idea depends, of course, on your recipient. Mixed throughout is just-released and adorable Mercy For Animals merchandise with our brand-new logo: A blue circle bracketed by orange symbolizes a guarded and protected earth; it also suggests an abstract eye, of either a human or a nonhuman, because ending the use of animals for food will help protect both.

There will be two parts to this ethical gift guide with this part being vegan gifts for her.

Get your savings sorted. Take control of your money with the all-new Finder app. Now available for free for iOS and Android. It's your new way to save, sorted.

The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide

The holiday season can be oh-so-stressful, but Amazon can be your one-stop-shop for every gift on your list. Avoid crowded stores and long checkout lines, and instead, turn to digital this winter. From metallic rose gold to matte wine, you can choose from dozens of shades to find the perfect match for the beauty-lover in your life. Merrell, well-known for its high-quality sportswear and footwear, has many vegan offerings including these synthetic, breathable trail shoes made with a comfy Vibram sole.


If you are not a vegan yourself, this can be daunting. This means that the product has been made in a factory where non-vegan food is produced. It is possible then, that there may be minute traces left over in the manufacturing equipment from whatever non-vegan product was made immediately before. So, go ahead and buy them it. If you want to avoid all traces of milk, bet on artisan chocolate.

20 Fabulous Vegan Gifts You Can Order on Amazon

From gummy bear kits and 'suede' purses to truffles and candles, no animals were harmed in the making of these lovely vegan gifts. It's not always easy shopping for vegan friends and loved ones. Animal products have a way of slipping in where you might least expect them, and nothing says "gift fail" like accidentally giving your vegan spouse a lip balm made with beeswax. The long list of animal ingredients to be avoided may seem daunting, but this guide to vegan gifts is here to help. Comes in a choice of colors and straps. Plus, imagine the boasting rights! This Cultures for Health starter kit is a great way to start making dairy-free yogurt with nearly any non-dairy milk, and it's great for beginners.

Check out our vegan gift selection for the very best in unique or custom, Proud to be Vegan Shirt. Funny Vegan Mug, Funny Vegan Gift, Travel Mug Vegan, Gift For Vegan, Birthday Vegan Gift, Gift for Vegetarian, Yes I Get Enough Protein Mug Vegan hoodie vegan clothing Vegan shirt vegan gift friends not food vegan.

This post may contain affiliate links see full disclaimer here. This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you. Wondering what vegan gifts to get your vegan or non-vegan friends and family? Looking for the best vegan gifts for her or vegan gifts for him , but no clue where to start? Just click on the links below in the menu to be taken to the section for that interest area.

21 Brilliant Vegan Gift Ideas for Birthdays & Christmas

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Our Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

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