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What do guys look for in a girl yahoo answers

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Sometimes the woman that you know as your friend inst the woman that she is in a relationship. There may be things that they do or qualities that they have that you may not see as a friend. Some men look for a woman that can cook, some men want a woman with a great body, some men want a woman with brains, and some want all of the above! Sorry im 7 years late, but looks are usually my first impressions, then i start a conversation and if they are funny and not serious they are flirty,then thats a perfect girl for me. Nothing absolutely nothing.

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Ask a Guy: "What Are the First 10 Things Guys Notice About Girls?"

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It is not wrong not being attracted to black or any guy for ANY reason. What we want in a romance has nothing to do with how we generally feel about people. As long as you still can socialize with African-American men, show respect towards them, say positive comments regarding them, etc What determines if this is bad or not?

The reason. Maybe you like how you're treated by guys of other races. Then it makes sense being attracted to them. Maybe you have an uncontrollable desire for a specific look or characteristic, then your brain is wired to desire it. Conversely, the more you associate with whites as stated in your details , the more you reinforce your desire for white men. But there's nothing wrong with that either.

But if you have a negative viewpoints towards black guys, then something is wrong for not seeing our positive characteristics. There are remarkable people in every ethnic group. If it's because of bad history with black guys, then remember there are women who have bad experiences with men of other races too. Have you asked yourself if you desire whites for right reason?

Is it because of your trying to impress others and want to be seen with white guys? It is not because it is a fad, right?

Or just because you want to imitate others? Hopefully, you only date people for the right reasons - for compatibily, their similarities and enjoyable companionship. Now hear me out. You should be attracted at least physically to someone that looks like you. Now if you don't find your own features attractive ask yourself why? And how do you view yourself? Why do you view your features a certain way?

Where did you learn these views from and why? To cut across the field most of it stems from self hatred. Learn to love yourself and you'll learn to love your people.

Sign In. Is it wrong that I am not attracted to black guys? Update Cancel. Continue Reading. Related Questions More Answers Below I am a black woman that is only attracted to white men but they would never marry me. Why is that? Are Asian women attracted to black men? Is it wrong that I don't want to date black women? I am a black man after all.

Why do some white guys like black girls? Do black guys prefer black or white girls? Quora User , Black and Asian go great together. Just ask my hubby You're attracted to who you are attracted to. End of story. You ask us if it's wrong that you're not attracted to Black guys. Then you state that you may see a nice looking black guy and you find him attractive but then again you're not sexually attractive to them.

SO what are we talking about here? Sexual attraction or just general attraction? You state that you're a 16 year old Black girl in nearly ALL of your answers.

Why you need to use that as a qualifier each time, I don't know. But if you are a 16 year old Black girl, the last thing you need to concern yourself with is who turns you But if you are a 16 year old Black girl, the last thing you need to concern yourself with is who turns you on and who you're sexually attractive to. You're a young girl allegedly so sexual attraction is a bit much. You contradict yourself over and over again in most of what you write on Quora and it's hard to take your questions seriously.

I sometimes wish there was an age requirement here but that wouldn't be fair to the thousands of very intelligent and thoughtful teens that contribute great material to Quora every day. They also do not use Quora like Yahoo Answers. Most of your questions deal with how Black people don't accept you, how you're not attracted to Blacks, how Black people tell you that you have self hatred It's getting to be a bit much and tedious. Answered May 7, Originally Answered: Is it a problem for me to not like a black guy even if I am black and I got a lot of things that I don't like black?

View more. Related Questions I am a black woman that is only attracted to white men but they would never marry me. What do white women think about black guys? Why are successful black men going for white girls?

How can black women attract white men? How come some black men are pro-black but do not like black women? Are white men more attracted to lighter skinned black women or darker skinned black women? I'm an Asian girl that's mainly attracted to black men, but it seems as if they aren't attracted to me or too scared to show that they are?

I'm a young black female attracted to white men, but I'm afraid my race is a turn off to them. I also live in a mostly white area. Should I wo Is it bad that I am a black girl who does not like black guys at all? Do white men and women find black women attractive?

Is it okay for a black guy to mainly be attracted to white girls? Why do I only attract extremely dark skinned black men as a lighter black woman? How do I attract a larger range of guys instead of just dark Are there white guys interested in black women? Interracial Dating and Relationships: Do black women like white men? Are white men attracted to black women? Why do white men like black women? I'm a white girl who's attracted to black guys, but I feel like black guys prefer black girls, is that true?

Is it unusual, as a white man, that I am not attracted to white women? Do black guys still like black girls?

what do guys look for in girls? guys please answer!?

By this I mean other than the obvoius. I mean things like, I know they don't like drama, and I know they dont like it when your really emotional. What other things do guys like? I like women that will reciprocate my affections and want to spend time with me. I like it when women are in the moment.

Is ball size the same issue as penis size, e. Guys don't worry about their testicles in the same way, no. That said, if they're abnormally small, guys still get self conscious.

It is not wrong not being attracted to black or any guy for ANY reason. What we want in a romance has nothing to do with how we generally feel about people. As long as you still can socialize with African-American men, show respect towards them, say positive comments regarding them, etc What determines if this is bad or not?

Tall Women or Short Women – Which Do Men Prefer?

If they have an amazing personality which you love and they are average looking, would you go out with them? Different people have different preferences on the both but I'd definitely go out with someone with average looks but a personality that I like. I'd tell my crush I like them after being sure I like them, whether if they like me or not. I'm okay if they don't like me but I like to get it off my chest instead of looking like a turd everytime I'm around them. I'm gonna be honest as a guy of course anyone looks at looks first so yesh. Personality makes you better like assist points but be honest to yourself would you date an obese ugly retarded oager with a nice personality? Cmon get real I will take an average it depends I don't have a taste I just look at what girl is hotter. Guys look for a girl who acts like herself in otherwords isnt fake they also look for relaxed girls i personally like girls who call me but most guys get annoyed if a girl calls them 10 times a day. When you first see someone of course your going to have to see their looks first, you cant just there personality for just a day.

All Your Questions About Balls, Answered

A friend and I were discussing this very issue today while having lunch in an outdoor cafe. We decided to count couples and see how many had a taller man and shorter woman, and how many had a shorter man and taller woman. This is all fine and good but not very scientific. What does science say about this important issue? The Gillis and Avis study shows that couples very frequently consist of a taller man together with a shorter woman.

RWhite guys can definitely find black girls attractive. Just like Hispanic males can be attracted to white women or Chinese women can be attracted to black males.

Top definition. Yahoo answers unknown. A useful novelty created by Yahoo that was designed for those who are curious about the things in this world but are too afraid to ask. Also, this allows people to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.

what do guys look for in a girl?

Account Options Connexion. Version papier du livre. Colloquial English : Structure and Variation.

There are some questions about men that only a guy can answer. We asked the dudes at guyspeak. When a woman walks in a room, guys even really, really dumb guys are suddenly armed with Sherlock Holmesian deduction skills. Time slows down and everything else in the room becomes distorted and out of focus. We are left with our minds fully dedicated to calibrating and assessing the new woman at hand. Here's what we notice first.

what do guys like in girls physically?

Physically huh? Ok, most important things are a beautiful face and decent body. For face - good complexion, good symmetry, small nose, mouth, chin, and forehead. Big eyes and full lips as well as straight teeth. Typically, guys also like hair that's not too messy and all curled inside out. Hair must match your face.

Resolved. why do men prefer skinny girls, even if they re ugly, instead of an overweight girl who got a pretty face. Avatar. PhilLY Answers • Avatar Some men only like to see a girl thin,but he want his girlfriend a little fat. 0/ Cancel.

Looks first. Personality second. Sorry ladies but it's just the way it is. I'm not saying personality isn't important, it is. I will never date a hot girl who is dumb or bitchy.

what makes a guy like a girl?

Most males will look at you and decide whether they think your cute or not. I judge every single girl that I see's looks. I'll be like "Oh yeah, she's a solid 7, definitely good looking.

What do guys think when they look at a girl?

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