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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a romantic relationship just doesn't work out. Breaking up with a woman can be an incredibly tricky thing to do. Even if you don't want the relationship to continue, you probably still care about your girlfriend and do not want to hurt her feelings. This is a hard discussion to have, but you can minimize fallout by acting mature and treating her with respect. Learn how to have a breakup conversation with your girlfriend that minimizes hurt feelings. Log in Facebook.

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Once a relationship has progressed, you and your girlfriend may decide that it is a good idea to move in together. It is typically much cheaper to live with your partner rather than maintain separate households. You save money on rent, utilities, gas, and even food. In some cases, she might agree that things are over and readily move out. Other times, you might have to reason with her, be very clear that the relationship is over, or even use legal methods.

Calmly and clearly tell her that you want her to move out. If she needs money to hire a van or make a down payment on a new place, consider lending her it so she can move out sooner. You can also offer to help her pack her things and make arrangements to move out to make things easier for her.

If she refuses to leave after you've tried to compromise with her, pack her things while she's out and tell her she needs to leave. For more tips from our co-author, including how to write a legal request to move out, read on. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook.

No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Explore this Article Compromising with Her. Being Clear with Your Wishes. Using Legal Methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary.

Method 1 of Have a face-to-face conversation. Your first step should be to try to work out a solution to your living arrangements by talking face-to-face. Be honest with your girlfriend about wanting her to move out. If there are problems in your relationship, chances are she feels this tension too and will not be too surprised to hear that you want her to move out. Discuss reasonable options with her and try to come to a consensus. Think about if she has a friend or family member she could stay with, or if you're willing to continue living together until she finds a new living situation.

Don't tell her what to do — rather, offer a few possibilities. Since the apartment was originally mine, I was thinking it would be best if you were the one to move out. If the first conversation about moving is taking place right when you break up, it will likely be difficult for her to make decisions.

Allow her some time to process and come to terms with what is happening. If there are children involved, this is definitely the preferred method. You should consider the best living situation for the kids. Offer her financial assistance. There is a huge financial burden in moving. She may need a security deposit on a new apartment and utilities. She may also need a moving truck and some furniture. Consider splitting the financial costs of moving.

If you make the same or more money than her, it might be unreasonable to ask her to bear the entire burden of a move. If she makes considerably more money than you, there may be no need to help financially. Another option is to allow her to continue living with you while she saves up money for a security deposit and other expenses.

Be willing to provide physical assistance. The act of moving things out can be difficult to deal with. She might even need help to physically move some of the bigger items out like a couch. She will need manpower to make the move happen. Offer to help her move large pieces of furniture and boxes to her new space. If you are on good terms, however, asking a few friends to help out may make things less awkward and speed up the process.

Method 2 of Be direct. If you and your girlfriend are unable to come to an agreement, you may try to make it clear that she is no longer welcome in your home. She may be trying to hold onto your relationship long enough for the troubles to blow over. If you are serious about wanting her to leave, make it clear by being honest and upfront with her. Pack her bags. Packing her bags sends a very clear message that you want her to leave.

This method is pretty harsh and will more than likely upset her. If you do choose to pack her bags, do so neatly and carefully. Do not break her things. If the two of you own things together like a couch or bed , it may be difficult to just pack her things. You might need to reach some agreement as to who keeps what.

Consider moving out yourself. She may have just as much claim to the home as you, and the two of you will have to come to some sort of agreement. Decide if keeping the place yourself is worth this dragging out. Method 3 of Check your lease agreement. If you are the sole tenant on the lease and you are not married, you have the right to make the decision.

In fact, if her name is not on the lease you may be violating your lease altogether. However, if both of your names are on the lease, she has every right to remain in the home. Give her a request in writing. If she does not have the legal right to remain in the home, consider giving her a written request to leave. This can be done by you or your landlord. The request should give a moving deadline. This will give you proof of an exact date that she was asked to leave if things go to court. Most states require you to give a certain amount of notice when you ask someone to move out, such as 30 days.

Follow your state's eviction laws to ensure things go smoothly and you don't run into legal trouble down the line. Take legal steps if you fear for your safety. If your girlfriend is abusive or you fear she will become violent, aggressive, or retaliate against you, then you need to protect yourself.

It may be best for you to give your girlfriend a formal eviction notice and stay somewhere else temporarily while she moves out. You may also need to contact the police or request a temporary restraining order against your girlfriend. Make sure you are never alone with your girlfriend and change the locks once she has moved out. Go to the police. If you have followed all of the previous steps but she is still unwilling to move you can go to the police.

They may evaluate the lease agreement and make a determination themselves. Or, you may have to go to court to settle the dispute. This should only be used as a last resort. If she is on the lease or deed, the police are unlikely to remove her from the house. How do I kick my girlfriend out if we have a kid together, but the house is mine?

Having a kid together does make the situation more serious, however the steps are the same. You should first try talking to her and making your intentions clear. If that doesn't work, resort to legal methods. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Be polite and understanding.

Once a relationship has progressed, you and your girlfriend may decide that it is a good idea to move in together. It is typically much cheaper to live with your partner rather than maintain separate households. You save money on rent, utilities, gas, and even food.

Updated: April 18, References. Breaking up with your girlfriend nicely is all about being honest while letting her down softly. If you want to be as nice as possible when you break up with your girlfriend, do it in person when you two are alone.

Updated: April 9, References. Does your friend have an annoying girlfriend that you think he should get rid of? Getting involved may seem like a great plan, but in most cases, it isn't. This is someone else's life you're considering interfering with, and however unpleasant you may find your friend's girlfriend to be, it isn't your decision to make. Tread carefully.

Falling in love can be brilliant If you have fallen in love with a girl who doesn't feel the same, whatever the reason, you'll need to overcome these feelings to move on with your life. To get over a girl you love, you'll need to put as much space between the two of you as possible; when you do interact, try to do so only in public spaces and stay away from personal topics or planned activities if you have to be alone together. Thinking objectively about the situation and taking steps toward a better future should also help heal your wounds. Feeling emotional pain after a breakup is a natural, physical response. Amy Chan, founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, says: "The chemicals that cause you to be blissfully in love during the beginning of a relationship are the exact same ones that cause you to suffer when it ends. Your brain goes into withdrawal when you're no longer with that person. When you do see her, try to hang out in groups and interact with her as you do with everyone else, which will help you to see her as just another friend.

So you've got this wonderful girl in your life and you want to treat her in the way she deserves? It's not that hard! The key is to treat her like a regular human being. Treat her with respect, just like you would with anyone else.

As painful as breaking up can be, it's the emotional fallout after the fact that can really ruin a person's year.

In relationships, it is not uncommon to feel a bit insecure about the state of the relationship at one point or another. If you think your girlfriend may want to break up, take steps to observe her behavior as objectively as possible. Cher Gopman. How do you know when it's time to break up?

Dealing with an obsessive ex-girlfriend can be a scary situation. To reduce contact, you could also consider changing your daily routine. If you see your ex often or if they try to reach out to you on social media, make some changes, including blocking them on social media.

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Updated: April 30, Reader-Approved References. Any guy can get a girlfriend, but it takes a real man or woman to treat his or her girlfriend right. Respect, honesty, and a pinch of playfulness are the names of the game when it comes to treating your girlfriend the way she deserves to be treated. See Step 1 below to start learning "wikiHow" to treat your girlfriend right! From time to time, surprise her to show you care, such as with a small gift, like a rose or loving text message. For tips on how to avoid being materialistic in a relationship, keep reading!

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Jan 11, - If she is on the lease or deed, the police are unlikely to remove her from the house. Advertisement. Community Q&A. Rating: 56% - ‎16 votes.

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