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Guy diamond meet and greet

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: The Farting Troll Arrives at Universal Studios Hollywood - NEW Merchandise & Meeting The Character

There’s now a troll that farts glitter at people visiting Universal Orlando theme park

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Guy Diamond, a character from the animated movie Trolls , has made his debut at Universal Studios Florida. The characters appear in the park's KidZone six times a day, according to Universal's website. According to reports, Guy is only making appearances on the weekends. Video of the farting troll, first posted by Attractions Magazine , quickly made the rounds on social media. Some people were amused by the character. Others, not so much. I hate the troll that farts glitter but I appreciate Universal for making me feel something again.

Thank you UniversalORL for squashing what was a growing desire to visit your parks again. Guy Diamond, center, a glitter-farting troll from the movie "Trolls" is now greeting guests at Universal Orlando. Courtesy of Attractions Magazine. Universal adds glitter-farting troll character Guy Diamond meeting guests at Universal Studios' KidZone Guys is joined by two other characters from the movie Trolls Guy Diamond, a character from the animated movie Trolls , has made his debut at Universal Studios Florida.

The character walks around, completely naked, releasing glitter from his behind. Guy joins two other characters from the film--Poppy and Branch.

Universal Studios Adds Glitter Farting Troll to Meet and Greet Line Up

However, Universal Orlando, Florida, has introduced exactly that to its line-up of meet-and-greet characters at the theme park. The troll, Guy Diamond, a character from the movie Trolls, joins fellow co-stars Branch and Poppy, both of whom have been doing meet-and-greets at the park for a while now, according to Attractions Magazine. Guy Diamond, a purple troll with sparkly skin and hair almost the size of his body, was introduced to Universal Orlando earlier this month. A video obtained by the publication shows the troll making his way through crowds of people in the park before dancing with his two fellow trolls at the meet-and-greet area.

Guy Diamond, a character from the animated movie Trolls , has made his debut at Universal Studios Florida. The characters appear in the park's KidZone six times a day, according to Universal's website. According to reports, Guy is only making appearances on the weekends.

The theme park recently introduced the controversial new character, known as Guy Diamond, but the public have been divided about whether it's funny or obscene. But unlike the other characters, the Guy Diamond troll is "naked", while the others remain fully clothed. In a video obtained by Attraction Magazine , the trio of trolls performed a dance to the crowd, with Guy Diamond then farting glitter for the finale. The new character has baffled many guests, with some praising the hilarious addition to the park. UniversalORL please keep him around contrary to public outcry.

Troll Farting Glitter at Universal Orlando Resort Meet and Greet

Poppy, who? The main characters of the animated kids' movie Trolls , Poppy and Branch, have been doing meet-and-greets at Orlando's Universal Studios since the movie gained popularity, but they've been joined by a third party recently — and to say he's literally brought the party with him is an understatement. Guy Diamond, a purple troll who appears in the film, now joins Poppy and Branch as they dance around the park and stop to meet fans and take photos — all while he's completely butt naked. Oh, and he farts glitter. I just have one question for the person in the Guy Diamond suit: how did you get this job, and can I take it over for you when you're tired of scrubbing glitter off yourself at the end of a long day of farting and dancing? The troll, whose tush is preeeetty defined lol , has been garnering a variety of reactions since pushing out his first glitter fart in the KidZone area of the park. Another added, "Dare I say, the greatest meet and greet of all time?

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Guy Diamond, a sparkly, naked troll that poofs glitter from his bum now joins Branch and Poppy in the KidZone. Yes, he actually farts glitter! Video by Jenny Ornstein. In a UniversalORL board room somewhere 4ish months ago. Thank you UniversalORL for squashing what was a growing desire to visit your parks again.

Universal Studios in Orlando is bringing new meaning to the words "glitter bomb" by introducing a naked troll that farts sparkles from his well-defined bottom. The troll character, Guy Diamond from the "Trolls" animated movie, tours the park on the weekends doing meet-and-greets with his fully dressed troll friends Branch and Poppy, according to Attractions Magazine.

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Orlando Theme Park Features Glitter-Farting Troll Meet-And-Greet

If your kids are anything like mine, then you've probably seen DreamWorks' hit movie, Trolls, roughly times by now. Yep, we've seen it all in this house. So I can just imagine how excited my kiddos would be if they got to meet some of their favorite troll characters in person. And honestly, kids are going to be obsessed.

We were at Universal Studios Orlando this morning to meet Guy Diamond, who has been known since he debuted last week as the "glitter farting troll". There are some phrases I would never expect to type on the site, and there is one. He currently is only available to meet on weekends, though we were told that could change in the future. There is no end date planned at this time for their meet and greet. This meet and greet was not on the schedule yet, but they met for 20 minutes during most of the hours starting at a.

Naked, Glitter-Farting Troll Now Greets Guests at Universal Orlando

I have so many questions! How much does the butt hold? Is it scented? Does he fart for everyone? I would have rather watch a Troll fart glitter for 20 minutes then to watch that lame ass halftime show!! On one hand, I love that he farts glitter. Tags: Universal , theme park , trolls , farting , Video , Image. Orlando Weekly works for you, and your support is essential.

Jul 21, - unistudios The troll. The myth. The legend. Guy Diamond has joined Poppy and Branch at our new Trolls meet and greet! ✨. View all

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Guy Diamond (Walkaround character)

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Universal Orlando has a new ‘naked’ Trolls character that FARTS purple glitter at visitors

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