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Aquarius woman virgo man love match

This zodiac combination can be quite an unusual pair, where the madness and chaos of the Aquarius meets the orderly nature of a Virgo. Here, we provide an analysis of the Virgo and Aquarius love compatibility, and a detailed overview of the characteristics of both these zodiac signs. These are the questions that we ask ourselves when we meet that someone special. Compatibility is very important, especially if you need to sustain the relationship in the long run. Checking astrological compatibility can help decipher if the person is compatible with you or not.


Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

As a couple, you have some weighty decisions to make in terms of purchases or investments. You may find you are not completely of the same mind about budgeting.

It would be better to discovery it before you make a commitment so talk it through fully. Consult with experts to avoid being a victim of theft or deception. The deal of paper that seems too good to be true maybe in fact be too good to be true. Make health a priority in , either attending to your own or supporting a loved one in need in a hospital or rehab setting.

The combination of Virgo and Aquarius is quite a typical one. Aquarius gets off on visions, possibilities, and opportunities while Virgo is most concerned with making a relationship work. Mentally, both might have much to share but their physical aspects and worldly needs are very different from one another.

He is very analytical and pessimistic and expects perfection from those who surrounds him. He spends a lot of time pointing out the flaws of the others instead of looking in the mirror and finding the flaws within him. He is a focused person and due to it he may often miss all of the other things that are going on around him, such as the emotions of his friends or lover. Surprisingly, Virgo man is able to excel at carrying out the duties of a husband but the problem is to get him committed.

Aquarius woman is generally very friendly and sweet lady who is not just intelligent, but often genius. She may seem detached from the rest of the world but actually she is extremely alert, never missing a fine detail. She is very intuitive and often scary psychic.

She is born with a fine tool that many others seemed to lack. Innately an alarm goes off inside of her telling her instantaneously something is not right.

Love is not a very good idea for an Aquarius female in the beginning as she confuses it with friendship. But gradually she learns to care and feel. Aquarius woman is very bubbly and friendly lady with an impressive intelligence to make a Virgo man fall for her. She loves to dream and admire her dreams and her fancy dream world. Nothing can ever stop her, not even her stable Virgo man. She brings a new spunk and excitement to the life of her Virgo male and shows him the horizons he has never ever dreamed of.

Though it is not her ability to pay attention to fine detail, it is her intuition telling her that awakes her when something goes wrong or when he needs her helping hand. When she finds love that is fulfilling emotional, mentally and physically which she receives from her Virgo man, she is ready to head to the altar to get properly engaged. But sometimes she can be very cold and detached which can make him insecure. A Virgo man is sincerely devoted to his woman and this is what makes him a great match for Aquarius woman.

Though, he needs a great amount of time to ponder before making life altering changes, even if he is completely madly in love but once he decides then he is the most dedicated and loyal partner. He and his Aquarius woman do not really bother each other with their natures, but they rarely have much to do with one another. The timing between a Virgo man and Aquarius woman is typically off.

She has the ability to show many people how wrong they truly are, which does not suits well with to him. Once he smells his own stench of failure, usually pointed out by his Aquarius lady, he shuts down and no longer wants to communicate with her.

Together they lack the communication needed to keep a relationship thriving. As the twinkling eyed Aquarius woman solves the silent mystery of her Virgo man and brings in new dimensions of excitement in his life, they both enjoy the warmth and fun of life with unconditional love and stability that is a rare thing for Aquarius woman to experience.

Their love has all the expressions of enthusiasm and romance and yet has a silent serenity. With her expressing face — having a flashing quicksilver exquisiteness for her Virgo man — and he having all the care and substance to give to his Aquarius woman — they make a perfect togetherness with blissful thoughts and deep intellect.

Their achievements and accomplishments are so very delightful for them, that they always bring home the trophy of success when they work shoulder to shoulder supporting each other. Together they discover the inner beauty of hearts and relations and understand the oneness that keeps them close forever. Sexual intimacy between Virgo man and Aquarius woman cannot be awarded as a very good experience.

Virgo man has intense desires and way of expressing love while Aquarius woman takes love making for granted. She is one of the few women of the zodiac who is able to have a sexual relationship with a man while not being romantically involved. She can return to her own world of ideas and dreams with no strings attached.

While the Virgo man has very different point of view regarding physical intimacy where it is both on emotional and physical level giving complete gratification to both the partners.

If the two have any type of relationship it would be a friendship that from time to time involves meaningless sex. He requires a relationship to have some meaning.

Therefore, the lack of empathy between the two may lead to an uninteresting love making where either one or the other feels unsatisfied. As problems creep in the relationship of Aquarius woman and Virgo man, they get to move on in opposite directions more quickly then couple from other zodiac signs. When she finds that he has made a mistake that breaches their trust and loyalty she instantly becomes detached from the relationship. It is not that she is unable to forgive; it is that the purity of the relationship has been tainted with.

She requires a pure clean connection with a man, so once the connection becomes fuzzy she disconnects and moves on to a new man who is able to provide her with purity. These two typically have a doomed stricken relationship. The only thing that can prevent destruction between the two would be true love. They may be able to find love in their intellectual worlds they both seem to live in.

They both have to work very hard in order to keep a happy healthy relationship between the two. I think that it can work, only if the Aquarius woman provides lots of attention and treats the Virgo man like he is a precious prince. Or else, it can be difficult. So my call has been heard and My Virgo and I found each other. We officially broke the ice after his second attempt approach me.

I can not express the power of self awareness and law of attraction that I have perfected, ignored and perfect again. I was having a terrible meltdown and harmful overthinking episode. I meditated and focused on releasing my fears, my physical pain, and previous Twin flame runner. I kid you not this Virgo heard me and texted right after my self healing. Later that very day we spoke via cell and the spark was undeniable and scared me when he showed me how much Loves without saying that actual word.

I went almost from I am a free woman and answer to you know right I do want a relationship with you as well opinionated Virgo. His relentless deliverance of his expectations of him and from me was wild to receive at first. What I can already tell is that he is very much professional and his intelligence is so refreshing for me. As an Aquarian woman I know myself and am capable of shaping what I know needs to be unblocked using the power of the mind.

This Virgo a ballsy and for the first time in 29 years living I am excited to submit and let him lead to an extent of course Its so true how the communication level he has is very poor, and I almost said nope not for me.

We got into what I was trying to keep at a respectful debate on a disagreement from turning into and hostile argument. His frustration and even anger humbled me when I once again manipulated and reversed his negativity that he will get better the more I let him lead and in all positivity allow him to think he has constant lead. I am now going to heal him so that he can trust this Twin Flame Reunion. I know we have been together in another time and place.

As a 29 year woman, mind and body connected. Self Nutrition expert and best of Creator of my Art and gift of Vocals. All of this unfolded in less that 10 hours tops. Note to all those that make this far in my rise to All knowing and all that is. Steve my handsome breath of fresh Ai, and Virgo to the tee is now genuinely the 3rd successful Twin Flame that heard my call.

The other two I am grateful and appreciate how we equally transformed into a step toward the right direction. In letting them go I allowed myself to fall madly in Love with myself. I am fearless and confident that 3rd is the charm. Loving your true inside and out is the key to all Happiness.

Fear is the root of all delay, blockage, confusion. Thank you reading! For some reason I just find myself attracted to him, idk what he does.

A couple days ago I broke up with him, but today he tried to get back with me. What did I do? If anyone had gone through this situation with Virgo man, how did you manage this situation? Plan A: Try to refresh your relationship, do not go to therapy yet! Show your partner that you are a nice catch and make him think that he would be a fool if he left you, you know the drill! Plan B: Keep your head cold and dont freak out if you are the type of couple that argues about the silliest things.

Just keep your voice calm and try to talk with him about the deep stuff because only you have access to his heart. I feel exactly the same. Im Aquarius with a Virgo man, and I feel steam rolled all the time. Nothing I do is ever good enough. I am constantly feeling sub par, and judged. Aquarius woman here too… That guy sounds like a douche bag! Maybe it was god pushing you away from this no good man. Gladly, it happened or else he would probably done something else more moronic!

Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Email address:. The Virgo man and the Aquarius woman have many things to discover about each other. With a little bit more compassion and some understanding, these two can be a couple that can pass the test of time.

Virgo and Aquarius are cool characters with lots of quirks. They're arguably the most particular signs of the zodiac. Both are matter-of-fact about themselves, though that doesn't mean there isn't much to discover.

The Virgo and Aquarius born are those who are natural humanitarians. They love helping others and being of service to humanity. Their generosity is beyond remarkable; Virgo has the desire to do things honest and pure. Aquarius is the innovators of the Zodiac who might dream of someday bringing all the world to peace. The Aquarius and Virgo affair is one where both parties have exceptional intelligence.


Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years. It may seem hard to believe, but two of the most independent, satisfied-with-the-single-life zodiac signs—Aquarius and Virgo—can make for a kismet match. You have the rebellious, off-beat, and authentic Aquarius paired with the hard-working, perfectionistic, and diligent Virgo. It's a water bearer meeting a virgin. An air sign and an earth sign. The Virgo-Aquarius pairing works well if the two can accept and come to appreciate the ways in which they are different. They are not mirrors of each other, and that's what makes the combination so beautiful. If they're willing to put the work in, the two signs can help each other grow as individuals and as halves of the same whole precisely because of those differences.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman

The Virgo man and the Aquarius woman can go a great deal of good together, especially in a charitable or humanitarian sense — which is all very well, but what about the romance? Can this earth sign and air sign ever learn to see eye to eye? Hard To Pin Down. For the Virgo man, who seeks a stable, reliable partner, the Aquarius woman sends out all the wrong signals. Yet she has a certain air about her which he finds fascinating.

The combination of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman is essentially one that boasts of opposites attract.

One of the methods for determining whether signs are compatible with each other is to look at their geometric relationship on the wheel of the zodiac. These geometric relationships are known as major aspects. There are some major aspects between signs that are harmonious and some that are stressful. There are also signs that do not have any major aspect at all.

Relationship Compatibility Between a Virgo Man and an Aquarius Woman

You have definitely heard about horoscope, astrology and zodiac for hundreds of times. Do you actually know what these terms are about and what is their meaning? Astrology is, simply put, the science of stars. More recently, it is claimed as a pseudoscience, but once upon a time it was a part of astronomy.


This is in no way an easy sexual relationship and unless some strong support is provided by their natal charts, Virgo and Aquarius will rarely be attracted to each other enough to start a sexual relationship at all. Their natures find it very hard to support each other, they are both intellectual but in a completely different way, and they will probably ruin any chance of a good sexual relationship by overthinking everything, each of them in their own direction. They are rational when it comes to sex, and yet spontaneous? This could ruin their sex life, because Virgo is one of those people and will usually think long and hard about starting a sexual relationship. Shy, thoughtful, sensitive Virgo will have trouble understanding their nude, weird and often too fast Aquarius partner. It is almost certain that none of them will have enough patience to build their sex life with someone so different from what they need.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

Virgo man and Aquarius woman are unlikely to make a good love match. Sorry to put that so bluntly, but it's true. Mind, if they've got brilliant complementary aspects in their respective natal charts, this could be a great relationship. But if they do not, there are bound to be some very big hurdles these two will need to get past from the very beginning. Neither of these two are the most romantic people in the zodiac, but both are capable of love. The trouble is, Virgo man takes his sweet time trying to figure out if he's found it, while Aquarius woman seems to know right from the get-go, and she will not have the patience of Job while Virgo man dallies around with her heart. To learn more about the astrological compatibility between the Virgo man and Aquarius woman, see below!

Sexual compatibility for these two is far from assured, but then again, sex isn't very high up either of their priority lists, so perhaps that doesn't mater. Virgo man.

As a couple, you have some weighty decisions to make in terms of purchases or investments. You may find you are not completely of the same mind about budgeting. It would be better to discovery it before you make a commitment so talk it through fully.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Virgos can recite the Gettysburg Address without missing a comma. These two like to study one another, preferably at a distance. Virgo almost never forgets a name, a face, a sum, a date, or an address.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Virgo and Aquarius compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Virgo man guide and Aquarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.

Donna Roberts. How compatible are Aquarius women and Virgo men mentally, emotionally and sexually?

These signs are prone to disconnect, making it very easy to end the connection altogether. Often times however, the fragile nature of the relationship also aligns them with success. Virgos are very brain focused, extreme over thinkers. Anyone under the sign of Aquarius can attest to feeling very detached at times, very loving but also very logical.

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match?

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