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Questions to ask your husband after work

No time together? Like Glennon says,. Last week we talked about how to connect with your spouse for 10 minutes everyday. I did some more research on better questions to ask, and Rich and I have been experimenting in asking each other new questions at night when we talk.

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How to Connect With Your Spouse After a Long Workday

After almost 14 years of marriage, with 5 pregnancies, 3 beautiful children running around our feet, and the odd trial or more that has affected the maturity and character of our marriage, we are still committed to both work at growing and investing into our relationship for the better. In the midst of all that fills our lives at present, particularly with young children, I think sometimes we get too casual with growing closer and being intentional about feeding our love for one another.

Some days my husband and I can put our heads on the pillow without having really connected—besides talking kids, money, house, and work. And now we hope to add times of heart connection with each other where we can share freely, and grow in trust and love for one another. Come together with a willingness to listen and hear, be humble of heart, be courageous to trust one another, remember not to correct or react to answers that are more difficult to hear, and allow yourself to become vulnerable enough to bare your heart to your spouse.

Some of these questions are light, but others are a little more thoughtful. Hopefully these will provide a starting point for opportunities to laugh, cry, pray, and most of all, connect and grow closer. I hope these 50 questions helped you and your spouse have some good quality conversations. She is passionate about all sorts of things such as worship, the written word, intercession, justice issues, family history, raising children and indigenous peoples.

Be sure to subscribe so we can send you free email updates and resources for raising strong families. I asked my husband whom I have been either dating or married to since I was 12 years old—now approaching 40 a few of these questions, and our answers to each other were a bit surprising.

Thank you for reminding me that we should always ask and that problems can be avoided when expectations are understood! God bless! Thank you so much for stopping by. We went to a marriage retreat called Retrouvaille, and do an exercise called Dialog, where we pick a question, and write out answers, then discuss them.

These will make excellent questions for that! Thanks for the list! Thank you!!! Shared with my readers, too. Asking and answering questions with my hubby is one of my favorite ways to connect. Having a list like this is such a blessing. Ive read few others that are on questions that touch the surface and we have talked about many times.

I have to say these are great!! I will actually keep this as a reference to refer to and plan on asking most of these. These are all great questions to help kickstart healthy conversation.

Free expression is key. That being the relationship with our spouse. Though I am not a follower of Jesus, I still find your posts informative and meaningful. Thank you! I have been married to my husband for 20 years, together for He has recently moved out telling me he is not happy anymore. He loves me but is not in love with me.

He is really unwilling to talk to me about our problems. Do you think me just randomly texting him and asking him some of these questions, if he will participate, help us reconnect? How saddening. We wrote them down first and discussed them together.

We just got married in June and we have a way better understanding of our desires and needs. This was wonderful, thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! God bless you! This would be a great exercise if I could get my hubby to actually take it seriously. Most of the time he refuses to answer questions in general….

Can I make you something to eat? Other than this, our marriage is great and we hardly ever argue. I feel like I need to make an appointment with him! Taking the time to talk, pray together, have fun, and touch each other […]. Your email address will not be published.

Recipe Rating. Access Now! Shop Now. More About Us. What books would you like to read sometime? What are your favourite foods? What did you want to be when you grew up? What is some of your favorite memories from your childhood?

What are some of the more difficult memories from your childhood? What are you favorite hobbies? What did your parents teach you that you appreciate now? What did your parents say or do that you found difficult?

Who is someone that inspires you? What do you like us doing together? What would you like to do together in future, just the two of us? What would you like to do together in future, all of us with the kids too? What is your favorite passage of Scripture? What is your favorite memory verse? What are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest weaknesses? What overwhelms you?

What is concerning you? What are you fearful of? Are you content at present? What makes you happy? How can I add to your happiness?

What do you find attractive about me? When did you know you wanted to marry me? What are some of your favorite memories of us? How can I demonstrate my love for you in different ways? What do I do that irritates or frustrates you? How can I better meet your physical needs and desires?

How can I better meet your emotional needs and desires? What can I do to encourage and support you better? Where do you see us in 5 years time?

In 10 years time? Is there anything in your heart that you need to forgive me for? In what ways do you think we love differently? In what ways do you think we parent differently? Describe to me your relationship with God at present. Tell me about a memorable time you connected with God. What do you love about each of our children?

What hopes and dreams do you have for each of our children? What are you most thankful for? How have you changed since we married?

What do you like about our marriage? What would you like to change about our marriage? What spiritual gifts to you see in me? Is there anything you regret? Tell me something about yourself that I may not know. What are some of your greatest hopes? Heart to Heart Time with Your Spouse Wrapup I hope these 50 questions helped you and your spouse have some good quality conversations.

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Heart-to-Heart Time with Your Spouse – 50 things to ask each other

My hubby and I are high school sweethearts, and even though we got married at the young age of 22, we have managed to grow up together rather than grow apart. Hopes, dreams, worries, insecurities… we talk about it all. Want to keep things new and fresh in your marriage also? Read on for my list of questions to ask your spouse to reconnect. Using this list of questions to ask your spouse will help you learn more about each other, including how you can be a better wife and improve your marriage.

Communication, or lack thereof, is the root of all problems in marriages. If you have a hard time communicating with your partner, or even just want to take your marriage from great to outstanding, set aside some time each week to ask your husband these 10 questions.

I am an external processor and love to talk out loud. My husband is an internal processor and figures out almost everything in his head. This means that sometimes, in marriage, I feel like our conversations are one-sided. I have found that if I ask my husband pointed and direct questions he is happy to share and I feel like we are connecting on a deeper level. Is our marriage on track to still be in love in 10, 15, 20 years?

100 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides “How was your day?”

It helped me realize how important it is to keep this time focused on having fun with each other, getting away from the stresses of life, and strengthening our emotional intimacy. Date night conversations should be light-hearted, positive, engaging, and focused on the present. And one of the best ways people try to accomplish this is through asking each other questions. What I mean is that married couples need questions that meet the following criteria: 1 the questions go beyond the basics that we should already know because those conversations can get dull and 2 they avoid questions that are too serious for date night because they have the potential to cause an argument. So Trevor suggested that I write a blog post of my own consisting of great conversational questions that were light-hearted and engaging! Ones that are perfect for married couples to ask on date night, road trips, or during any other quality time spent together! Cornhole is a great game to play while asking questions! Or this big version of Connect Four! Or even just while simply eating a yummy treat like this skillet cookie kit.

22 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Once a Year

You may forget that you even asked the question while zoning out. You know that. But after a long workday, possibly getting the kids bathed and in bed, plus cleaning up the house a bit, you have little energy left to connect with your spouse. The same goes for them, too. So, here are six ways you can strengthen your bond that work even when you're feeling wiped out.

After a long day of doing seemingly everything , when our partners get home it kind of becomes a habit to ask, "How was your day?

After almost 14 years of marriage, with 5 pregnancies, 3 beautiful children running around our feet, and the odd trial or more that has affected the maturity and character of our marriage, we are still committed to both work at growing and investing into our relationship for the better. In the midst of all that fills our lives at present, particularly with young children, I think sometimes we get too casual with growing closer and being intentional about feeding our love for one another. Some days my husband and I can put our heads on the pillow without having really connected—besides talking kids, money, house, and work.

41 Questions To Ask Your Spouse Right Now

Journal , Relationships. Guys, it started with this post. The 4 questions to ask your kids each night. And then our writers came up with a list of 50 questions to ask your kids each night.

When you've been married for a long time, it's easy to slip into a daily routine and familiar lifestyle and forget that you might not necessarily be meeting all of your partner's needs. Just because someone isn't vocalizing a complaint doesn't mean they don't have one, and the last thing you want is to be blindsided by divorce papers when you thought your marriage was going perfectly well. If she no longer is talking about it, and a specific solution has not been implemented, she may be planning her exit. Now, no one is suggesting that you have a Big Relationship Talk every day—that would be exhausting. But it's important to check in every once in a while, if for no other reason that to show the other person how much they mean to you. And just so you don't have to go into this conversation blindly, here's a handy guide to the kinds of questions you should ask your spouse at least once a year.

60 Questions To Ask Your Partner When You Think You Know Everything About Them

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Sick of asking your husband 'How was your day?' and other boring questions? Kick off some awesome conversations with these 55 Questions to Ask Your Husband. 4 – Do you like your job at the moment? Tell me more. 5 – Would Talk To You · If you read any articles about marriage after kids, you'll most likely read.

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20 (Fun!) Questions to Ask Your Partner

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