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Witcher 3 investigate all leads and find the barons wife

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The baron has for you an offer that you cannot refuse. He will tell you what he knows about Ciri if you help him find his wife and daughter first. The baron turned out to be a tough negotiator who knew the full value of the information he possessed. He agreed to tell Geralt about Ciri on one condition: Geralt had to find his wife and daughter first. The women had mysteriously disappeared a short time before. Though the baron had moved heaven and earth to find them, all his efforts had proved fruitless.

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The Witcher 3: Bloody Baron Quest Walkthrough - Family Matters

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In this section we cover the entire main quest line in the Velen area. In case you need help with anything else relating to the game, head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub , featuring Witcher contract walkthroughs and weapon locations.

Equip your previous armor set, then head to the waypoint marked on your map to reach the main doorway to the castle. Your destination is the Hanged Man's Tree, which you can fast travel to directly. Make your way southwest to the next waypoint on your map. Go to the Inn at the Crossroads and speak to the Innkeeper to initiate a cut scene.

You'll exchange a bit of dialogue with a few soldiers that will likely cause a fight. If you want to avoid having to fight them and any other soldiers you come across in this area , use the following dialogue choices, in order:. If you chose not to fight the soldiers, follow the Innkeeper and speak to him again when he stops walking. If you fought them, you'll have a similar, although not as pleasant conversation with the Innkeeper. However, you'll need to watch the door because other soldiers that spot you will attack.

You need to move quickly to avoid two more that will come through the door shortly after you defeat the first three. However you decide to handle the soldiers, your next objective is to look for the agent called Hendrik in the village of Heatherton , due west.

The location is marked on your map, making it easy to reach. When you hit the waypoint, defeat the three dogs attacking a man in front of a house to initiate a cut scene, then find the agent called Hendrik. After the cut scene, head to the next waypoint and search the agent's hut using your Witcher Senses.

Use the dialogue options to search the boots of the corpse, then use your Witcher Senses to examine the large rug red area on the other side of the hut. This will initiate another cut scene. Open the hatch below the rug and climb down the ladder into the cellar below. Head into the next room and loot the open chest, then examine the candle on the wall that separates the two rooms. This reveals a hidden chest. Examine the contents of the hidden chest for another cut scene.

Read all four entries in the book inside the hidden chest to complete the main quest. If you fought the men, you will need to use The Forceful Path. Head to the next waypoint on the map and cross the bridge into the town to go to the Baron's castle. Circle around the town to the right and through the large wooden gate. Go up the hill to the left to initiate a cut scene as you approach the castle-like structure. After the cut scene, follow the sergeant and speak with the baron to complete the quest.

If you picked a fight with the Baron's men in The Nilfgaardian Connection, you will not be able to talk your way past the guards. Instead you will need to search the village to find another way into the castle. Make your way to the village and talk to the old man. He will request payment for his troubles, but you can refuse and just follow our instructions instead.

Whistle for Roach and make your way to the grassy high ground that sits to the northwest of Crow's Perch. Explore the area where the boy's body was found , moving into the ditch to find an opening to the southeast. You can find the cave that leads under Crow's perch if you dive under the water.

Make your way to the southeast before surfacing in a cave. As you explore the cave and find a way into the castle , look for an area where you can climb up through the old well to enter the castle.

You'll have to defeat a water hag, but eventually you'll emerge in the garden. Speak with the Baron to end this quest. To follow the riverbed and find help, head toward the next waypoint and kill the three wolves near the end of the path.

Follow Gretka and take out the next group of wolves just ahead. Once the wolves are down, continue to follow Gretka to initiate another cut scene. Examine the body thoroughly, then collect two parsley and three wolfsbane.

You can find the wolfsbane by looking for the plants with purple flowers. Parsley is a plant with light green leaves almost white.

There's a clearing ahead with several more wolves that contains both parsley and wolfsbane. Once the wolves are taken care of, examine the pigs on the ground before you continue to follow Gretka. When you have collected all of the parsley and wolfsbane, another cut scene occurs before you can follow Gretka again. When you reach the cave, head inside for another cut scene. The king of the wolves is waiting inside, but as Ciri you're quite powerful.

It won't take much to bring down the wolf king. You can continuously attack and the wolf king will die before it can inflict enough damage to take down Ciri.

However, if you're worried about dying, attack two or three times and then dodge away to avoid the wolf king's counterattack. Defeat the wolf king to initiate another cut scene and complete the quest. The quest begins with a cut scene and dialogue with the baron. After the cut scene examine the documents on the table by the wall use your Witcher Senses if you can't find it , then follow the Baron. Use your Witcher Senses to search the room ahead.

Examine the candlestick on the table, the wall to the left and the picture on the wall. Swing around behind the picture and examine the chest of drawers there, then the flowers on the nearby table and the structural beam behind it. Finally, head back to the candlestick near the door and examine it one more time.

Head into the adjacent room and use your Witcher Senses to loot everything make sure you find the key. Leave the room and make your way down the first flight of stairs to find a talisman on the ground.

Pick up the loot, then follow the red smoke with your Witcher Senses active down to the bottom floor. Continue to loot the area as you follow the smoke until you reach the altar at the end. Examine the altar and pick up the loot on the table, then head back to the top floor and talk to the Baron about what you found.

Make your way to the next waypoint to find the pellar's hut. When you arrive, approach the hut to initiate a cut scene. During the dialogue you can choose to pay them off they'll refuse , use magic if you have Axii Delusion level two or higher, or simply fight them. Once you've made your choice and had your way with them, knock on the door of the hut to see another cut scene.

Sound the bell and head into the grassy woodland while moving west. When you reach the objective area, use your Witcher Senses to track the goat. It won't be long before you spot the animal, but you should move slowly and ring the bell to get its attention. As you are busy trying to bring the goat to the pellar , princess will get a little too close to a bear.

Defend the goat from the bear , then check your mini map to ensure you are going the right direction and use the bell and lead the goat to the pellar.

When you arrive, be sure to ask the pellar the following questions. With this, the quest will be complete, and you'll be picking things right back up with Main Quest: Family Matters Part 2. As you're playing the game you may not even notice that you're passing between one and the other, but luckily we've got it all sorted out for you here. Before you do anything, read the bestiary to learn more about botchlings.

When you feel that you're well educated on the subject, make your way back to Crow's Perch so you can talk to the Baron. You'll arrive to find that he's set the stables ablaze in a drunken stupor, and you can choose to do one of two things. We're going to assume you chose to save the stable hand and the horses trapped in the burning stable. To do this, move to the larger of the two burning buildings and climb the ladder. Push forward until your path is blocked by debris, then use Aard to blast it open.

Drop into the stable where Oswin and the horses are, then open the main gate to the stables. If you chose not to save Oswin and the horses, you'll jump immediately to an objective that requires you to defeat the Baron in a fistfight. If you chose to play the role of the hero, you'll begin the fight when Oswin and the horses are safe. Beat the Baron up for a bit, then enter into a conversation with him to get some additional information about the botchling.

You'll need to wait until midnight until you can follow the Baron to the location of the child's body. You have two options with how you can proceed, and each one will lead you down a different path.

We'll cover both of them just in case you didn't choose the same option we did. If you chose to bury the botchling, you'll need to follow the Baron to the castle's entrance. The tiny beast will periodically kick up a fuss, and if you don't want to have to kill it, you best use the Axii Sign to calm the botchling. You'll also have to protect the Baron from wraiths along the way. If you fail to keep the botchling calm, it will transform into something worse, at which point you will have to kill it and siphon its blood, proceeding with the other path that leads to the end of this quest.

Assuming that you kept the botchling safe we've got you covered further down if you didn't , you'll need to wait a day to be able to call the lubberkin. Summon it where the botchling is buried by going to its grave and interacting with it. Follow the lubberkin as it leaves Crow's Perch, using Roach to ensure that you're keeping pace.

When you reach a smokehouse with a strange smell, dismount from your horse and begin to investigate. Search the area around the smokehouse using your Witcher Senses.

Problem with objective on main story

It involves a few steps - from finding the Talisman location to exploring Ciri's Room , and eventually, the Pellar's Hut location. There's also the case of having to investigate all remaining leads in Family Matters - which though might come later, is something we can help solve on this page. Now that you and the Bloody Baron have made it upstairs, you'll need to search some rooms to move to the next part of the story. Go to the room ahead of you first, once inside use your Witcher Senses to have a look around.

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Spoilers for this quest but I'm currently doing the quest Family Matters. I've found the daughter, turned the botchling into a lubberkin, and now to get the rest of the information about Ciri I need to find the Baron's wife. The problem is all the quest says it "investigate all remaining leads in velen". That's it, not a location, not a person to talk to, nothing.

Family Matters quest, where do I go now?

Alternate main quest cutoff point: Once you tell the Baron about his wife, the small quest A Mysterious Passenger will no longer be available. The Baron is a tough negotiator and won't give Geralt any more information about Ciri until his wife and daughter are located. Geralt's first stop is the bedrooms as they went missing in the middle of the night. When the Baron agrees to let you search the two rooms his own and his daughter's follow him upstairs while listening to his joke about his daughter. Use your witcher senses to find items of interest in the rooms. To progress, you just need to search the Baron's chamber, but searching Tamara's can provide more details and background story. Once all the clues have been found, follow the scent of the wine down to the first landing to find a talisman hidden under a floorboard. After locating the incense, follow the scent of saffron down to the bottom floor of the castle into a locked back room where there is a secret altar to the Eternal Fire.

Witcher 3 Family Matters Investigate All Remaining Leads In Velen

In this section we cover the entire main quest line in the Velen area. In case you need help with anything else relating to the game, head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub , featuring Witcher contract walkthroughs and weapon locations. Equip your previous armor set, then head to the waypoint marked on your map to reach the main doorway to the castle. Your destination is the Hanged Man's Tree, which you can fast travel to directly. Make your way southwest to the next waypoint on your map.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm stuck during the second part of the quest "Family Matters".

Family Matters

Activate your Witcher Senses and follow the items that are marked with red. There are six items in the room that help out. In the end, you surmise that a brawl took place in the chamber. There is a scent of wine in the air that you can follow down the stairs, about half way.

Ive found the daughter turned the botchling into a lubberkin and now to get the rest of the information about ciri i need to find the barons wife. Family matters is a main quest that helps geralt find out where and. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. If you are using mobile phone, you could also use menu drawer from browser. Whether it's Windows, Mac, iOs or Android, you will be able to download the images using download button.

Family Matters... Now what?

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The quest descriptions isn't really helpful in this case, it just says "Investigate all remaining leads in Velen and find the Baron's wife". Well, Velen is pretty big, and.

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The Witcher 3 Investigate All Remaining Leads In Velen And Find Barons Wife- SOLUTION

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