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What do you want in a woman yahoo answers

Shush, I just like hearing what people have to say. I'm not asking for advice. I'm asking for opinions. As for what we want

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Marriage Therapists Answer Your Most Pressing Yahoo Answers Conundrums

Luckily, Yahoo Answers gives users an entire platform to ask any type of question that they have, all while hiding behind their computer screens.

Because of that, Yahoo Answers is often filled with some of the most ridiculous questions and answers out there. We've taken the time to gather only 15 of the most ridiculous Yahoo Answer questions and answers that we could find. Some of them make you feel bad for the people. It looks like that wasn't the case, as this person had one of the strangest questions out there. They seriously wanted to know if The Hunger Games was based on a true story! We will admit that we've all had some crazy thoughts run through our minds at one point or another.

At least we used to think they were crazy until we flipped through the Yahoo Answers page and found some wild ones like this. Their logic if you can call it that states that birds should have a birthday on the day their egg was laid and the day they actually hatched. To make matters even worse, it seems that this person has been posing this question to many people. However, it looks like people are not giving her the answer she wants. Why not download the Internet onto their laptop and then just bring it with them wherever they go?

Pure genius right there, folks! How did this person get onto Yahoo Answers to ask this question to begin with? Did they find some money for one of those crazy expensive monthly plans? Or maybe they found a free Wi-Fi spot where they could connect their laptop to it. We just want to scroll through their search history and see how many times they tried to search for a way to download the Internet. We also want to know what kind of crazy things came up in that search.

We're sure they found some interesting things with those types of searches. We've all been there before. You have a birthday party for your kids, a friend, or a spouse the next day, and you've been tasked with baking the cake. You want to make them the most perfect birthday cake ever. You put it all together and bake it, but then something bad happens. Now you have to go back and start from scratch and make a whole new cake!

Or do you? They have to realize that they took all that cake batter and it formed into a sponge-like pan of goodness.

How do they expect it to revert back to the batter? The best part of this question is the answer with the red box around it. They give them literal instructions on how to unbake a cake! Apparently, all you have to do is just bake it the opposite way you originally did!

Who'd have thought it was that easy, huh? Boy, would we love to know. None of us want to go to the beach and have to wear a sweater to cover up the winter weight we put on. On that note, some people might think that this Yahoo Answers question is ridiculous, but we find it to be enlightening and we want to know what people answered!

If there is a way to lose weight without moving, then we need to know what it is and stat! On the flip side of things, this person said that they're allergic to the sun. Since they're allergic to the sun, which is kind of hard to avoid, it would be difficult to get outside and be active. However, they do know that these crazy things called treadmills and elliptical machines were invented, right? They can purchase one of those, have it installed in their house and be active right inside their sunless house!

Safe and sound! So, Liz, if you find a way to do this, call us up and tell us your secrets! They're the kids that some families never had! As a parent, you may sometimes overthink things. You think your child is sick, even if all the signs point to a perfectly healthy baby. Unfortunately, they just don't speak our language. That unknown territory can be a hard place to be in, which is why vets sometimes get more visits than they should.

Sometimes people should step away from their computer or phone and think about the question they are about to ask on Yahoo Answers.

Like, really think about it. If they're too embarrassed to ask one of their friends or family members the question, should they really be asking that same question online where anyone can see it? There are no consequences for this question.

Aside form ruining a chance with his crush, if she happens to be on Yahoo and knows his screen name, though! The guy seems to be confused by the fact that he, being a white guy, could possibly have a crush on a black girl. He may truly like this girl, but if he has to ask what he should do in this situation, his number one answer should be to get over that crush and work on the other issues going on in his world.

He seriously needs to take a step back and reflect on what he just asked the Internet. Despite being a well-known actor, that doesn't mean that he's off-limits to having silly questions thrown his way. And that is exactly what happened when Yahoo Answers user "Fighting the good fight" wanted to know if Christian Bale was actually a Christian since his name is Christian! Because of course! If you take this person's logic, we are now assuming that whatever someone's name is means that it represents the religion they practice.

That is some crazy "logic" right there, folks. Except not really because what? It's a name! Name's don't automatically define what religion someone practices! So we prefer the answer from "Beau Nobo. You would hope that would answer this Yahoo Answers wuestion, but since it's still marked as an open question, we think "Fighting the good fight" is still wondering. Grammar and spelling are hard concepts to learn and pick up on. When it hits Reddit, you know it's a legit concern in the world!

With that being said, if you're going to go on Yahoo Answers and ask a question, make sure that you're spelling your words correctly. That's what happened to Matt Piece, who wanted to know how big the "specific ocean" is.

It should be made clear that it's actually called the Pacific Ocean and it would be caps-sensitive. So, not only was the spelling wrong, but the capitalization was wrong, too. Cody H. He turned Matt's questions right back at him with a classic retort! Not only did he call him out for saying Pacific Ocean wrong, but he made a joke of Matt using specific instead of Pacific, so he switched it around on him.

Maybe it's because we're writers here, but we can't stop laughing at this one! While that debate will be going on for years to come, it seems like some people think that Tom Brady can do more than just play professional football. Before playing college football at the University of Michigan and for the New England Patriots in the NFL, was Brady perhaps a part-time child actor and none of us knew?

The funny thing about this question is that it was posted in the Fantasy Sports tab on Yahoo. Someone who's knowledgable enough to play Fantasy Football, but isn't knowledgable enough to know more than just the stats for Tom Brady? That seems so odd to us! But then again we don't play fantasy football either, so maybe we're the odd ones here? In reality, it could have been possible for Tom Brady to make a guest appearance on this silly sitcom. The show aired from to and Brady was born in !

So in short, just because his last name is Brady doesn't mean that he was automatically cast to be a character on this show. Where do we even begin with this one? This person wants to know if it'll ever be possible for a human being to walk on the sun. Do they realize that the sun isn't actually just 30 degrees celsius?

Well, we're here to tell you that that is not the case. Yeah, it isn't getting any cooler during the winter. That's bad enough, but then on Yahoo Answer user provides an answer that the person asking the question latched onto without a second thought!

You know, since it goes away at night, so it gets dark and colder, right? Not at all, but this person seems to think so. No human being is ever going to walk on the sun, during the day or night! Please just open up a science textbook! There are a lot of questions on Yahoo Answers that baffle us. They make us wonder what is truly going through people's minds when they ask these questions. However, this particular question on Yahoo Answers just completely boggles our minds.

Is there some kind of conspiracy theory going on out there that says animals are being made up by the government? Why did we not know about this? Does Alex Jones have his hands in this one too?

"Is there anyway I can get this popular guy at school to get me pregnant?"

Be honest now, and try not to be offensive. Also, don't just say she has to be hot, that's annoying. Smart, fun, open about everything, not afraid to be themselves.

How data from our health-related Internet searches can lead to discoveries about diseases and symptoms and help patients deal with diagnoses. Most of us have gone online to search for information about health. What are the symptoms of a migraine?

If you want to hear about the issues real people face in their marriages , look no further than Yahoo! Note that Yahoo! We asked marriage therapists to weigh in on some of the most pressing marriage quandaries currently on the site. See what they had to say below.

What qualities do you want your perfect woman to have?

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Asking a question and hoping for an honest answer is an anxiety-inducing situation for everyone from sixth-graders who need help with their homework to journalists walking into the White House press briefing room. But there is one place on the internet that wants to encourage people to not be afraid, a place that truly believes that there is no such thing as a stupid question. And that place is Yahoo Answers, home of the stupid question. Unfortunately, Yahoo's question asking population quietly descended into madness when no one was looking. After probably having alienated all their loved ones by incessantly humming to them, a surprisingly large number of very optimistic people come to Yahoo Answers to ask the impossible: for others to recognize a song based on them typing out the beat phonetically.

In the groundbreaking Sexuality Education: Past, Present, and Future, the history, practices, and politics of sexuality education are explained. Respected educators, counselors, and therapists marshal both research and educated opinion to offer insights into exactly what is meant by "sex education," what the various approaches are, what "age appropriate" lessons are supported by most professionals, and the impact of government policies. Noting that the need for sexuality education has expanded to adults, from new parents to senior citizens, this unique work also takes readers into classrooms and makes them privy to conversations representing everyone from elementary school students to nursing home residents. These comments reveal the range of unanswered questions about sex—questions that are important for psychological, as well as physical health. In addition, the contributors explore ongoing issues in sexuality education, such as how to present "culturally competent" lessons that include consideration of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

In a mate, I look for many qualities. I think that a girl should be kind and sensitive, with a very big heart and a great capacity to love.

Yahoo Answers started out as such a great idea. Real people asking real questions and getting answers from other real people but in all honesty, I think we could all see how it could go horribly wrong. Any time a large group of people gathers in the same place on the internet, there are bound to be problems.

what qualities do you look for in a man or woman ?

Honesty, trust, open-minded, compassionate, sincere, the ability to admit when he's wrong, the pride to stand up for himself when he's right, the ability to manage finances, the ability to communicate about any and everything; there can't be any secrets , and above all he has got to have a. Intelligence - Intelligence comes in many different varieties, not just "booksmart," so this is an odd subject. I want a mate who is into politics and loves to debate, just like myself. Easily put, someone who can really get into social satire and is up-to-date with the times, someone who can relate to things in an intelligible manner rather than a bigoted way.

Luckily, Yahoo Answers gives users an entire platform to ask any type of question that they have, all while hiding behind their computer screens. Because of that, Yahoo Answers is often filled with some of the most ridiculous questions and answers out there. We've taken the time to gather only 15 of the most ridiculous Yahoo Answer questions and answers that we could find. Some of them make you feel bad for the people. It looks like that wasn't the case, as this person had one of the strangest questions out there. They seriously wanted to know if The Hunger Games was based on a true story!

The 7 Saddest Questions On Yahoo Answers

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