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What do you look like vocabulary

The good news is that there are many effective ways to learn English vocabulary — and you can find the perfect one for you right here. Others need entertaining or unique techniques to truly remember a word. Just answer our 13 questions below—each one has an easy way to learn English vocabulary right under it. But first…. Some people learn best by listening , others learn best by writing. For example, if you remember words better when you write them down, you should try something fun and productive that involves writing.

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Choose Your Words

Note: Some of the words below are informal or slang words; some of them may be perceived as offensive. He weighs pounds. Read as "one hundred and seventy pounds" or "one hundred seventy pounds". Her twelve-year-old son is about a hundred and fifty centimeters tall and weighs about forty kilograms. Useful English. Height tall, very tall, quite tall; six feet tall; not very tall; short; he is tall; he is taller than his mother; she isn't tall; she isn't as tall as he is; average height; medium height; middle height; he is average height; she is of medium height; she is of middle height.

Weight and Build thin, quite thin, slim, slender; skinny, underweight; a thin girl; she is thin; she is slim; plump, chubby, stout, overweight, obese, fat; a stout woman; he is overweight; medium-build; heavily built; thickset; broad-shouldered; he is medium-build; a slender young girl; a slim figure; a delicate figure; delicate constitution; strong, muscular, athletic; weak, feeble.

Hair dark, black, brown, chestnut, red, auburn; blond, light, fair; white, gray grey ; a brunette, a brunet; a redhead; a blonde, a blond; a dark-haired man; corn-colored hair; long, short; medium-length; shoulder-length; she has long dark-blond hair; straight, curly, wavy; thick, thinning, bald; she has curly hair; he is bald; shiny, smooth, neatly combed hair; soft, silken hair; lank hair; dull hair; oily hair; greasy hair; tousled hair; disheveled hair; plaits, ponytail; beard, mustache moustache.

Eyes blue, gray grey , green, brown, dark; she has blue eyes; light-blue; dark-gray; grayish-blue; her eyes are dark brown; big eyes; large eyes; bright eyes; expressive eyes; sharp eyes; eyebrows, eyelashes; thick eyebrows; green eyes with dark lashes; nearsighted, shortsighted near-sighted, short-sighted ; blind; eyeglasses, glasses, spectacles, sunglasses; a pair of glasses; he wears glasses.

Age young, middle-aged, elderly, old; grown-up, adult; he is twenty years old; she is in her thirties; he is about forty; a child; a kid; a little boy; a little girl; a five-year-old girl; she is five years old; a teenager; a teenage boy; a teenage girl; a young boy; a young girl; a young man; a young woman; a middle-aged man; an old man.

Character Character, personality, nature good excellent, fine, strong, firm, weak, bad, terrible, evil character; traits of character; qualities; he has a terrible character; his character is very good; a woman of great character; a man of character; he has no character at all; pleasant friendly, strong, weak, interesting, charismatic personality; she has a friendly personality; he has a lot of personality; she is soft-hearted by nature; it is not in his nature to be rude.

Strong, honest, reliable, hardworking, active, etc. Friendly, kind, polite, patient, humorous, selfish, etc. Other qualities pretentious, self-important, vain, pompous; domineering, oppressive; unpretentious; capricious, wayward, whimsical; mischievous; argumentative, irritable, quarrelsome; critical, exacting, fault-finding; pedantic; docile, dutiful, obedient; disobedient; talkative; glib; noisy; reserved, reticent; laconic; taciturn; silent; secretive; economical, thrifty, frugal, tight, stingy, miserly, greedy; wasteful, prodigal, extravagant; strange, odd, weird, eccentric, crazy; normal, ordinary, regular.

Mind intelligent, wise, clever, smart; sharp, keen, bright, quick, agile; broad-minded; open-minded; narrow-minded; small-minded; absent-minded; a sharp mind; a quick mind; he is intelligent and broad-minded; foolish, silly, stupid, dumb; dull, slow; crazy, insane, mad; he is foolish. Related phrases and examples in sentences What does she look like? She is young and good-looking, with dark eyes and long red hair.

He is tall and thin, with brown hair. He is twenty-five years old. She is average height, dark-haired, quite thin, and wears glasses. She's about fifty. She is of medium height, with straight black hair and brown eyes.

He is old, short, medium-build, with gray hair and a beard. She has dark eyes, wavy blond hair, and a nice figure. She looks great. He is a handsome middle-aged man. She is a pretty young girl. How do I look? You look good. You look great. You look nice. You look terrible. You look awful. What is he like? He is friendly and dependable. He is interesting and amusing. He is smart and honest. He also has a good sense of humor.

I like him. She is careless and lazy. You can't depend on her. She is serious, organized, hardworking, and tough. He is old, sick, and lonely. She is a nice clever girl. His character is terrible. He is hostile and bad-tempered. He doesn't have many friends. She is knowledgeable and broad-minded, and she likes to help young people. Who does he take after, his mother or his father? He takes after his father in appearance, but he is like his mother in character. He looks like his mother, but he takes after his father in character.

Like his father, he is tall and handsome. She takes after her mother. She has the same chestnut hair and green eyes. What does he like? He likes ice cream and chocolate. She likes apples and oranges. She likes modern music. He likes old movies and classical music. She likes to read. He likes to play with his dog.

What are you interested in? I'm interested in medicine. He is interested in politics. She is interested in history. I'm interested in sports. I'm into computers. I'm a movie fan. I like rock music. Other related words Note: Some of the words below are informal or slang words; some of them may be perceived as offensive.

Weight and Height Weight 1 pound lb. He weighs 77 kilograms. Read as "fifty-nine point nine kilograms". Her weight is about 60 kilograms. He is centimeters tall. She is five foot three. She is centimeters tall.

Choose Your Words

This lesson was originally published in January It has been updated with new content and a video lesson. If someone at work asks you to look over a document , what does that mean? What are they asking you to do?

I mean, really describe them, so that I could have a clear image in my head of what they look like — things like body shape, age, hair, etc.? Obese It means very overweight.

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Adjectives for Describing Appearance - Vocabulary & Grammar

If you are an individual English learner looking to learn advanced English vocabulary , this post is also for you. Looking forward to using more vivid and creative ways to describe people, places and experiences that you enjoy? It can also be used to express acceptance when someone makes a suggestion. It can be used when speaking to friends, family, or coworkers when you want to emphasize that something is not just ok or good, but very good. The food there is excellent. People can be wonderful, experiences can be wonderful and things can be wonderful. You can use this word in both formal and casual settings. Perfect describes something that is flawless or exactly matching the need in a particular situation.

Improve Your English Vocabulary with 10 Great Alternatives to “Good”

This might involve describing their physical appearance or the type of clothes they like to wear. Examiner: Is attractiveness a quality worthwhile aiming for? Next Step? Test yourself on topic vocabulary. Thanks a zillion for the great work.

Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, Vocabulary. Don't have an account yet?

Account Options Fazer login. Edcon Publishing Group. Each book includes 10 original, exciting and informative short stories that cover a broad range of topics such as Tales of Adventure, Science, Biographies, Tales of Fantasy, and Interpersonal Relationships.

Advanced Vocabulary: Describing Appearance

This book introduces an innovative collection of easy-to-use computer programs that have been developed to measure and model vocabulary knowledge. The book aims to help researchers discover new instruments for lexical analysis, and provides a theoretical framework in which studies with such tools could be conducted. Each of the programs comes with a short manual explaining how to use the program, an example of a published paper that uses the program and a set of questions that readers can develop into proper projects.

The purpose of this collection of words is not to teach you hundreds of items , because our brain cannot learn, remember and use that many new terms in a short amount of time. Rather, the function of the notebook is to collect the right number of interesting words and phrases that you can use in your IELTS Speaking and Writing answers. Thus, try and collect lexical items that are more general in meaning , so that they can be applied to a variety of questions. In your study plan , you should be including time to:. Giving an impromptu speech for 2 minutes in Part 2 is tough, but I think I can manage. That sentence can be used to introduce your Speaking Part 2 answer!

Appearance and Character

Example sentences: The male actor Bruce Willis is bald. He has a shaved head. Example sentence: The American singer Beyonce is very beautiful. Example sentence: The American celebrity Paris Hilton has blonde hair. Example sentence: Russell Crowe is looking a bit chubby lately, isn't he? Example sentences: 1 David Beckham is physically fit. Example sentence: I was looking a bit flabby, so I've joined a gym. Example sentence: Fashionable clothes for large women can be hard to find.

What do you look like? I weigh 57 kilos. Imeasure 1 metre la cola de caballo, la coleta contact lenses freckle tO meaSure (Imeasure) to weigh to look like (I  Geoff Taylor - - ‎Foreign Language Study.

I think it is too high a price. At first glance expressions with LOOK seem easy to use, however as you deep into them things do not look that easy. Thank you very much for this lesson! Thank you so much :.

IELTS Physical Appearance Vocabulary

English has a large vocabulary with an estimated , distinct words and three times that many distinct meanings of words. In addition, with that size of a vocabulary, you'll easily be able to learn from context to expand your vocabulary as you go. The important thing is choosing the right words to learn so you gain comprehension quickly and don't waste time.

#176: 10 Phrasal Verbs with LOOK — Advanced English Vocabulary

To understand the difference between "see", "look at" and "watch" it helps to think about it in a few different ways. You can look at the picture above, or compare the words to understand the differences. Look at the picture above.

Note: Some of the words below are informal or slang words; some of them may be perceived as offensive. He weighs pounds.

Rawdon Wyatt. Check Your Vocabulary workbooks are aimed at learners of English who want to build vocabulary in a specific area. Check Your English Vocabulary Phrasal Verbs and Idioms is a new title in the range which focuses on an extremely important, yet difficult, area of study for learners. Phrases such as 'go with the flow' or 'hang around' form a natural part of native English speakers' speech; however, they present the learner with a tall order - having to master distinctive expressions whose meaning cannot be deduced from the meaning of their actual words. Containing a range of word games, quizzes and exercises , this workbook will help build vocabulary confidence in a fun, memorable way.

look OR see OR watch?

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