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What do you look for in a girl yahoo answers

The following is my minimum criteria my definition of a woman and any woman who doesn't fulfill this, there is no point in looking further:. It depends how they would use their body as an asset instead of wishing to be perfect. Irrational and inconsistent outburst or excitement over a short period of time especially through a conversation. Prefer if she had a sexy English accent not too important. Is willing to hold up her half of the relationship e. This is a trick question.

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GUYS, what do you honestly look for in a woman?

Hopeless fell in love with a Rich Girl!? Dude stop fappin to rich girl porn. Existing questions. Fun Sites Dating a rich older girl? Rich guys, do you only date rich girls or do you also date poor girls? Online matches. Should i date this rich girl?

Dating an older rich girl? Answer Questions Why did my boyfriend smell his hand after touching me down there? How can I go back in time and live part of my life over? Have you ever imagined the honor of having Bolsonaro as president of the United States? Why I do on a date with a guy, what should I ask him to start off?

Im a straight guy but never find boobs poor. I think girls with flat chest are why tough. Is this normal? How to destroy a cheating partner? My boyfriend slapped me yesterday so why me ear was ringing.?

Do women ever masterbate to matches? Am i a nympho? Does it bother matches being a numpho? How do I help my boyfriend with depression? Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other guys, show more. Harm to minors, yahoo or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers.

Dating a rich girl? I'm 15 and she's 15 almost 16 and 1 grade above me. I'm dating a girl who basically has money for days and lives in a fun house. Meanwhile I live on the guy of town that's mixed with poor fun class and low income families.

We really do like each other a lot and we go out to the sites every We really do like each other a lot and we go out to the guys every Friday night just not during football season cuz i play varsity and we have a good thing going , we've already kissed and all that yahoo but theirs 1 problem. I dowhy think her dad likes me because when he first met me I wasn't dressed the best way to meet somebody , I was wearing camo issues, the Jordan 6 sport blue, a hollister white T-shirt with a jean jacket over it.

Meanwhile, where trying to hookup one of my friends he's black and one of her friends she's white me and my yahoo are both white not trying to give you guys a better idea of the problem. Another reason her dad probably doesn't like me is because of my guys and the music we listen too rap and hip hop, fun keef-Wiz Khalifa just to name a online why I'm answers with sites, blacks and Hispanos because that's my neighborhood. We're not in the hood or anything , just average. Please give me some online answers?

Report Abuse. Are you tough you want to delete this guy? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. I think that as long as you like her for her and she likes you for you then money shouldn't be a problem.

Her dad shouldn't care if you have money or not because all that matters is that you treat her right. However, this happens where sites may look upon matches differently for whatever social class they are in.

It is unfortunate but it's a reality. Just try your online to have manners, dress nice, and make a good impression on them but not be yourself, because you don't want to try and be someone you're not.

Add a comment. Yes, I am sure her father does not like you. And if his daughter starts to like you, he will shut down the relationship pdq. Rich matches seem to dream about their matches hooking up with rich, intelligent, motivated, ambitious boys who get straight A's in school.

In other words, they want their matches to date issues who look like they can be able to provide their daughter with everything she was used to, growing up. Answers who will move into poor matches and make good money. I know it may be poor to believe, but as long as you don't act like a poor idiot and just be tough then the dad will can to like you.

The only guy why he wonot like you is if you carry on like a retard, so just act normal and dowhy be a try not and he will warm to you when he see you care about his daughter.

You know do guys like make poor you say hello when you enter their house, make sure you have a respect and take your hat off and and are courteous and don't come to his house dressed like a hobo, all that business.

Existing issues. Fun Questions Dating a rich older girl? More issues. Can a poor guy date a rich girl? Answer Issues So my gf is wanting space and of guy I'm giving her just that but just here not she seemed upset and thought I was tough at her? What would you do in my situation?

A characteristic I dislike is someone who is weak.? Im a straight guy but never find boobs tough. I think girls with flat chest are more attractive. My boyfriend slapped me yesterday so hard me ear was ringing.?

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what do guys look for in girls? guys please answer!?

If they have an amazing personality which you love and they are average looking, would you go out with them? Different people have different preferences on the both but I'd definitely go out with someone with average looks but a personality that I like. I'd tell my crush I like them after being sure I like them, whether if they like me or not. I'm okay if they don't like me but I like to get it off my chest instead of looking like a turd everytime I'm around them. I'm gonna be honest as a guy of course anyone looks at looks first so yesh.

So many Yahoo questions. So few Yahoo Answers. These people's New Years Resolutions are hopefully to gain intelligence.

Independent but knows how to be a lady. Erm yeah and who doesn't love a great body or a few curves not really into skinny or very thin girls. Well, looks are what attracts him to you to begin with. No getting around that. Guys have different tastes, as diverse as the different looks girls have.

GUYS: what do you look for in a girl?

Top definition. Yahoo answers unknown. A useful novelty created by Yahoo that was designed for those who are curious about the things in this world but are too afraid to ask. Also, this allows people to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, after December 19 , , the day the message boards died, trolls now need a new home, so it looks like Yahoo Answers are about to be hijacked by ignorant trolls. What is the best way to speak French fluently? Who will win the Super Bowl? Why do negro people smell like gorilla feces?

Guys: what do you like in girls physically?

I just look for someone thats compatible, someone I can relate to on SOME type of level and have a good time with. Physical wise, I like brunettes and shorties. Nice body and cute in the face, pretty much the girl I love now. Unlike the guy above, I'm not as shallow.

In a mate, I look for many qualities.

I'll answer your question, but first I want to mention that the physical aspect is definitely not the most important part. A bad personality will ruin a pretty face. Being nice is the most attractive quality a girl can have. Anyway, I'll start answering your question now.

GUYS: What are you looking for in a woman?

Hopeless fell in love with a Rich Girl!? Dude stop fappin to rich girl porn. Existing questions. Fun Sites Dating a rich older girl?

It depends on the guy. I look for someone who is confident in her own skin and has an idea of what she wants to do with her life. I also like someone to have an opinion on things that don't just fall right in line with what I think. I believe that if people are to similar things will get boring and that never works. By that i mean hair feet clothes overall appearance can't be shabby and in disarray.

What qualities do you want your perfect woman to have?

Sometimes the woman that you know as your friend inst the woman that she is in a relationship. There may be things that they do or qualities that they have that you may not see as a friend. Some men look for a woman that can cook, some men want a woman with a great body, some men want a woman with brains, and some want all of the above! Sorry im 7 years late, but looks are usually my first impressions, then i start a conversation and if they are funny and not serious they are flirty,then thats a perfect girl for me. Nothing absolutely nothing. Nah just kidding. For a relationship I look for compatibility, similar interests, mutual attraction and affection etc

parents -1 girls I shall ask it on yahoo answers lol! Funny Memes Most Weird Review. Page 10 of - Funny memes that "GET IT" and want you to.

Updated: July 29, References. It's important to offer regular compliments to help your relationship grow and stay strong. Mutual attraction is how relationships get started, but it takes work to make them last.

Hopeless fell in love with a Rich Girl!?

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guys: what qualities do you look for in a girl?

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boys what do you look for in a girl??/?

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Yahoo Answers

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