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We tend to think of sleep as a time when the mind and body shut down. But this is not the case; sleep is an active period in which a lot of important processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs. Exactly how this happens and why our bodies are programmed for such a long period of slumber is still somewhat of a mystery. One of the vital roles of sleep is to help us solidify and consolidate memories.

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Al Pacino: Tony Montana

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This blog is about a public health issue. It is about an environmental justice issue, a climate justice issue, a criminal justice issue, a social justice issue, and a racial justice issue. I wanted to write this blog about my perspective on the murders of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery two months ago in Georgia and Mr. Dreasjon Reed, who was murdered in Indiana Wednesday—shot 14 times by police. I initially decided to write from a scientific perspective—as a toxicologist and environmental health scientist.

Toxicology is the scientific field designed to help us understand the harmful effects of chemicals, substances or situations on people, animals, and the environment.

A toxin is a poison produced by the body. Toxicants are man-made products, artificial products that are introduced into the environment due to human activity. A poison is something that has a noxious effect on living organisms. As an environmental toxicologist, I can discuss the actions behind the murder…scientifically.

Remember—environment is where we live, work, pray, play and go to school. Racism — the situation where one race feels more superior to another, creates a toxic situation that poisons the environment and, as we have seen repeatedly, is fatal to Black and Brown people.

This toxin, this poison, infects the very soul of those who consider themselves superior, which in turn affects the lives of those they erroneously consider inferior. It reflects in the way Black and Brown lives are treated as unimportant and is reflected in the eyes of families and friends and even strangers. Then I thought I would write this from a legal perspective, since I am also a lawyer.

However, it seems that the chosen actions—to follow Mr. Arbery in a vehicle for no apparent reason other than his skin tone , or to chase Mr.

Reed and literally shoot him to death—were deliberate. The end results were deliberate, not unintended. No slippery slope there, no confusion. You do not chase someone and shoot them multiple times unless you intend that they die. But I have said too much. Remember, in the legal world, everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty, right? Arbery was not given the benefit of that consideration. And neither was Mr. Reed, or the multitude of other men and women I could list here.

Once again, the responsible parties—yes, we all know who you are—have not been convicted. Finally, I decided to speak from my unique perspective as an African American, a Black person. My immediate and long-term emotions range from rage to outrage to anger and frustration, sadness, worry and fear. I am outraged that Mr. Arbery was murdered two months ago, and it is just now getting news coverage—because of the video evidence that recently came to light, nobody has been talking about it these past two months and the murderers have been walking around free!

Reed was gunned down like a rabid dog and shot 14 times! Everyday it is something else—from subtle insults to outright hatred—we have seen it all. When does it stop? My heart aches for Mr. I used to worry about all Black males because they are ALWAYS in danger, their lives considered forfeit for any perceived infraction or insult to someone of another color.

But now I also worry about Black women, Indigenous people, particularly women and girls and all who have been victimized by someone who mistakenly thought they were superior to them and that their Black lives did not matter. I have four brothers, one is deceased. The other three are tall, fairly good-looking, intelligent men, and—although each is a different hue—all are Black. I worry about the men and women, girls, and boys in my family, particularly since several of them lost their lives to violence.

I worry about them all the time. I am afraid for them. I recently sent my youngest brother a mask, gloves and a scarf recommended for use to protect against COVID infection I have written at length about the challenge that is COVID and the war it is raging in our communities. I had to consider what color scarf to send him, as he would be wearing it to cover the lower half of his face — an action which could get him killed.

I consciously decided that a lighter color would be safer for him — not blue or dark green or maroon or brown — and most certainly not black. My friends tell similar stories…. I remember a time when I saw police lights and heard sirens, and my greatest concern was whether I would be pulled over and given a ticket, even though I was not speeding, driving recklessly etc. Now, when I see those flashing lights or hear sirens behind me, I taste fear.

I always pray that I am not the person they are pulling over. Then I pray that whoever it is makes it out alive. We do not want to go back to that.

Environmental injustices are alive and well, in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Contamination from toxicants affects communities of color first and worst. Native American women and girls are missing or murdered. Climate change is a threat multiplier, even moreso for communities of color. Who wants to go back to that reality?

An antidote is something that counteracts the effects of a poison. What is the antidote to the poison that is racism and murder? Is it holding people accountable under the law? Stricter laws? Compassion and empathy instead of sympathy? At the end of all the current insanity, we have a chance to make a better world and create a NEW normal.

Remember, our environment is where we live, work, play, pray and go to school. We all of us! Posted in: Science and Democracy , Uncategorized Tags: climate justice , criminal justice , environment , environmental justice , public health , racial justice , social justice. Support from UCS members make work like this possible.

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How the Need to Belong Influences Human Behavior and Motivation

A few friends recommended this book and they nailed it, had me laughing the whole time. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Without this collaboration, we risk that people will not do what we are telling them to do. Others have written recently about how behavior change principles can be used to encourage people to engage in these behaviors see Michie and Hallsworth.

This blog is about a public health issue. It is about an environmental justice issue, a climate justice issue, a criminal justice issue, a social justice issue, and a racial justice issue. I wanted to write this blog about my perspective on the murders of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery two months ago in Georgia and Mr. Dreasjon Reed, who was murdered in Indiana Wednesday—shot 14 times by police.

We need a Coronavirus Service Corps to help America and our vulnerable young people

Tony Montana: You wanna waste my time? I call my lawyer. He's the best lawyer in Miami. He's such a good lawyer, that by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska. So dress warm. Tony Montana: What you lookin' at? You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me.

The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content

We are more connected than ever before, yet we somehow feel more isolated. We have the ability to reconnect with our high-school classmates and talk to our heroes on social media, yet we feel that we have less intimate connections than the generation before us. We are also spending more time working than we have in previous decades— especially in the US. All those extra hours spent around our colleagues should help us foster closer relationships.

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The best part of any social gathering is the haphazard array of smaller, more intimate gatherings into which it inevitably breaks down. Just ask Shakespeare, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Edith Wharton.

[ Blog ] Union of Concerned Scientists

On 24 April , the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. Rana Plaza was a factory complex in Savar, Bangladesh, making clothes for some of the biggest global fashion brands. Most of the 5, workers inside were young women. This tragedy was preventable.

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Writing great content is a choice. You can choose to put in the time and work required to create great content and build a prosperous brand. Or you can choose to take the easy path and write poor content — a path that ultimately will get you nowhere. It will only result in a waste of time, energy and resources. The path for content marketers is clear.

The psychology of why you feel alone even when you’re surrounded by people

The need to belong, also often referred to as belongingness, refers to a human emotional need to affiliate with and be accepted by members of a group. This may include the need to belong to a peer group at school, to be accepted by co-workers, to be part of an athletic team, and to be part of a religious group. The need to belong involves more than simply being acquainted with other people. It is instead centered on gaining acceptance, attention, and support from members of the group as well as providing the same attention to other members. In social psychology , the need to belong is an intrinsic motivation to affiliate with others and be socially accepted. The need to belong to a group also can lead to changes in behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes as people strive to conform to the standards and norms of the group. People often present themselves in a particular way in order to belong to a specific social group. For example, a new member of the high school football team might adopt the dress and mannerisms of the other members of the team in order to fit in with the rest of the group.

Apr 10, - We Need to Stop Trying to Replicate the Life We Had People engage in activities together, surrounded by screens and images of meat. Like many others who are sheltering in place to curb the spread of COVID, I've.

Tony Montana : You wanna fuck with me? You wanna play rough? Say hello to my little friend! Tony Montana : I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.


In , President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office amid the worst economic crisis in American history. Unemployment soared.

The Diderot Effect: Why We Want Things We Don’t Need — And What to Do About It

No eBook available Amazon. This may be a very good book, but it was just not grabbing my attention. I gave up 90 pages in when I could not take anymore descriptions of how he stalked this woman throughout her life.

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The famous French philosopher Denis Diderot lived nearly his entire life in poverty, but that all changed in Diderot was 52 years old and his daughter was about to be married, but he could not afford to provide a dowry. Suddenly, Diderot had money to spare. That's when everything went wrong. So beautiful, in fact, that he immediately noticed how out of place it seemed when surrounded by the rest of his common possessions.

We Need to Stop Trying to Replicate the Life We Had

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