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Single woman nina simone lyrics

The year-old singer and pianist would dine rather than perform at Gramadoelas, the restaurant next door to the Market Theatre at that time. Simone was on the roster of celebrated artists who came to pay homage to the elderly statesman. Tired and aged from her self-imposed exile from the US since , Simone may have resembled any other ordinary American tourist dining alone in a foreign country. Matthew Krouse, senior publicist of the Market Theatre at the time, remembers being told when he arrived for work the next morning that Simone had been there alone, with no one to speak to about herself or her music. That said, however, despite having her blackness questioned by the rest of the ensemble, Saffronia reveals her commitment as an organiser and activist in the Civil Rights Movement.

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A Single Woman Lyrics

She was one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century, an icon of American music. She was the consummate musical storyteller, a griot as she would come to learn, who used her remarkable talent to create a legacy of liberation, empowerment, passion, and love through a magnificent body of works.

She was who the world would come to know as Nina Simone. By the end of her life, Nina was enjoying an unprecedented degree of recognition. Her music was enjoyed by the masses due to the CD revolution, discovery on the Internet, and exposure through movies and television. Nina had sold over one million CDs in the last decade of her life, making her a global catalog best-seller. No one website can fully explore the many nuances and flavors that made up the more than 40 original albums in the Nina Simone library.

Raised in the church on the straight and narrow, her parents taught her right from wrong, to carry herself with dignity, and to work hard. Able to play virtually anything by ear, she was soon studying classical music with an Englishwoman named Muriel Mazzanovich, who had moved to the small southern town.

After graduating valedictorian of her high school class, the community raised money for a scholarship for Eunice to study at Julliard in New York City before applying to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. To the end, she herself would claim that racism was the reason she did not attend. While her original dream was unfulfilled, Eunice ended up with an incredible worldwide career as Nina Simone — almost by default. To survive, she began teaching music to local students.

Word spread about this new singer and pianist who was dipping into the songbooks of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and the like, transforming popular tunes of the day into a unique synthesis of jazz, blues, and classical music. Her rich, deep velvet vocal tones, combined with her mastery of the keyboard, soon attracted club goers up and down the East Coast. At the age of twenty-four, Nina came to the attention of the record industry. The boisterous Nathan had insisted on choosing songs for her debut set, but eventually relented and allowed Nina to delve in the repertoire she had been performing at clubs up and down the eastern seaboard.

Sensing that her live performances would capture the essential spontaneity of her artistry, Colpix opted to record her September 12, show. The song opened with a dazzling keyboard arpeggio that would become her signature for decades. During this time with the label, Nina recorded one civil rights song, Oscar Brown Jr. It was difficult for them because I was playing popular songs in a classical style with a classical piano technique influenced by cocktail jazz.

So, saying what sort of music I played gave the critics problems because there was something from everything in there, but it also meant I was appreciated across the board — by jazz, folk, pop and blues fans as well as admirers of classical music. Once she moved to Phillips, a division of Dutch owned Mercury Records, she was ready to expand her following globally.

Civil Rights Movement. Such risks were seldom taken by artists during that time of such dramatic civil upheaval. For years, Nina felt there was much about the way that she made her living that was less then appealing. One gets a sense of that in the following passage from I Put A Spell on You where she explains her initial reluctance to perform material that was tied to the Civil Rights Movement. How can you take the memory of a man like [Civil Rights activist] Medgar Evers and reduce all that he was to three and a half minutes and a simple tune?

Nina was deeply affected by these two events. In , she had befriended noted playwright Lorraine Hansberry and spoke often with her about the Civil Rights Movement. There were many sides to Nina Simone.

By this time, Nina had become central to a circle of African American playwrights, poets, and writers all centered in Harlem along with the previously mentioned Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin and Langston Hughes. The title of the song coming from a play Hansberry had been working on just prior to her death. This would be her first new studio album in six years and she recorded it in Belgium with strings and background vocals cut in New York City.

After much wining and dining, Nina finally signed on the dotted line. She rarely traveled without an entourage, but if you were fortunate enough to get to know the woman behind the music you could glimpse the solitary soul that understood the pain of being misunderstood. And the legacy continues…. Eunice Waymon becomes Nina Simone. Contact Us.

Nina Simone - A Single Woman Lyrics

She was one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century, an icon of American music. She was the consummate musical storyteller, a griot as she would come to learn, who used her remarkable talent to create a legacy of liberation, empowerment, passion, and love through a magnificent body of works. She was who the world would come to know as Nina Simone.

One of the many songs that Nina Simone introduced was "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", whose very title sums up her unorthodox and troubled life. Was Nina Simone a soul singer, a jazz singer, a folk singer, a blues singer, a pop singer or, in her own words, "a diva"?

By Margaret Barton-Fumo on April 15, See the full track listing. Six years later, Point of No Return , the American remake of La Femme Nikita 90 used a sampling of five Nina Simone songs to express the interior conflict of the murderous junkie-turned-assassin played by Bridget Fonda. At the end of the film, Maggie walks away from her competing suitors and leaves Uncle Bob with nothing but a farewell note, which his rival Dermot Mulroney preemptively tears to pieces.

Single Woman Lyrics

Few artists have thrived so spectacularly while being so disinclined towards the recording industry, but then few have been as talented as Nina Simone. The turning point in her career was a rejection from the Curtis Institute of Music in , which she later came to understand was racially motivated. Nina Simone — born Eunice Kathleen Waymon — was a child prodigy, and a fund had been set up by people in her native Tryon, North Carolina to help her become the first female black concert pianist in the US. The surprise rejection left her rudderless and in need of money. She quickly built up a repertoire and a steady following, leading to interest from Bethlehem Records, which released her first album, Little Girl Blue. Simone bristled at the comparisons with Holiday. The deal Simone agreed with Bethlehem Records was shortsighted. That said, the exposure — the song featured in a perfume commercial — brought Simone to a new audience and allowed her to work only when she needed to until her death in She recorded only one more studio album, A Single Woman, in Mississippi Goddam is a frustrated call to arms, a plea for mercy, a recalcitrant cry of defiance and an angry voice of reason crying out against the most untenable and unjust of situations.

A Single Woman - Remastered

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Journal of Popular Music Studies 1 March ; 31 1 : —

Ruth Feldstein. Winner of the Benjamin L. But her confrontational style was not the only path taken by black women entertainers.

Deep Cuts: Nina Simone

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If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Nina Simone — Single Woman lyrics. Post my meaning Write my explanation new To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain". OK, got it! That hasn't always been easy to do. But just a single woman; Some times as night the walls talk back to me.

Feb 18, - 7 February Busisiwe Lurayi takes the title role in 'Nina Simone: Four women brought to life by the deceptively simple and repetitive single piano Thing, is a sex worker, as is suggested by Simone's rhetorical lyrics.

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Nina Simone – 10 of the best

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