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Meet the highest paid woman in mary kay

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Meet the Highest Paid Woman in Mary Kay: Gloria Mayfield Banks!

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Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Clear Acne System Best Sellers. What will your I Can Shawn Atwal. Health And Fitness Review.

Organic homemade Hand Sanitizers. A Lighter You. Lou's Younique. Non Alcoholic perfume. Puttinghealthatthetop Angie. Her accolades to you now let you know what she's done during and before her Mary Kay career. We are Super excited to introduce this woman and she achieved the highest position in Mary Kay as an inner circle National sales director within 18 months, she debuted six National sales director and Gloria broke the company record by achieving a lead executive National sales director faster than anyone in our company's 50 - one year history.

What that's I think that's what her mama said. Harvard completed a case study America's cosmetics in name Gloria pillars may field at Merica cosmetics is taught at to Harvard students today Some of your guests are like really, yeah really her half Million dollar Unit Club or first year as a director of receiving a four and a half carat diamond ring as a top director, she completed the circle of excellence earning trips all over the World 18 years leading her magic unit to million dollar Circle of excellent excellence and four times in the Two million dollar Circle of excellence in one year.

This level of achievement gave her a five carat diamond rings and diamond rings for her husband. Can she's a good wife.

Unit broke another company record with a unit size team members totaling - five unbelievable, and they added - four team members in one month. He kidding me fantastic. I think at this point you guys are like what can this keep going on? It's there's more we call Gloria the Oprah of Mary Kay. I'm sure a Dream was realized for her when glorious spoke this last year and empowered the stage who if you were there, she killed it with the Oprah Winfrey in DC this year. She of course, was the July monthly go give the most prestigious Mary Kay Award, the number one unit for her state nine consecutive years since January , Gloria has trained internationally for Mary Mary Kay in China, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Kazakhstan, just to name a few.

Sick Absolutely sick. About this joint right here? It makes me wanna. Give it up for Gloria When I'm walking. Oh, Fun fabulous fabulous lover of women wants the most for everybody. She's come. She's trained. She's asked she's pulled she's changed. She's coached. You are just amazing. Another celebration tomorrow. Thank you so much for what you've done seriously. Sometimes we don't know, but she has made some tremendous contributions to our company, tremendous changes and she's been a tremendous shifter for those that have come before and those that are gonna come after that.

Thank you for making Mary Kay the way that you have. I appreciate you. I love you all. So thank you for thank you. Oh M G, I am so excited to be here. I am so excited to be here for a National debut. What did it look like the last time you got a promotion at your job? What outfits did they wear? Here with my National girlfriend shot. When they were up on stage, but y'all like me.

Living caring giving sharing boy a boy I love to work with the daring, imagine million. I'm small in stature only, but I'm heavy and belief. I'm leading by example, so you can count on me as I flash this million dollar smile. The world will know it's all worthwhile cuz we're painting on the magic banking on success banking on some people who simply want the best.

I'm proud to be before you and I'm proud to be. You said that Rocco. I'm just here to tell you he can rock it rock over. I'm excited to tell you a little bit about myself a little bit about my journey and to the guest that are here.

I'm so excited that you've come to see the person who invited you is so excited. I hope she has a good time. You're coming right, you're right. Detroit Ray Detroit. I'm the I'm the third of four girls and I grew up in a phenomenal household. My parents were amazing. They would marry just shy of 60 - two years with my dad passed and they were very very, very on purpose with bringing up our self esteem.

They were very on purpose with it and so it was an exciting place to grow up and my sisters and I were all very very close when I was in the seventh grade, they found out. I was dyslexic and I have a And both my parents are educators and they both missed it and so how many of you are mothers that step and do homework with your children.

Let me tell you something. Reading is overrated. I'm just saying that right now, but I did. I worked very hard and we're tired of work. They work hard and work hard work hard and finish high school and then left there and moved this area to Washington, DC to attend Howard University and I got my degree in management from Howard and then I moved to Boston to work for Polaroid Corporation, Yay, and I worked with Chloe Corporation and some of you might be familiar with what I did.

I was a manufacturing supervisor and we used to take I used to manufacture the stuff that you take a picture of it and then you tear it apart and you spread. Back and forth, That's what I used to manufacture every day from 30 'clock in the evening till 11 o 'clock at night, I used to work on the B shift from 30 'clock in the evening till 11 o 'clock at night. I used to work on the be shift because I used to go in at 30 'clock in the afternoon and get off at 11 o 'clock at night cuz what I did was a manufacturer film from 30 'clock to eat until 11 o.

See what she saw she was. Years every day for two years, they read it to me that I'm better back to them so that I could understand what was said. The big big big long sales cycle, but the formulation dollar computers and I was so excited about selling the computers now, I did not know about 50 percent and they.

Pay 50 percent because if I had made 50 percent on a four million dollar computer, I would not be here working today. I'm saying that right now, but I didn't know about it and I was very excited you guys seriously. I was very excited very grateful very grateful so like they come in the office One day come in the office and ask him to sit down and they said Congratulations. Gloria Congratulations. You're number one in the branch. I said. I am, they said yes. Really, they said yes, we wanna promote dressed really, they said.

Yes, you wanna promote you on a movie into management. That's a really, they said. It's all thank you. Thank you. They want you to come move into management. Want you to teach everybody else? How to do what you've done? Really, I said yes. And when you come into management, you know you're gonna come off the Commission.

I said, Okay, great and you're gonna go on straight salary. Okay, great and you know when you come on straight salary, you take a little decrease in pain. You know how you wait for more information. Oh, they had to be more information because. Clearly do not work for less money so it took me two weeks to exit interview because I decided to quit IBM and I want you to know still today.

I, of course this is back in the day They never had layoffs. IBM was a place to be that was the place.

Ingen e-bok tilgjengelig iUniverse Amazon. It is so easy to read and brought smiles and tears to my eyes. Sue beautifully combined her life story with Mary Kay's life principles and attitude.

For Gloria Mayfield Banks, failure was never an option. Banks was introduced to the business world through special college courses in high school and was later accepted into Harvard Business School, where she eventually became associate director of admissions. Twenty years ago this month, she started selling Mary Kay, eventually leaving her safe job at her alma mater to sell cosmetics full time.

Ingen e-bok tilgjengelig CengageBrain. Charles W. Lamb, Jr. Neeley School of Business from to and again from to

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May 20, - Twenty years ago this month, she started selling Mary Kay, eventually than $24 million in cosmetics sales, earning more than $4 million in commissions. PINK: What is the most remarkable thing you have done to increase business? I've tried to pass that mentoring on to women I've met along the way.

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