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Meet the guy who dies if he sleeps

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Eugene N. Zeigler made a name for himself in South Carolina politics through his campaign for the U. Senate in against Strom Thurmond and a subsequent candidacy in the states Democratic gubernatorial primary. Unsuccessful in both, Zeigler nonetheless distinguished himself as a man of passionate convictions in the value of public service. His memoir recounts these and other defining moments from a life spent pursuing the public good, often against insurmountable opposition. A native of Florence, South Carolina, Zeigler represents a vanishing breed of public servantthe classically educated progressive rising from modest small-town roots and driven by a genuine sense of responsibility to better his community, state, and country.

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Woman at Point Zero

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It follows a Dutch-American villager in colonial America named Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep in the Catskill Mountains and wakes up 20 years later, having missed the American Revolution. One autumn day, Van Winkle wanders into the mountains with his dog Wolf to escape his wife's nagging. He hears his name called out and sees a man wearing antiquated Dutch clothing; he is carrying a keg up the mountain and requires help. Together, the men and Wolf proceed to a hollow in which Rip discovers the source of thunderous noises: a group of ornately dressed, silent, bearded men who are playing nine-pins.

Van Winkle does not ask who they are or how they know his name. Instead, he begins to drink some of their liquor and soon falls asleep.

When he awakens on the mountain, he discovers shocking changes: his musket is rotting and rusty, his beard is a foot long, and his dog is nowhere to be found. He returns to his village, where he recognizes no one. He arrives just after an election, and people ask how he voted. Never having cast a ballot in his life, he proclaims himself a faithful subject of King George III , unaware that the American Revolution has taken place, and nearly gets himself into trouble with the townspeople until one elderly woman recognizes him as the long-lost Rip Van Winkle.

King George's portrait on the inn's sign has been replaced with one of George Washington. Van Winkle learns that most of his friends were killed fighting in the American Revolution. He is also disturbed to find another man called Rip Van Winkle; it is his son, now grown up.

Van Winkle also discovers that his wife died some time ago but is not saddened by the news. He learns that the men whom he met in the mountains are rumored to be the ghosts of Henry Hudson 's crew from his ship, the Halve Maen. He also realizes that he has been away from the village for at least 20 years.

His grown daughter takes him in and he resumes his usual idleness. His strange tale is solemnly taken to heart by the Dutch settlers, particularly by the children who say that, whenever thunder is heard, the men in the mountains must be playing nine-pins. After a failed business venture with his brothers, Irving filed for bankruptcy in As he said, he felt like a man waking from a long sleep. Irving asked his brother Ebeneezer to assist with publication in the United States.

As Irving wrote, "I shall feel very anxious to hear of the success of this first re-appearance on the literary stage — Should it be successful, I trust I shall be able henceforth to keep up an occasional fire. Van Winkle, and sold at a somewhat expensive 75 cents. Following the success of Rip Van Winkle in print and on stage, later celebrated editions were illustrated by Arthur Rackham Heinemann, and N. Wyeth McKay, When he awoke, he continued searching for the sheep, but could not find it, so he returned to his father's farm, only to discover that it was under new ownership.

He went home, only to discover that the people there did not know him. Finally, he encountered his younger brother, who had become an old man, and learned that he had been asleep in the cave for fifty-seven years. In Christian tradition, there is a similar, well-known story of "The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus ", which recounts a group of early Christians who hid in a cave circa AD, to escape the persecution of Christians during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius.

They fell into a miraculous sleep and woke some years later during the reign of Theodosius II , to discover that the city and the whole Empire had become Christian.

Another similar story in the Islamic tradition is of Uzair usually identified with the Biblical Ezra whose grief at the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians was so great that God took his soul and brought him back to life after Jerusalem was reconstructed. He rode on his revived donkey and entered his native place.

But the people did not recognize him, nor did his household, except the maid, who was now an old blind woman. He prayed to God to cure her blindness and she could see again.

He meets his son who recognized him by a mole between his shoulders and was older than he was. In Judaism , there is the story of Honi ha-M'agel , a miracle-working sage of the 1st century BC, who was a historical character but to whom various myths were attached. One of them recounts that Honi was journeying on the road and he saw a man planting a carob tree.

He asked him: How long does it take to bear fruit? The man replied: Seventy years. The man replied: No. But I am planting this not for myself, but for the other generations to come after me and the generations to follow those. Honi then shrugged as he walked away from the man. Later that day, he sat down to take a rest.

But he slept for seventy years, and rocks had formed a tent-like structure around him. When he woke, he saw a man picking a tree with carobs all over it.

He asked: Are you the man that planted this tree? But my father told me that his father planted this tree for me. The story of "Rip Van Winkle" itself is widely thought to have been based on Johann Karl Christoph Nachtigal 's German folktale " Peter Klaus ", [4] [13] which is a shorter story set in a German village. It tells of a goatherd named Peter Klaus who goes looking for a lost goat.

He finds some men drinking in the woods and, after drinking some of their wine, he falls asleep. When he wakes back up, twenty years have passed. In many ways, the story is a classic European fairy tale of a man who is actually rewarded for helping the fairies move their barrel.

They advance him to a time in life where he is free of his nagging wife and is now old enough for it be respectable for him to take it easy and play with children, working when he wants to instead of when he has to, supported by his loving, grown children.

On a personal level, the awakened Van Winkle has gained another form of "independence": being widowered from his shrewish wife. In Orkney , there is a similar folktale linked to the burial mound of Salt Knowe, adjacent to the Ring of Brodgar. A drunken fiddler on his way home hears music from the mound.

He finds a way in and finds the trowes trolls having a party. He stays and plays for two hours, then makes his way home to Stenness , where he discovers 50 years have passed. The Orkney Rangers [ clarification needed ] believe this may be one source for Washington Irving's tale because his father was an Orcadian from the island of Shapinsay and would almost certainly have known the story.

In Ireland , the story of Niamh and Oisin has a similar theme. Oisin falls in love with the beautiful Niamh and leaves with her on her snow white horse, bound for Tir Na nOg — the land of the ever-young. Missing his family and friends, he asks to pay them a visit. Niamh lends him her horse, warning him never to dismount, and he travels back to Ireland.

But years have passed; his family and fellow warriors are all dead. When Oisin encounters some men trying to move a boulder, he reaches down to help them, the girth of the horse's saddle snaps, and he falls to the ground. Before the watching eyes of the men, he becomes a very, very old man. Author Joe Gioia suggests the basic plot strongly resembles, and may have originated with, an upstate New York Seneca legend of a young squirrel hunter who encounters the mystic "Little People", and after a night with them returns to his village to find it overgrown by forest and everyone gone: that single night had lasted a year.

The theme is taken up in numerous modern works of science fiction. Wells 's The Sleeper Awakes , a man who sleeps for two hundred and three years wakes up in a completely transformed London where he has become the richest man in the world. In the original Buck Rogers book, the protagonist falls asleep under the influence of a gas in a mine, sleeps for four centuries and wakes to find America under the rule of Mongol invaders — whereupon he places himself at the head of the freedom fighters.

In Roger Zelazny 's science-fantasy series The Chronicles of Amber , protagonist Corwyn experiences drinking and revelry in an underground lair with otherworldly people who try to entice him into slumber; he knows this is a centuries-of-sleep trap and resists; the passage is similar in theme to both "Rip Van Winkle" and especially the Orkney story. Albert Einstein 's theory of relativity , under which a person traveling at near light speed would experience only the passage of a few years but would return to find centuries had passed on Earth, provides a broad new scope to express essentially the same literary theme — for example, in the opening chapter of Ursula K.

Le Guin 's Rocannon's World. In Robert Heinlein 's Time for the Stars , Earth sends out a fleet of relativistic ships to explore the galaxy, their crews hailed as stalwart pioneers — but after a century, which they experience as only a few years, faster-than-light ships are developed and the earlier ones are recalled, their crews discovering that they had become unwanted anachronisms on a changed Earth.

The protagonist notices a newspaper headline disparagingly announcing the arrival of himself and his shipmates as "yet another crew of Rip Van Winkles". The Queen song '39 is similarly a tale of relativistic space travelers returning to their home planet to find a century has elapsed. The story has been adapted for other media for the last two centuries, in cartoons, films, stage plays, music, and other media.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Rip Van Winkle disambiguation. Short story by Washington Irving, published in This section relies too much on references to primary sources.

Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section gives self-sourcing popular culture examples without describing their significance in the context of the article.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources that describe the examples' significance, and by removing less pertinent examples. Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged or removed. Main article: Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Putnam's Sons, , vol. New York: Basic Books. Washington Irving: An American Original. New York: Arcade Books. Translated by Hick, R. Cambridge: Harvard. The Theater. Retrieved 21 June London, England: Historical Publishing Company.

State University of New York Press. The story of the young hunter and the Great Little People, whose single night is that of a human year, became Irving's satire on progress and a portrait of the fundamental strangeness of change.

October 16,

Wide awake at 3am? Meet the insomniacs who learned to sleep better

It is a sleep in which there is no thought, brain activity or life whatsoever. Daniel Daniel And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Job speaks of the state of the dead on more than one occasion.

In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage - a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system.

VADA Green was just five years old when a convict who had escaped from a local prison came into her family home and chased her up the stairs. Now 19, Vada remembers the incident as clear as day - but she now knows that the man who tried to catch her was actually a ghost - and that she was the only one who could see him. I freaked my father out Psychic medium Blair Robertson claims children can see spirits because they don't have the limitations of life and belief systems installed fully like adults. I'm absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that they exploit this 'opening' to visit young children in particular.

The teen who will die if he falls asleep

Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living, physical organism. Death may refer to the end of life as either an event or condition. In many cultures and in the arts, death is considered a being or otherwise personified , wherein it is usually capitalized as "Death". The layers of acquired knowledge peel away from the mind like a cosmetic and reveal, in patches, the naked flesh beneath, the authentic being hidden there. And I had already glimpsed him, faint, obscured by their encrustations, but all the more valuable, all the more urgent. I scorned henceforth that secondary, learned being whom education had pasted over him. And I would compare myself to a palimpsest; I shared the thrill of the scholar who beneath more recent script discovers. Those incantations of the Spring That made the heart a centre of miracles Grow formal, and the wonder-working bours Arise no more — no more. Something is dead.

Meet the Man Who Sleeps With Moose — and You Can Too!

We all have our favorite pastimes. Mine happens to be falling down internet k-holes. One minute, I'm investigating the whereabouts of Anastasia and, two hours and many mouse clicks later, I'm somehow reading all about how Henry VIII had his butt wiped by people called the " Grooms of Stool. What day is it?

The moment we began chatting, he was perfectly forthcoming with the entire story. Lindh began caring for and raising moose in the small town of Gardsjo in Sweden, miles from Stockholm, more than two decades ago.

By Stephen Matthews For Mailonline. A three-year-old girl suffers from a rare condition which means she can survive on just 90 minutes of sleep each night. Ever Hisko, from Renfrew, Ontario, was only recently diagnosed with Angelman syndrome - which has no cure.

Rip Van Winkle

Find out more. In Woman at Point Zero , Nawal El Saadawi describes her experiences as a psychiatrist in Egypt, studying the psychological effects of prison on female prisoners. She states in her introduction that when she was conducting these studies, she had no idea that one day she would be imprisoned by the government. On one visit to Qanatir prison, Nawal meets a doctor who tells her that there is a prisoner there who is truly remarkable.

Meet Liam Derbyshire. Liam, who is from Gosport, South Hampshire has to be connected to a life-support machine and observed every time he settles into bed. Central Hypoventilation Syndrome basically implies that when you sleep, your phrenic nerve doesn't kick in so your brain doesn't tell you to breathe. We rely on a machine to make him breathe and without that, he wouldn't be alive. If he doesn't breathe, he dies - that's it. On top of this, Liam also suffers from an unrelated bowel condition as he was born with a large part of the organ missing, forcing him to use an ileostomy bag as a replacement.

Meet the kids who see dead people and terrify their parents

So all through Troy the men who had fled tike panicked fawns were wiping off their sweat, drinking away their thirst, leaning along the city's massive ramparts now while Achaean troops, sloping shields to shoulders, closed against the walls. But there stood Hector, shackled fast by his deadly fate, holding his ground, exposed in front of Troy and the Scaean Gates. And now Apollo turned to taunt Achilles: "Why are you chasing me? Why waste your speed? You still don't know that I am immortal, do you? Have you forgotten? There's a war to fight with the Trojans you stampeded, look, they're packed inside their city walls, but you, you've slipped away out here.

"Rip Van Winkle" is a short story by the American author Washington Irving, first published in He learns that the men whom he met in the mountains are rumored to be the ghosts of As he said, he felt like a man waking from a long sleep.

Darkness Vlad Tepes, who said he had been living as a vampire for 13 years, sleeps in a custom made-to-measure coffin. However this changed when he went for a drink with friends at a pub in Oswaldtwistle where he said he was openly abused because of the way he dressed. Her mother Sylvia said she supports Darkness, who changed his name by a legal document called a deed poll, adding that the treatment he had received was "completely out of order. I was taking my dog for a walk through the woodlands and I saw a group of girls dressed up and I thought they were zombies. I ran home because I was scared at first, but then I became really curious.

The Odyssey

Find out more. The Achaeans sail from the land of the Cyclopes to the home of Aeolus, ruler of the winds. Aeolus presents Odysseus with a bag containing all of the winds, and he stirs up a westerly wind to guide Odysseus and his crew home.

Meet the girl who sleeps for just 90 minutes each night

It follows a Dutch-American villager in colonial America named Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep in the Catskill Mountains and wakes up 20 years later, having missed the American Revolution. One autumn day, Van Winkle wanders into the mountains with his dog Wolf to escape his wife's nagging. He hears his name called out and sees a man wearing antiquated Dutch clothing; he is carrying a keg up the mountain and requires help. Together, the men and Wolf proceed to a hollow in which Rip discovers the source of thunderous noises: a group of ornately dressed, silent, bearded men who are playing nine-pins.

Insomniacs tell us how they managed to break the cycle. Lying in bed and willing yourself to drift off, while your mind refuses to shut down, is frustrating but also incredibly anxiety-inducing.

A nyone who has ever experienced insomnia will know how hellish it can be. Lying in bed and willing yourself to drift off, while your mind refuses to shut down, is frustrating but also incredibly anxiety-inducing. Perhaps there is some comfort, however, in knowing that you are not alone. This week the actor Kim Cattrall told the Radio Times about her chronic insomnia, claiming it forced her to pull out of a London stage play. When we asked for your stories about insomnia, we heard from from self-described poor sleepers about how long they had struggled and how they dealt with it.

- У ТРАНСТЕКСТА есть автоматический выключатель. В случае перегрева он выключится без чьей-либо помощи. - Вы сумасшедший, - с презрением в голосе ответил Хейл.  - Мне наплевать, даже если ваш ТРАНСТЕКСТ взлетит на воздух. Эту проклятую машину так или иначе следует объявить вне закона. Стратмор вздохнул. - Оставь эти штучки детям, Грег.

Будет очень глупо, если вы этого не сделаете. На этот раз Стратмор позволил себе расхохотаться во весь голос. - Твой сценарий мне понятен.

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