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Meet na mila re man ka piano notes

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Some time back, I received a request from a blog reader and long-ago professor of mine: would I do a post on songs sung at pianos? Hindi cinema, back in the good old days, invariably had a song at a piano per film, often more. I had to inform my ex-prof: I had already compiled, some time back, a post on piano songs: specifically, women pianists. But this gave me an idea: how about a post on male pianists? After all, there has been no shortage of songs picturised on men sitting at pianos. I have, however, imposed a few more restrictions on myself to make the compilation of this post a little more challenging:.

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The lost world of piano when it was more than a musical instrument

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Do you remember when we last saw a piano song in Hindi movies? In my recollection, Parineeta was the last movie which had a piano song, Piyu bole , in the classic style. And there is a reason for that: the story is set in the early 20th century in which the hero was from an aristocratic family.

But there was a time when piano songs were quite common in our films. The grand piano was the central feature of a large hall in a mansion. It was not merely a symbol of wealth, but of class and taste. I doubt if there is any regular blogger who has not done a list of piano songs. Fellow bloggers and SoY regulars, Madhu Dusted Off and Anu Conversations over chai , have written a number of posts on it — male and female songs separately. Therefore, I was not inclined to write another one on this theme.

But sometime back, KS Bhatiaji triggered an intense discussion at Open House on piano songs comment onwards , drawing in Shalan Lal, Mumbaikar 8 and Gaddeswarupji. He posted over 60 piano songs, and almost commanded me that I write on it. Knowing my limitations he also suggested that I take the help of the experts. DP Rangan, too, was separately raring to write on piano songs, but passed on his material to me when he realized that I have already been commanded by the readers to do it.

I have been nudging our music experts on this blog to write a series on the instruments in our film music. My open invitation still stands. The piano has not only vanished from our films, it is dying a slow death in the West too, for economic reasons. From its invention in the early 18 th century in Italy, it underwent several changes in response to the requirement of the musicians.

Soon many Western classical musicians took to it and created their music on the piano; it became a fixture in churches for choir music; schools, clubs and classic hotels would also have a piano.

From to was the was the golden age of piano making, when American factories churned out millions of them.

With an average life span of about 80 years, piano was an inter-generational asset. Even after its useful life, it was repaired or gifted to churches or schools or to friends and relatives who wanted it. It became a must-have for middle class homes. But with thousands of moving parts, maintenance was becoming prohibitive, requiring long hours of labour by skilled technicians who were becoming scarce. With downturn in home market, and with the arrival of digital pianos and cheaper Chinese variants, sadly pianos are ending at landfill sites and brought under sledgehammer.

This video shows how movers take pianos to debris sites and dispose them insensitively. From comments on the video you can make out how heart-wrenching it is for many, but there is a wide chasm between the emotional value of pianos and their worth in the market.

The piano came to India through the Europeans, and acquired a status of class and good taste. It became common in churches, convent schools, Army messes and European clubs. It gave an exposure to Indian musicians to the Western music system. Shalan Lal says that Tagore composed many of his songs on the piano. Naushad and several music directors composed their tunes on the piano.

In old Parsi and Anglo-Indian homes piano was a common feature and many Christian ladies took to teaching music through the piano. In our films, the piano was not only one of the instruments in an orchestra, it had a conspicuous presence in the scene.

Can you imagine Dilip Kumar serenading his love to Nargis, Tu kahe agar main geet sunata jaaun, without sitting at the grand piano? And when later he realizes that there is a third angle too, the piano is witness to the pain of one and bewilderment of the other, as he sings Jhoom jhoom ke nacho aaj…Kisi ko dil ka dard mila hai kisi ko man ka meet.

Or when in Ram Aur Shyam, Dilip Kumar is not able to clear the misunderstanding about his identity, he has to sing at the grand piano, Aaj ki raat mere dil ki salaami le le.. Maine chaaha ki bata dun main haqeeqat apni. Or when Sunil Dutt has to part from Mala Sinha with poignant words, Chalo ek baar phir se ajanabi ban jaayein hum dono, with the husband Ashok Kumar, lurking around the grand piano with a wily smile.

The thespian was absolutely great in playing characters with gray shades. The piano represented old times when life was not so fast.

People had time to get together and enjoy a nice evening with someone fond of music taking to the keys to entertain the audience. In the films this role was usually played by the hero, and sometimes by the lady too.

But the creative directors and music directors gave a multi-faceted personality to the piano. This was not only meant for the leading actor to show his or her musical prowess, but for resolving tension, for expressing deep emotions of love and heartbreak, and for taking the story forward. We are not going to see those grand piano songs again in the films.

How can we when love is expressed as Khulam khulla pyar karenge hum dono, or even more brazenly by the new generation, Main tera boyfriend tu meri girlfriend O mainu kah di na na na na? Let us go back to the lost world of the piano when it was more than a musical instrument, with some classic songs.

The grand piano is the central feature of the scene though the lady does not play it, but she leans on it from time to time. The piano becomes an important element to mitigate the tension. Raj Kapoor takes the stool at the piano in the end. Meena Kumari is reclining on it and looking at Shammi Kapoor in love. There are many songs in which one of the protagonists plays the piano, and the other sings.

This song picturised on Biswajit at the piano and Waheeda Rahman, singing while standing, tells a good deal of the story. The piano is not an inanimate object, but a kirdaar which helps the lead players convey the tension between them without a direct interface which would have been very awkward. Teri meri ye kahani roz nayi hai roz purani by Shamshad Begum from Nishan , lyrics Pt.

Indra, music Rajeshwar Rao. This is a lovely song in which the piano becomes a venue for musical flirtation between the two lovers. It starts with a sawal-jawab, with Bhanumati playing a brief piece and looking at Ranjan if he could repeat it.

And sure enough he replies confidently which seems to impress her. This song was sent by Mr Rangan. I mentioned Piyu bole in the introduction of the post. Here also the piano is a prop for love.

We have seen some happy-sad duets of Naushad earlier. Here you can make out that the two ladies, Rehana and Meena Shorey, must have been vying for the same man. At this point of the story Meena has been rewarded. The happy girl Meena is flirting with the piano, oblivious of the dejected one who sings her stanza in a pathos-filled voice.

Ae shamma tu bata tera parwana kaun hai by Suraiya from Daastan , lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, music Nuashad. Piano in a new role: The central character in a black comic murder thriller Andhadhun When I thought the piano was gone from our films it makes a quirky appearance in one of the best noir films ever made in Hindi, Andhadhun Since she has no reason to suspect his blindness she helps him to the piano.

Ayushman starts playing calmly, but when he sees from under his dark glasses bloodstream on the floor his keystrokes now become feverish. You know whodunit, but the film made in the Hitchcockian mould remains gripping till the end. I could not get the exact video of the scene I am talking about.

But this song is catchy and shows the piano in various situations. Yes, what is the fault of the eyes? Andhadun, meaning the blind melody, is perhaps an intentional play on words by the film makers. Before I end I must say why I have been so fascinated with the piano in our film songs.

Have you thought that when the cover of a grand piano is opened, it creates a triangular space which leads to beautiful composition for picturisation of the three protagonists in a love triangle? One at the keyboard singing, the other two framed in a variety of ways around the piano, to show the varying emotions, the inner conflict and turmoil of the three persons. The four piano songs in the voice of Mukesh in the film Andaaz, perhaps most in a film, lip-synced by Dilip Kumar, deserve special mention as a cinematic landmark.

And the four piano songs of Andaaz can be seen as an AP. By the third song, Toote na dil toote na saath hamara chhote na , the third angle Raj Kapoor has entered the frame, but there is still some ambiguity and hope as Nargis in her idiotic innocence rests her elbows on the piano and cupping her chin looks at Dilip Kumar smilingly, and Raj Kapoor, too, not suspecting anything major, makes himself comfortable at the piano.

By the fourth and the last piano song, Jhoom jhoom ke naacho aaj naacho aaj gaao khushi ke geet, there is no doubt about Raj Kapoor-Nargis relationship, and Dilip Kumar in a heart-wenching voice sings Kisi ko dil ka dard mila hai kisi ko man ka meet.

Nargis has now realised the mess she has created, and you can see that her inner turmoil gnawing at her is keeping her glued to the sofa, away from the piano. Raj Kapoor by her side casts a meaningful glance at her.

The tension becomes unbearable for her, and she leaves the scene midway. He is not exuberant in romance, nor maudlin when everything is shattered. He just smiles and speaks in a soft voice to show love when everything is going well, and he sears your heart with his intense inner pain by just his sad face and liquid eyes. As Dilip Kumar has to sing before an audience, he has to be discreet about showing his inner pain and also to protect Nargis.

Acknowledgements and Disclaimer : 1. Daniel J. The video links of songs have been embedded from the YouTube only for the listening pleasure of the music lovers. This blog claims no copyright over these which rests with respective owners, such as Saregama India Pvt Limited, Shemaroo Films and others. Tagged as: Piano songs.

Excellent post AKji. I must say, you have presented it in a different angle. I want to add a love triangle song from Yeh Dillagi. The piano here also is a status symbol, but it also witnesses the love triangle. Kajol and Akshay are in love already.

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Sahir Ludhianvi was a poet among Hindi film lyricists. Recognizing his genius, the Hindi film industry gave him the leeway not many lyricists enjoyed. Filmmakers found ways to make his lyrics work in their films instead of imposing their ideas on him. Asked by B. Such was his stature in the industry that when he demanded a share of royalties from his songs, the labels had to agree.

Do you remember when we last saw a piano song in Hindi movies? In my recollection, Parineeta was the last movie which had a piano song, Piyu bole , in the classic style. And there is a reason for that: the story is set in the early 20th century in which the hero was from an aristocratic family.

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Hindi Hit Songs of 1970 – 1980

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Jo Tu Na Mila (Asim Azhar) Piano Notes

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Meet Na Mila Re Man Ka

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