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Look at what you made me do undertale

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: look what you made me do ( undertale Version )

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: [UnderTale Parody] Look What You Made Me Do GLMV - My AU called ChapterTale

What would happen with a live-action ‘Undertale’?

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Alterar idioma. Instale o Steam. Conquistas globais. A tiny mute lizard Ver perfil Ver mensagens. First things first! I could not bare to attempt a suicide run. I like everyone to much. That being said Mostly just Sans' fight because i was curious and i got confused about a few details.

What Sans says is that "we" noticed changes in timeline. About them starting and restarting over and over again till they end. I am less confused about the "we" but about the fact he knows this This connects with a few other things i only realized after watching that fight or was puzzled about before but forgot where there. At least it feels like it is one. Of course, there is also something similar for Papyrus that is wearing a cape. They are skeletons, they are probably dead to begin with.

But this still bothered me for some reason. I have seen that skull before, if i am not mistaking. And that was in the true lab. A giant helmet-like thing hanging in the middle of the room with no real explanation as far as i remember and it was creepy to me. It is not exactly the same and yet THAT similar that i can't help but to think it has something todo with him.

Sans downright tells you what you where doing. I am not sure if this is true or not, but from what i gathered he seems to recall when you did pacifist playthroughs before, giving you an option to surrender? Is that a thing or does he always ask this? I kind of have the theory that Sans is also filled with determination. So basically like flowery he is aware of the repeats. It would explain why he is so terribly powerful. The face he doesn't act sooner is lazynes. Because it happened to often.

Everything happened to often because the game gets restarted over and over again from his point of view. He just It would make sense to me It explains why he keeps following you and watching you. Not just because of Toriel. Ver perfil Ver mensagens. He's the only enemy that bleeds, he eats, he is the only enemy that can dodge attacks and is freakishly powerful. Maybe he's a human. He also mentions something along the lines of "never seeing them again" and having "given up".

In the restaurant, he suggests you should maybe settle with staying in the underground like he did so I guess he was on the same quest as the player but then just decided not to go through with it. The character of Sans is a very interesting one. We never see him fade to dust, though we do know that he died because of the sound effect and the experience. He is the hardest enemy in the game to defeat, utterly unrivaled by even Undyne the Undying, who mustered the power of all her friends and all the surviving monsters.

This mirrors the ultimate power of the human souls all the monsters could not defeat a single human in the war He bleeds, while any other enemy, both on-screen or in text ie Asriel secretes ash.

All other anthropomorphic major characters have a talking animation, while he appears to almost wear a mask of sorts. Papyrus doesn't need sleep, being a skeleton, but in both runs, Sans is sleeping at some point, and he seems to frequent Grillby's possibly implying that he eats as well.

He manipulates and understands saves, something given to only someone with Determination, and there is no evidence that Alphys injected him with it.

Sans appears to know plenty about the statistics when you are being judged, so he may have the same type of stats as you do. There is more evidence than this, which I may list later, but I'm tired.

Also, I could be entirely wrong: perhaps Sans actually absorbed the human souls instead of Asgore or perhaps Sans is just a badass. I don't know for sure, but this is my belief. Comment anything I missed or any counterpoints if you do so please. Bunbbi Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Crack theory: What if Sans is Dr. EckyThump Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Escrito originalmente por Liloriel :. Cheezpuffer Ver perfil Ver mensagens.

Another thing to add: Why is it that he has glowing eyes that move, but the rest of his face, besdies his eyes don't move at all? I think those glowing eyes represent his pupils, under the shadow of a mask. Growlithekid1 Ver perfil Ver mensagens. I love these conspiracy theories. I'll give the real answer. Sans is a time potato.

God Snek Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Escrito originalmente por chris :. Vinnis Vidya Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Teeth Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Escrito originalmente por Growlithekid1 :. FeO Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Terrance Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Ian Ver perfil Ver mensagens. Mensagens: Todos os direitos reservados.

Look What You Made Me Do Undertale

Alterar idioma. Instale o Steam. Conquistas globais.

This game has unused areas. This game has a hidden developer message.

Why am I electing to write more then, I hear you ask? Well, you hear me reply, it impacted me in a very profound way at a time in my life when I felt very depressed and very impressionable. Being a massive emo about Undertale is where I found my start in games journalism. I got a little bit lucky on my first playthrough. But it did mean that I had the good sense to look after Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton, and all of my other new friends, all until the very end.

Have You Played… Undertale?

Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the start of the game, and not the controllable character who is played throughout the entirety of Undertale. Chara looks strikingly similar to the protagonist, down to a "similar fashion sense," as said by Asriel Dreemurr , and just like the protagonist, has an ambiguous gender. Both appear to have been around the same age after falling into the Underground. At the end of the Genocide Route, Chara is seen to be wearing a lime and cream-colored striped shirt which is an inverted color of the protagonist's shirt and red-brown pants and shoes. Chara has peach skin and brown hair, rosy cheeks, open eyes, and a smile that contrasts the protagonist's stoic expression. Young one, when I look at you I'm reminded of the human that fell here long ago You have the same feeling of hope in your eyes. While initially cast in a sympathetic light, Asriel admits at the end of the True Pacifist Route that Chara " They tell them that their determination woke them from death when entering the Underground.

Undertale’s not as peaceful as it pretends

Alterar idioma. Ver website para computador. Instalar o Steam. Proezas globais. Odyessy Ver Perfil Ver Posts.

It's the truism of our time: the internet will find a way to ruin everything you like.

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Parent reviews for Undertale

Urah hah hah Behold my TRUE power! I can feel it

While there are a few stand-out exceptions such as Detective Pikachu and the Ace Attorney movies, the bad examples vastly overshadow the few gems in the rough. Whether it be the hilariously awful Super Mario Bros. Movie or the 70 billion Resident Evil movies that keep getting made for some reason, video game movies are notorious for their low quality and complete disregard for what makes the source material work. With the infamous Sonic movie being on the horizon and a live action Monster Hunter movie that has nothing to do with the source material being in production , this trend does not seem to be dying anytime soon. Image from IMdb.

Look what you made me do Undertale Parody Lyrics (by OR30)

Sans:I don't like your perfect crime, how you laugh when we die, but, now the turn is MINE, you're cruel. Sans:Look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just made me do. Both:Look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just made me do. And again i made a lyrics yata yata yata it took me for 3 hours to finish it cause i still have to go to youtube blah blah blah and Anyways, i hoped you guys enjoyed my lyrics so credits go to OR30 just go to youtube so you can see the credits and if you liked her song like it and subscribe to her for more well i don't think chara's the bad guy but this song is too good go and check it out and thank you for viewing this i love you all! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. You do too many times Chara:I will keep going on and on. Likes

This is the sound page of アマルガムさんだお posted (UNDERTALE版)Look What You Made Me Do/Chara(Seri♪)×Sans(Yuriam_San)」 on music collab app.

Let me tell you what happened. The first character you meet in Undertale is named Toriel. She herself is a monster—all the beings living in this underground realm are.

More by Richie Sam Tozier

Звук мотора, похожий на визг циркулярной пилы, заставил его повернуться. Парень крупного сложения и прильнувшая к нему сзади девушка въехали на стоянку на стареньком мотоцикле Веспа-250.

Юбка девушки высоко задралась от ветра, но она не обращала на это ни малейшего внимания. Беккер рванулся к .

Скачать песню look what you made me do undertale

Я возьму это на себя, - улыбнулась она, вставая.  - Буду у своего терминала. - Как ты думаешь, сколько времени это займет. - Ну… - задумалась Сьюзан.

С какой целью.

Если Дэвид не добьется успеха, а ключ Танкадо попадет в чьи-то руки… Коммандеру не нужно было договаривать. Сьюзан и так его поняла.

Пока файл Цифровой крепости не подменен модифицированной версией, копия ключа, находившаяся у Танкадо, продолжает представлять собой огромную опасность. - Когда мы внесем эту поправку, - добавил Стратмор, - мне будет все равно, сколько ключей гуляет по свету: чем их больше, тем забавнее.  - Он жестом попросил ее возобновить поиск.

Долгая история. Чутье подсказывало Беккеру, что это открытие не сулит ему ничего хорошего. - Все равно расскажите. ГЛАВА 15 Сьюзан Флетчер расположилась за компьютерным терминалом Третьего узла.

Этот узел представлял собой звуконепроницаемую уединенную камеру, расположенную неподалеку от главного зала. Двухдюймовое искривленное стекло односторонней видимости открывало перед криптографами панораму зала, не позволяя увидеть камеру снаружи.

Тот, что Танкадо держал при. Сьюзан была настолько ошеломлена, что отказывалась понимать слова коммандера. - О чем вы говорите. Стратмор вздохнул.

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