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Investigate all remaining leads to find the barons wife

Ive found the daughter turned the botchling into a lubberkin and now to get the rest of the information about ciri i need to find the barons wife. Family matters is a main quest that helps geralt find out where and. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution.

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The baron has for you an offer that you cannot refuse. He will tell you what he knows about Ciri if you help him find his wife and daughter first. The baron turned out to be a tough negotiator who knew the full value of the information he possessed. He agreed to tell Geralt about Ciri on one condition: Geralt had to find his wife and daughter first. The women had mysteriously disappeared a short time before. Though the baron had moved heaven and earth to find them, all his efforts had proved fruitless.

Go with the baron to the top floor. He'll unlock the door to his bedroom and his daughter's rooms so you can examine all of them. He will wait outside. To make progress, it is enough to search the baron's bedroom, but searching of his daughter's rooms can provide additional information about her interests.

In the daughter's living room you will find a letter to Tamara lying on the dresser and incense and a rusty key in the closet. Next to the bed in the daughter's bedroom you will find an ugly doll. We support each other and help each other survive tough moments, grapple with the past.

For each of us has a past. Optional Use your Witcher Senses to locate where the scent is coming from. The smell of incense will take you to the basement. The rusty key you found will allow you to open a locked door in the basement. In the next room, you will find an altar indicating that Tamara is a follower of the cult of eternal fire. Then examine the painting hanging on the adjacent wall.

You will find a hole in the wall hidden behind it. Follow the smell of wine. Get out of the room and go down the stairs.

You'll lose track on the half floor. Check one of the planks in the floor and you'll find a folk talisman in the crack. Go back to the baron and ask him about what you've found. When you ask about the talisman, he will confirm that it belongs to his wife but he knows nothing more about it. The person who might know something about it is the pellar who lives nearby. The Pellar's Hut is located in the forest to the northwest of Blackbough village.

When you get there, you'll meet a few of the baron's men who want to punish the pellar for the way he cured their buddy Eldric. To talk to a pellar you have to get rid of them first and you can do it in several ways:. Then approach the pellar's house door and knock. The pellar will let you in and you'll start talking. He'll recognize the amulet he made for Anna but he doesn't know where she is now.

He will suggest that he may try to learn something from the ghosts, but in order for him to perform the proper ritual he needs you to find his goat - "The Princess" first. You must agree to do this, and then you will receive a new quest - A Princess in Distress. Complete A Princess in Distress quest, so find the goat that wanders somewhere in the nearby forest and take it safely back to the pellar's hut.

When the pellar gets his goat back, he'll perform a ritual and then tell you what he knows about Anna. You'll find out from him that Anna was pregnant but had a miscarriage. The unborn child was buried and became a botchling. He will also provide you with two possible solutions to this situation. Geralt's search for the baron's wife and daughter took him to the local pellar, a sort of soothsayer and folk mage whom Geralt rightly suspected would be well informed about all local goings-on.

The pellar shared some juicy gossip with Geralt: supposedly the baron was a drunk and a terror to his family, and his wife's recent pregnancy had ended in a mysterious miscarriage. The pellar's augurs showed that the miscarried fetus, undoubtedly discarded without a proper burial, had transformed into a dangerous monster: a botchling. The beast was murderous and foul, but could yet do some good.

If its curse could be lifted and the monster could be turned into a lubberkin, this latter being, a friendly household guardian, could lead Geralt to the baron's wife and daughter. Open the bestiary and read the botchling entry and you will find out how to prepare properly for the meeting with it. Cursed oil and Axii sign will be useful.

Go back to Crow's Perch to confront the baron. As you approach the castle, you will notice that the castle is on fire. When you reach the upper castle, one of the baron's men will ask you to help save his brother, who is stuck in a burning stable.

Agree, and some time later, when you visit the castle again, the saved stable boy will give you 20 coins as a thank you for saving his life. Optional Save the stable hand and the horses trapped in the burning stable. Enter the stables using the ladder on the outside and then climb down another ladder that is inside to the lower level. The barrels and boxes that obstruct your path can be removed the fastest with an aard sign.

Watch out for the breath gauge. When it goes down to zero, you will simply suffocate. When you descend to the lower level, you'll meet a stable boy who will ask you to open the main stable door. Do it and the boy and the horses will run out safely. Whether you saved the stable boy and the horses or not, you will then be facing a drunk and raging baron.

It will end the same way in both cases. To calm him down you'll have to beat him in a fistfight at the castle courtyard. Defeat the baron in a fistfight.

Then you and the baron will go to his chambers where the baron will finally tell you the real story. At the end, Geralt will present the baron with two options how to deal with the botchling, and he will ask the witcher to lift the curse instead of killing it.

Tell the baron to show you where he buried his child. Here you can pause this quest, for example, to better prepare yourself for what will happen. When you're ready to continue, return to the baron and tell him that.

Geralt's bosom boiled with wrath as he went to confront the baron. He was ready to drag the truth out of the man with a sword, force him to confess to what had truly happened that fateful night. A witcher in this state is even more effective than usual, so Geralt accomplished this in short order. The baron admitted that his wife had miscarried after one of their frequent rows, and that she and his daughter had fled Crow's Perch.

He also agreed to show Geralt where he had buried the miscarried child's remains. When the clock struck midnight, both men set off to find the botchling's grave. At midnight, you both will go to the place where the baron buried the body of the unborn child. When you get there, you will meet the botchling. You will be able to decide whether you want to try to lift the curse from it or attack it immediately. If you decide to try to lift the curse, Geralt will order the baron to take the botchling in his hands and take it to the castle.

Protect the baron from wraiths. On your way to the castle you will be attacked twice by wraiths. Kill them all as soon as possible and then calm the botchling with Axii sign. When you get there, you will perform a short ritual that will cause the botchling to leave in peace and then you will bury his corpse. Once Geralt and the baron had reached the unborn babe's place of burial, they did not have to wait long for the botchling to show up.

The beast hissed and howled and threatened to assume its more monstrous and vicious form, but the two men completed the naming ritual before it could. Then, following ancient custom, they buried the creature under the threshold so that in time it might be reborn as a lubberkin, a household guardian spirit. Geralt hoped this being would help him find the baron's family.

Go to the place where the baron buried the body of the botchling and use the " Sit and wait " option. The time will automatically pass and lubberkin will appear. Follow the lubberkin.

He will lead you outside the castle walls to the Smokehouse. Find and examine the horseshoe, the bracelet, and the clothing. Be ready to fight a few rotfiends that prey on the corpse of a dead horse. Examine the corpse of the horse. Follow the Lubberkin and it will eventually lead you to the Fisherman's Hut. You will have to follow this path if you decided to kill the botchling right away or if something went wrong while trying to lift the curse and it attacked you.

If you decide to attack the botchling, it will turn into a much bigger monster and the fight will begin. The cursed oil and Axii sign will help you during this fight. When the monster's life bar drops to half, the additional wraiths will start to emerge and you will have to deal with them as well.

After the fight, Geralt will take a sample of botchling blood and the baron will return to his castle. Once Geralt and the baron had reached the babe's place of burial, they did not have to wait long for the botchling to show up.

Family Matters quest, where do I go now?

The baron has for you an offer that you cannot refuse. He will tell you what he knows about Ciri if you help him find his wife and daughter first. The baron turned out to be a tough negotiator who knew the full value of the information he possessed.

Activate your Witcher Senses and follow the items that are marked with red. There are six items in the room that help out. In the end, you surmise that a brawl took place in the chamber.

It involves a few steps - from finding the Talisman location to exploring Ciri's Room , and eventually, the Pellar's Hut location. There's also the case of having to investigate all remaining leads in Family Matters - which though might come later, is something we can help solve on this page. Now that you and the Bloody Baron have made it upstairs, you'll need to search some rooms to move to the next part of the story. Go to the room ahead of you first, once inside use your Witcher Senses to have a look around. There are lots of things to loot, so fill your pockets before investigating the empty space on the right-hand wall.

Family Matters... Now what?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm stuck during the second part of the quest "Family Matters". I've found the Baron's daughter, but I can't find any more leads to find his wife. The quest descriptions isn't really helpful in this case, it just says "Investigate all remaining leads in Velen and find the Baron's wife". Well, Velen is pretty big, and I don't know where to start. I did try to find more clues at the place where she was attacked and abducted, but there doesn't seem to be anything more there. I finally found the Baron's wife, it turns out the part about investigating all remaining leads refers to the leads about Ciri. There are two quest series about Ciri in Velen, and at this point you have to follow the other quest series to complete the "Family Matters" quest, and "Ladies of the Wood".

Problem with objective on main story

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Witcher 3 Family Matters Investigate All Remaining Leads In Velen

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now to get the rest of the information about Ciri I need to find the Baron's wife. The problem is all the quest says it "investigate all remaining leads in velen".

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