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I want to change in my life

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I just hit the year mark with Clo Bare! Crazy, right? That went by fast, and it also feels like forever ago when I blindly decided to embark on this journey. This last year has been a lot of things.

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How to Change Everything About Your Life in One Year

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I just hit the year mark with Clo Bare! Crazy, right? That went by fast, and it also feels like forever ago when I blindly decided to embark on this journey. This last year has been a lot of things.

I started this blog the same week that I started going to therapy. Each experience has been catalyst for my growth in its own way. My therapy has felt like a compass or a map, laying out a path for me to find my way to what I feel like I lost in myself, and the blog has felt like part of the vessel that is taking me there.

This blog was started because I was struggling. Something was wrong. I was unhappy. And that something was that I had abandoned myself to try to be someone I am not. I tried a million different diets and exercise routines , thinking that my physical health and fitness would translate into sparkling mental health and well being.

There were attempts to sleep in a separate bedroom from my boyfriend at the time, thinking that I needed more space and sleep to figure things out. I tried changing my hours at work, thinking that the commute was the cause of my explosive anger and impatience. At times, I tried changing what I wanted out of life, thinking that if I only wanted to be married and wanted to have kids and wanted to have a house in the suburbs, the problems in my relationship and the holes in my identity would be fixed.

Figuring out what was actually wrong. The truth was that I had in a way abandoned myself somewhere back in China, and I was stunned to realize I had no idea how to get her back.

Baffled on where to begin, I started with the only things I knew had brought me joy, clarity and peace in the past: blogging and therapy. Fast forward to a year later, here I am living my life in a way that feels less passive and more on purpose. And I am really fucking proud of myself. Deal with your problems head on.

And I wanted to share the top 6 things that have helped change my life in the last year. When I first started making changes, one of the first things I turned to was exactly that. Work would get easier and less stressful; my boyfriend and I would understand each other better; my life would have purpose again.

Relying on positive thinking alone is like putting a bowl under a leak. I wasted two years waiting for the perfect blog idea. I did. Write, edit for typos, publish and repeat. The truth is, I do not want to be with someone simply because I am afraid of being alone. But something feels off. Something feels missing. And he likes me too. I feel good about the decision— a sense of relief and a sigh of no longer having the burden of not knowing on my shoulders.

I go on with my days, happy to have the time back to myself, and then, inevitably, in the wake of tiny moments of the mundane— the sharp pang of loneliness hits me. What if I never get another shot at love?

Should I have made that relationship work? Perhaps I made a mistake. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I should text him. I should text him, right? I used to give in to those thoughts. Drink to numb those feelings.

But not so much any more. My reasons will be because my life is full and complete and adding this person to it only fills it further and maybe even lights it on fire in the best possible way. You know what would happen if I did that?

I want to be doing exactly what I want to be doing, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. I want to be growing in this way and I want to keep at it. I had emotional breakdowns, shocking breakthroughs, drunk dialing mishaps, plateaus, victories and mistakes.

There were many Saturday therapy sessions that I left feeling like a zombie, completely drained of all energy after a particularly emotional EMDR session. Nothing is the same except the city and my friends, and that kind of excites the crap out of me. Got suggestions? Drop them in the comments. I always LOVE to hear from readers, and you guys are the experts when it comes to navigating this blog.

I will ALSO be introducing a new category within the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. Me too. I love it. I even got my colleague addicted and she now does it with her kids too! Check it out and let me know what you think! Last Updated on March 9, She started Clo Bare in to track her journey through some pretty tough shit including trauma therapy, eating disorder recovery, dating and relationships in a swiping age, and some general existential crises that go along with being something.

I had an alcoholic father, and ran away from home as a teenager before turning to drugs. Over time I developed some health problems, and eventually I became committed to studying science, meditation, and how our brains affect our bodies. Hi there,nice to meet you..

I simply love your determination and the way you try to reach out people by giving them precious life learning processes,people should really be driven by your experiences cause i can see myself through yours internal challenges and really recommend to pay attention in order to improve! But all of it has been necessary. We attempted communicating more, and trying to think more positively, thinking that all I needed was to improve my attitude. I tried sobriety , I tried partying, I tried new hobbies, I tried saying yes to everything, I tried reading self-help books, and I tried yoga.

May I had just moved in with my boyfriend at the time and we were struggling already despite trying our hardest. He surprised me on my 26th birthday with a crown and backdrop from some Disney movie. July A few months before I started my blog. At the time I tried to dive deeper into work in order to feel more purpose and sense of worth. Anyway, on to what this post is about!

But the thing is, those negative thoughts we get serve a purpose. They come around because something is wrong, and something needs to change. Positive thinking can come in handy at times, but for the most part, forced positivity prevents me from acknowledging my real feelings and dealing with them head on. September Started blogging about things that made me most uncomfortable, like body image , eating disorders, feeling incomplete and just the overall struggles of mental health and adulting.

I write about dating. I write about my failures and owning them. Even while some of the most emotionally tough work is going on, I start to find a deeper feeling of confidence in myself and a stronger sense of my identity.

By Chloe Daniels. You Might Also Like. December 31, Reply Alessandro March 8, at am Hi there,nice to meet you.. I appreciate that.

22 Microhabits That Will Completely Change Your Life In A Year

Imagine feeling trapped in an unsatisfying existence. Being afraid to express your uniqueness. Having fun on the weekends then dreading the upcoming week. Then something hit me.

How often do you find yourself wanting to change something in your life? It could be something about your relationships, job, finances, kids, physical health, body, emotions or just about anything.

A few years ago, I decided to change my life for the better. I thought I would write about the changes I decided to make in case others could benefit from it. There were numerous reasons why I wanted to make these life alterations, but the main ones were:. I knew I was capable of so much more. I wanted to make an effort to exploit my full potential and accomplish more and I was not doing that.

Life-changing training programs and live experiences

No matter how old you are, it's never too late to change your life for the better. Read this article to learn how to make changes on both the inside and outside to feel more fulfilled, happy, and at peace. To change your life, try switching up your daily routine so your life feels more exciting. Eat at new restaurants, take a different route to work, or hang out with friends you haven't seen in a while. Also, try to get out of your comfort zone by doing something you've never done before or trying out a new hobby. If you're feeling down about yourself, make it a goal to eat healthier and exercise more, which will boost your self-confidence. Think about what your passions and interests are and work on pursuing those things.

You Can Change Your Life

Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. If you could just pick one or two or seven habits to create in the next few months — habits that will have the most impact on your life — what would they be? I often get asked this question, because people are overwhelmed when it comes to starting positive life changes. But if I were to start again, and had to pick one or two, it would be the one or two listed below. Here they are, in my order of preference but yours may be different :.

Whether you're fed up with what you're doing now or you want to change something specific about yourself, you can make a decision to change now so that you can enjoy a better, more rewarding life. Sometimes, you just need to take action instead of continuing to pile up dreams without doing anything more about them.

Last night I had a dream. The same holds true for life changes. Most people want change because they want to escape.

3 Things YOU MUST Do To Change Something In Your Life

It was the perfect opportunity to take everything I hated and turn my life on its head. But sometimes it takes losing everything in life to realise where your path truly lies and what you must do to find happiness. Happiness is a choice when your choice is to concentrate on you and give love and kindness to everyone. Live without expectations or remorse and be free, because no matter what happens when you change your life for you, everything else unfolds around you.

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If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! What you do in small, almost undetectable moments of your life has the biggest impact. What most people don't realize is that those who take the big payout end up with significantly less money than those who opt for the cent per day. The live for the moment culture of today stops people from investing. The point is that if you want to have a completely different life in a year or two, you need to start now, and you need to start small. Here, 22 impactful microhabits you can begin tonight.

21 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life Forever

July 12, was the last day of my former life. The life where I was a managing partner and the director of events for a big, swanky, successful nightclub. The life where I was glued to my Blackberry and kept three pairs of high heels under my desk for easy access before meetings. The life where my brain was rife with details like how many mini cupcakes are needed for this celebrity's birthday and what size red carpet is needed for that glitzy premiere. The life I led for the better part of a decade before my current self started poking its fragile little wings out of the cocoon. Yes, I was indeed fragile at this time last year. A part-time yoga teacher and full-time nothing, still recovering from a recent heart surgery.

Mar 1, - How to Immediately Change Your Life For The Better There's an old joke where a man says, "I really want to go to medical school, but it situation to that of others, you're comparing your complete reality to their surface.

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I Want To Completely Change My Life Now

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From Unhappy to Rediscovery: How My Life Has Changed in a Year

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How I Changed My Life for the Better

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