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How to find someones marriage records for free

In-depth research of ownership, minerals, liens and easements in Texas and New Mexico. Searching marriage certificates is easier than ever with the introduction of online databases containing courthouse records. However, you may need to visit the courthouse yourself if you cannot find the records online. Not all records have been digitized. People search for marriage certificates for a variety of reasons.

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Top Free Online Marriage Indexes and Databases

In-depth research of ownership, minerals, liens and easements in Texas and New Mexico. Searching marriage certificates is easier than ever with the introduction of online databases containing courthouse records. However, you may need to visit the courthouse yourself if you cannot find the records online. Not all records have been digitized. People search for marriage certificates for a variety of reasons. They may be tracing genealogy, attempting to track someone with whom they have lost contact, or determining the validity of a union, among other reasons.

Before you begin, determine if the record you seek is public or confidential. Marriage licenses can be public or confidential. Any member of the public can easily obtain an informational copy of a public marriage license. Certain individuals may obtain an authorized copy of a public marriage record. Confidential marriage records are sealed and may only be requested by the marriage partners or by court order.

Most marriage records are public. Only certain individuals can request and receive an authorized, certified copy of a public marriage record. The person or agency seeking an authorized copy must present a Certificate of Identity to the County Clerk to receive it.

There are those who prefer to seal their marriage documents for a variety of reasons. These documents become confidential marriage records. The only person who may obtain a copy of the license is a party to the marriage or an individual or agency that has obtained a court order giving access to the sealed records. The copy received by an authorized person of a sealed marriage record is an authorized, certified copy of a confidential marriage license. No other copies may be issued to anyone else, including informational certified copies.

The Department of Health or the Bureau of Vital Statistics within each state keeps general data on all marriages and divorces within that state. You can contact the agency of the state in which the marriage took place to confirm the marriage occurred and to track down in which county the license was filed. Each county has an Office of the County Clerk, typically found in the county courthouse. If you need to review the original copy of a marriage license, you will need to do a little traveling.

Be aware, also, that if you want a physical copy of the record, you may be asked to pay a nominal fee and not all information will be provided with that copy, such as social security numbers. Instead of calling the Bureau of Vital Statistics or Department of Health, you can search our database of marriage licenses as long as you have at least one piece of the following information:. For the best results in finding a specific license, you need as many pieces of information as possible and include middle initials if available.

The search engine will pull up all the records associated with the data you use. The list is in order of file number. Just browse the list to find the marriage license you need. The better the search criteria you use, the narrower your search will be. To limit long lists, fill in as many of the fields in the search box as possible. Unless you know in which county the marriage took place, finding a marriage license by visiting the local courthouse is likely to be a waste of time.

Each courthouse stores only those records pertaining to marriages that take place in that county. If you are looking for a marriage license in the state of Texas, it could be in any one of courthouses spread out nearly , square miles. Even if you have a broad idea of the area where the marriage was performed, visiting more than one county courthouse to review paper documents means substantial travel. Add the time for travel to the time spent searching the records and you may be looking at spending an entire week on the road and only view the information in three or four counties.

Starting your search online with CourthouseDirect. As long as the license has not been declared confidential by the parties involved, you can find a marriage record that contains the names and ages of the bride and groom, the date and county where the marriage took place, and the file number.

Once you have a file number and a county, you can contact the correct courthouse by phone, fax, or email to learn how to obtain a copy of the record or learn the hours of operation when you can drop by. Using online search for marriage licenses is flexible and convenient. Visit CourthouseDirect. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Topics: CourthouseDirect. Site created and maintained by CourthouseDirect.

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Description In-depth research of ownership, minerals, liens and easements in Texas and New Mexico. Description Learn how we can help you get more value out of data. Public vs. Confidential Marriage Records Marriage licenses can be public or confidential. Someone who is party to the marriage or is the parent or legal guardian to a party to the marriage.

In other words, a bride or groom, or the parent or legal guardian of a bride or groom. A law enforcement agency officer or representative of another governmental agency who is conducting official business as provided by law.

A child, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or domestic partner of a party to the marriage. Who Keeps Track of Marriage Certificates? Why You Should Start Your Search Online Unless you know in which county the marriage took place, finding a marriage license by visiting the local courthouse is likely to be a waste of time.

Go to CourthouseDirect. Click or mouse over the Search Records tab at the top of the home page. Select Texas Marriages. Input the data you possess. Select Search. By CourthouseDirect. Subscribe to our updates. Categories Courthouse Documents 70 CourthouseDirect. About CourthouseDirect. Geo-Index Title Plants. Site Map. Partner Sites. Research Tools. Other Resources.

Online United States Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Not all vital records are open to the public. While the provisions of the U. Vital Statistics Act indicate that these records can be accessed by interested persons, the right of public access to vital records is not absolute. As such, selected vital records may be restricted from public disclosure, but available to specific persons.

Click to view You can use the web to find lots of things: information, videos, books, music, games, and yes, even public records. While our most private information can usually not be found online, you can track down items like birth certificates, marriage and divorce information, obituaries and licenses on the web. Keep reading to learn where to find public records online.

Holdings include:. County Register of Deeds offices house birth and death records and marriage licenses for their counties. Included are:. Skip to main content.

Public Records

If you are like most people, you might not have been aware that public records even exist. However, if you are working on legal matters, genealogy research, government policy, or getting a copy of a marriage certificate you might find yourself looking for public records. In fact, virtually everyone will end up looking for them at some point in their life. There are a wide variety of documents and information that can be unearthed through public records requests. While the methods for retrieving documents from the government differ for the various agencies, there are some common traits that apply to all public records. These are some common questions associated with accessing public records:. It would appear that, from beginning to end, all of the biggest events in your life are also part of public records. New births are always reported by the hospitals or professionals who deliver the child, while coroners offices assign death certificates. These records assist with census data and other commonly used statistics. Additionally, birth and death records help states avoid having unidentified residents in their records or on their social programs.

Marriage & Divorce

Being a journalist means being resourceful. Presented with a name, you know where to dig. How much these forms tell you depends on state law. Anyone can go see this information, for free. If you are unable to visit the vital records office in Boston, you can order a copy online.

The State of Michigan Vital Records Office has records of births, deaths, and marriages that occurred in Michigan and were filed with the state as early as , and divorce records as early as

Were your ancestors married in the United States? In this collection spanning from the 17th century to the 20th century, discover where and when your ancestor was married. This collection contains all the United States marriage records that are currently on Findmypast. The records date from the 17th century to the 20th century.

State Records

Discover your ancestors in these free online marriage databases and indexes. Some even offer digitized copies of the original marriage records for online viewing. In many cases, details on recent marriages may not be available due to privacy restrictions, but this typically depends on the law in that locality. The free FamilySearch website has databases of transcribed marriage records, as well as digitized images of a wide variety of marriage records, from states and countries around the world.

The Clerk's office registers business names known as "assumed names" or DBA for new businesses in accordance with Illinois law. Please click below to be The Illinois Supreme This service The Domestic Relations Division of the Clerk of the Circuit Court holds the records for dissolution divorce , legal separation and invalidity for

Marriage Certificates and Divorce Decrees

In a few of the marriage collections on Ancestry, you will find the indexes that link to images of actual marriage records. In other cases, there are indexes that contain information that will help you request the record. If you find your ancestor in an index, be sure to click on the database title and look at the description to learn how to request the actual marriage record. The full record will include details not found in the index. We also maintain a list of links to state vital records agencies in the Ancestry Library. Find more information.

Even though these types of records are free they can often be difficult to find as they Marriage licenses and divorces are public records and are available to Once someone had purchased a plot of land, they wanted who it belonged to be  ‎California · ‎Texas · ‎Florida Public Records · ‎New York Public Records.

In the SearchQuarry. Other vital records searches include birth records, death records, and divorce records. Questions arise as to what types of records are available to the public-at-large. One of the most intimate, personal of all relationships is that associated with marriage. A logical question is whether or not marriage-related records are available to the public in the United States.

Search Marriage Records

Vital records most commonly refer to records such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees, wills and the like. These records are created by local authorities, and with possible exceptions for events overseas, in the military, or in the District of Columbia. The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics web site tells how to obtain birth, death, marriage, and divorce records from state and territorial agencies. Information collected in Census Records may help you to find which jurisdiction you will want to look for vital records in.

Birth, marriage and death: How to find vital records

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United States Marriages

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Vital Records

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