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How to do baby girl makeup

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Skip to main content Baby Makeup. In Stock. Very good quality. It looks and feels real! I'm excited to give it to my daughter for Christmas!

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Child Makeup Sets

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The contemporary flooding of the preschool toy market by cosmetics is well-documented. Such penetration is thought to begin when children are as young as three years old.

However this article is going to focus on cosmetic-related products aimed at the under 3s. Yup, make way for makeup… for babies. Sadly, there are more of these products in the mainstream market that you may first assume. They are designed and manufactured by both small companies and multinational toy giants; such is their omnipresent nature. The items promote physical attractiveness as the main value, complimented by consumerism.

A child that is encouraged by adults to pay so much attention to her attractiveness is very prone to developing eating disorders and other self-esteem issues later in childhood. This may sound like a sensationalist overreaction on my part; these products are aimed at babies after all, and babies have no concept of gender, let alone objectification. Even before their first birthday babies can assimilate messages presented to them.

Psychologists have discovered that babies know, explore, observe, and learn more than we would have ever thought possible. In some ways they are smarter than adults. Several studies show that even the youngest children have sophisticated and powerful learning abilities Gopnik. Thus now other buttons are being pressed as well. Girls love to talk and spend money. Fisher Price have not retired the older version so the two products continue to be sold simultaneously.

It includes a hammer, screwdriver, saw, and wrenches. But wait! I would argue that they actually stifle imagination. They are so detailed that it would be very difficult to put them to any uses other than the obvious ones.

This assumption remains scientifically unproven yet culturally pervasive. This language is important as it shows an awkward attempt to bridge the world of the child and the adult world. The contents clearly encourage little girls to define themselves from the outside in.

It encourages movement and coordination. The leading soft toy manufacturer in the U. The older set was a tool box and tools. It is suitable from birth and comes with a laptop case, mirrored screen, rattle mouse and disc that crinkles. This reinforces a more modern version of the same old ritual of boys as breadwinners, inventors and creatives, whilst girls live a narrow life of idle pleasure, a life turned in upon itself, self-absorbed and self-indulgent. It teaches girls very early in life that it is important how they look — and to look artificial.

Here we see a perfect example of gendered job segregation, and the social construction of skill. In the product description Gund chirp:. Includes everything a day at the office requires. Let baby close deals with the squeaky calculator, watch rattle, cell phone that jingles and of course— what executive could be complete without a big set of clicking crinkling car keys! These toys, and in particular their gender segregation, are an illustration of how patriarchal society passes on specific cultural messages through the medium of toys and, in this way, reproduces itself.

Notice how the briefcase set encourages boys to explore useful objects of the working world, familiarising boys with the appearance of numbers, mathematical symbols and clock faces. Also notice how the briefcase set embodies a variety of size, shape and colour concepts.

It seems bizarre to segregate boys and girls via their toys, particularly young babies, as they themselves have no concept of gender. However as I said in my analysis of the recent Early Learning Centre catalogue here , there is commercial pressure to divide children along gender lines in this way.

Gendering toys is a great way of nudging families toward buying more items per child. The more children share toys, the fewer toys get sold.

Many parents seem to be fixated on exaggerating the parent-child resemblance. Not ones to ignore an opportunity, toy manufacturers exploit this desire, and a self-fulfilling prophecy is created. Girls are nudged into passive roles, and boys into active roles. So apart from being told, and shown on the packaging, which sex these products are for, we have coded messages in the design, form and colour. Features include a mobile phone with a ringing tone, a teether keyring, crinkle purse and a flower mirror.

As well as flowers, another marker that girls are conditioned to respond to is fairies. At the other end of the spectrum, some manufacturers make no attempt to include childish items, instead opting to provide plush baby-safe versions of entirely adult contents.

Founded in , Fisher Price took pride in fundamental toy-making principles centred on intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value for the money, and action. In when Fisher Price were purchased by toy giant Mattel, owner of Barbie, the flood-gates were blasted wide open on integrity. The set is aimed at babies who are just learning to lift their head up, but are yet unable to sit unsupported. Such self-regard, however is presented here as a good thing. Its use in toys is telling of how children are primed for lifetime of dissatisfaction in their appearance.

We only begin to understand the severity of such messages if we recognise that parents of babies and toddlers act as gatekeepers. Their infants are completely dependent on them.

Parents are the single most pervasive influence on children of this age range. They carry more influential clout than other family members, peers and the media combined. By allowing their child to interact with play things that are predominantly beauty-related they are telling their child that they value the principles implicit in those play things.

The subliminal brainwash is that little girls are not beautiful the way they are. Not for children under 3 yrs. Baby makeup even penetrates into the well-thumbed realm of character merchandising, and predictably Fisher Price is the main perpetrator.

The marketing blurb reads:. To be fair, the marketing language is more gender-neutral than most products in this genre. Nonetheless, the product is still fashioned to appeal more to girls with the use of flower symbols, hearts and pinks, and featuring a girl prominently on the box.

Sesame Street feature once more on this plush baby cosmetics set by Gund. Aimed at toddlers, this set uses the much-loved character, Minnie Mouse, to lure little girls into the adult world of cosmetics.

Whilst this set does not include any cosmetic items per se, it does feature a diamond ring which is a form of self-decoration. Perhaps more importantly, the ring is a symbol of engagement and a stunning example of how girls are taught to package themselves for the marriage market. This version combines decoration of the face makeup with grooming of the hair hairdryer.

As peer pressure bears down when girls are a little older, the two intricate rituals will consume many hours of their life. Why infiltrate their tender years with them now?

The answer to this rhetorical question is shareholder satisfaction — aka — profits. In their relentless quest to maximise profits, some toy companies have focused on hair grooming as a genre in itself.

Using this word is a deliberate marketing technique. How else could they attempt to justify their activities? With these links in mind, the design of the product is unsurprising. None of the items are functional. Arguably this set could be used to prepare an infant for their first trip to a hair salon.

However the use of soft pastel colours and female character needlessly restrict the set to girls. Who knew looking fabulous could also promote social and cognitive development and build motor skills? Other manufacturers are less obscure about the adult premise of their product.

Oh, wait. Is that my phone? Oh, excuse me, I just have to take this. This purse is the perfect accessory to promote role playing with adults and build motor skills. All the essentials are perfectly contained in a simply stunning little bag. In these toys we see the adult values of narcissism, consumerism and materialism at the fore.

So far we have only examined plush and plastic cosmetics sets aimed at infants. However alongside cuddly lipsticks and wipe-clean makeup compacts, manufacturers also market wooden versions. As babies grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into preschoolers, cosmetics sets become more solid in texture and the pieces become smaller, more plentiful in number and more intricate. The set is decorated with the usual markers of girlhood — soft pastel colours, flowers, hearts and bows.

These products set the agenda for a ceaseless round of triviality and self-indulgence. When playing with such toys, girls learn that appearance and attractiveness are central to their worth. Relatively new to the toy world, fledgling company Alex Toy has devised a product to get beauty into the bathroom of toddlers. Yes, the company appear to believe that a cheap piece of moulded plastic will make your baby girl smile for hours.

The company website proudly displays several testimonials from customers. One of them leaps out:. That was super quick!! She will wake up with pink piggys!! Needless to say, there is no benefit to an infant of getting their nails painted.

Baby Makeup

It is a very easy makeup to put on and requires very few ingredients. Those who do not like spending hours in front of the mirror putting on layers of makeup would find this ideal. First of all, you need to moisturize your face. The desired complexion is supposed to be dewy but matte. So put your concealer on parts of your face that show signs of aging.

The contemporary flooding of the preschool toy market by cosmetics is well-documented. Such penetration is thought to begin when children are as young as three years old.

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Yes, I Let My Three-Year-Old Daughter Wear Makeup

Petite 'n Pretty, a new makeup line for kids, opens up the conversation on inner and outer beauty. When I was a baby, I ate a lipstick and ended up in the emergency room. But that was the extent of my childhood make-up drama. My mother—beautiful in a very low-maintenance way—never cared if we wore eyeshadow or used hair-dye. And now as a mom myself, I have the same philosophy when it comes to kids and makeup. I'm perfectly comfortable letting my three-year-old daughter playfully swipe on some blush or lipstick because in my personal opinion, makeup is essentially an art supply. The colors, textures, combinations of colors and textures—it's the same as finger-painting or puppet-making both favorite pastimes in our house. I love that we can use our face, body, and nails as canvases. As far as I'm concerned, makeup is good, clean, creative fun.

How To Do Baby Face Makeup?

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Makeup for Babies

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Art Department | Kids C, Cute Kids, Childrens Makeup, Baby Baby, Girls Make Up Toy Pretend Play Kid Makeup Set Safety Non-toxic Makeup Kit Toys.

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