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Guys that look good with long hair

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A full head of hair is a sign of your health and good genes, so why to hide this treasure from the world? Longer locks on men often look non-trivial and sexy, of course, when they are cared for. Here are 50 effortless and eye-catching styles for men who opt to sport their long stately locks with style. The best everyday hairstyle we can successfully adopt is the one that is supported by the natural texture of our hair.

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Long Hairstyles for Men – What You Need To Know

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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Some guys will go to great lengths to keep themselves looking good, spending endless hours at the gym, going to tanning salons, getting outfitted in the coolest clobber.

Others don't really care for this whole maintenance routine, as they were born Adonis-like. And of course, there's the third group of regular guys, who don't really bother themselves with cool hairstyles and fashion clothes. And we think that now and then, they really should. Sometimes the secret to great style can be as simple as heading down to your favorite barbers and getting a men's haircut.

Whether you are feeling adventurous or want a timeless, classic style, the best hairstyle for your head shape can make all the difference between so-so and downright sexy! We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of the best before and after transformations of guys who bit the bullet and went for the chop.

Some went from being ugly ducklings to hot studs; others improved their looks even more with a trendy hairstyle. We think they all look great, check the men's haircuts and the studs under them out below and vote for your favorite!

This post may include affiliate links. WalterWhiteBoy16 Report. Salva Garcia Report. He looks like young Sean Patrick Flanery after the cut. Hey haters, you do things and sacrifice for people you love.

It's only wrong if it's one sided. Hopefully she makes sacrifices for him, too. What Do You Think? Kanuhduh Report. Its neat how the long hair flattens the top of his head but when he styles the short hair, he's now taller with all that hair up there. Seems like it changes the whole shape of his face. DetectiveZar Report. Isayherderp Report. Brainforester Report. Drewciferr Report. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you.

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Greg Hoggarth Greg Hoggarth. Pamela Pamela. Some Body Some Body. Krish Malhotra Krish Malhotra. Asia Asia. Isabel Tamayo Isabel Tamayo. Shelley Jude Shelley Jude. Tina Beato Tina Beato. Beaver-Moose Beaver-Moose. Madeline Tuohey Madeline Tuohey. You Be The Judge. Catlady Catlady Dan Beck. Lorraine Granger Lorraine Granger.

Lisa Catacosinos Lisa Catacosinos. Diane Nezar Diane Nezar. Dani Donovan Dani Donovan. How's It Look Guys? Saint Victoria Saint Victoria. Lea Opitz Lea Opitz. Sherrie Glendening Sherrie Glendening. Leah Rother Leah Rother. Ivy Pearce Ivy Pearce. Sop Hie Sop Hie. BoredBirgit BoredBirgit. Blu Berry Blu Berry. Agustina Peroni Agustina Peroni. Cat-lover Cat-lover. Roxane Milko Roxane Milko. Wendy Brown Wendy Brown. Sunzilla Sunzilla. Mike Goodridge Mike Goodridge.

This Guy Looks Much Happier. Keith Westerman Keith Westerman. Alison Denny Alison Denny. New Man. JW JW. Linda Gruber Linda Gruber. Diana Hockley Diana Hockley.

11 Guys With Long Hair Who Actually Look Good

The whole point is to let your mane rage, right? To throw a middle finger to the proverbial man and his sculpted business buzz or, more likely nowadays, his clean menswear fade. For instance: You have to strike the right balance between patiently letting your hair grow read: ignoring it , and paying enough attention that it grows out the right way which means going for the occasional trim. What do I know about hair?

Too many guys were wearing frizzy hair, ratty ponytails, and unflattering fringe. Now long hair for guys is officially cool.

Above, we list our dedicated long hairstyle guides, which you can visit for specific styling tips for your face shape. Unlike regular wax, it offers a very loose hold and natural finish. In fact, there are lots of types of mousse that help boost volume and condition the hair too. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you regularly condition your hair so that it has plenty of natural volume.

The New Rules of Long Hair, According to the Experts

Even thin hair, when worn long, can give off the appearance of a full ish head of hair. Then, Study Abroad in Athens Me blonde hair sophomore year. Me bangs! Guys should have as many ways to express their changing self as women do with their appearance. Think of all the long-locked celebrities women are totally crushing on these days. How long is long enough? How long is too long? Trust — I have had long hair for most of my life. A little guidance:.

Long Hair or Short Hair? A Pros & Cons Debate

While women are always told they should try a pixie cut or long locks at least once in their lives, many men wind up just sticking to the same hairdo forever. Fortunately, some celebrity guys have taken the plunge from long hair to short and back. Do these famous faces look best with lengthy locks or shorter cuts? See for yourself! Naturally, everyone's favorite pirate had a lob in the early '00s.

Like double denim and Pernod, long hair is something that most men will attempt at least once in their life. And not all of them will like it.

The great news is, these longer hairstyles are more in fashion than ever before, and with the many possibilities, they are a great way for one to express themselves. All of these hairstyles are great, but remember, none need to be followed exactly. Mess around, try new things, and find out what works best on you.

23 Men With Long Hair

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Some guys will go to great lengths to keep themselves looking good, spending endless hours at the gym, going to tanning salons, getting outfitted in the coolest clobber.

This round-up of stylish men with long hair is bound to make you reconsider. The British singer and songwriter captivates us with both his music and his hairstyle. Hate it or love it, hipster hairstyles like a ponytail and beard are a great combination for men with long hair. Warm a small amount of beard balm between your palms and apply to your beard. Scrunch, style and go!

An Argument for Long Hair on Guys

Men have their own reasons to let their hair grow long, and one very practical reason is to avoid the barber shop. Short hair needs trimming and therefore requires frequent visits to the hair salon. Long-haired men will be noticed. There is no doubt about it. Men with long hairstyles need a lot of patience! The transitional phase when the hair is not quite long enough for sweeping behind the ears can be particularly annoying and can make the hairstyle look and feel awkward.

For guys with medium-long locks, the slick back look is as easy to achieve as it is suave. A more undone alternative to a bun or pony, the slick back works as well  ‎Hairstyles for Men with · ‎Long Hair with Part · ‎Long Braids · ‎Long and Straight.

Hands up if you like long hair, hands up if you like short hair! Equal results? One of the biggest style changes is going for short hair if you have long tresses. Or the other way around, letting your hair grow long.

60+ New Long Hairstyles For Men

Hollywood locks have been getting longer, with short cropped cuts giving way to wavy, textured mops. And the fact that long hair is popping up everywhere shows that this is where things are heading. However, for all their benefits, trailing tresses are noticeably trickier to maintain than a classic military haircut.

Do These Hot Male Celebs Look Better With Long Hair, or Short?

As much as we love a good buzz-cut or short fade, long hair styles are everywhere right now. But no one wants to revisit the man-bun mania we recently left behind. Long hair can mean a lot of different things, depending on your natural texture and your haircut. Step one is to have a goal or person in mind.

How important is hair to attraction? I got okay results.

Some women are extremely picky and will NEVER accept a guy with long hair, but most women have what I call an Open Type, which means that they are open to being with all different types of guys, as long as the guy can make her feel enough attraction for other reasons. For example: If a guy has long hair and he is confident, charismatic and funny, most women those who have an Open Type will be attracted to him and open to being with him. Women are attracted to confident men and are turned off by nervous, low self-esteem, self-doubting guys. Women are attracted to the emotional strength of men e. A confident man can have no hair and be irresistibly attractive to women, but a nervous, self-doubting guy with no hair will be a turn off.

25 Cool Men with Long Hair: Mane Inspiration

If you're a guy with long hair, you might not know where to start when it comes to hairstyling. Well, worry no longer: with some product, a hairbrush brush, and a few rubber bands, you can tame even the unruliest of manes. Make sure you choose a hairstyle that works with your natural texture and curl. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, you can keep your long hair sleek and healthy. If your hair is curly, try parting it in the middle and wearing it loose for a low-maintenance style.

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