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Girl meets world fanfiction car accident

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Summary: Riley and Maya are walking to school. Maya doesn't see a truck coming while crossing the street. Riley pushes Maya out of the way just in time, but Riley is hit head on. Will Riley be okay? How will Maya and the others cope with this tragedy? Read on to find out!

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Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two.

Thank you guys for following and favoriting. For those who haven't, please do. I'm sure you won't regret it. And please review more. They make my day. This chapter is way longer than the last so I hope you guys enjoy it. I have a family emergency. Wait for the substitute. I then call Topanga. What's wrong? Don't you-" She replied with her sweet voice that calmed me down for a while until I remembered why I called and cut her off.

I heard something drop in the background. Fresh hot tears stream down my face as I recount to her what the guy told me and finally letting it set in on my way to the principals's office to get an emergency leave. I hear the tv in the room talking about some thing but I couldn't bother to hear what is says. How would Maya react to this? Riley was, after all, her best friend. She would be really angry not to know about this but she's sick. She might get even more sick being near all the diseases in the hospital but she could get more sick worrying about Riley as well.

I love you. This is an emergency but I don't want to get in trouble for doing anything wrong so I sped towards the hospital but within the speed limit. Mr Matthews' phone suddenly rang. No one would call him unless it's an emergency.

He dropped his phone a few seconds after replying, before picking it up a minute later and screaming into it, scaring us a little. I was about to say something when he put the phone down but was cut off by him saying, "Kids, please do silent reading. I turn to my right, which is Farkle, who has also turned towards me.

I see gears turning in his head, mine starts to turn to. Not here. Family emergency My mind puts two and two together. I took out my phone. Maya would probably know. And like that, we agreed to call Maya during lunch, although I'm not sure if I can wait that long.

I wake up and my head is spinning. I try to get up but there's a terrible pain in my arm and I can't feel one of my legs. My vision clears enough for me to see that what I once thought were lights was actually tongues of fire coming closer towards me. They had already engulfed the opposite side of the exit so I knew I had little time left to escape if I wanted to live.

As I tried to get up, I couldn't move one of my legs and I could only support myself with one of my arms. I started to cough. The smoke from the fire was clouding my vision, making it worse.

I crawled unsteadily out of the train and got what I assume was far away from the train. Then, I was too tired to go on anymore and collapsed once more into the pit of darkness.

Then as if on cue, I hear a soft hoarse voice cry. It sounded like someone calling for help. He nods and we head towards the train.

Along the way, I see a girl collapsed next to it. Her brown hair is matted with blood, her leg was bent at an odd angle and so was her arm. It was also hard not to notice the burns she had all over her body. She stirred for a while and moved a little in my arms but I couldn't help but notice that one of her legs weren't moving.

Then, she went limp. I panicked a little. She was by far, in the worse condition of the whole group. I then see that no one was looking after her.

What was a young girl like her, doing alone on the subway? I know I wouldn't let Polly on the subway alone, and she's sixteen. I then realize that she has a small book bag with her. I ask the medic for the bag and she hands it to me after hooking the poor girl up to an oxygen tank. I rummaged through the slightly burnt bag and found her emergency contacts. I called the first one on the list. As soon as I put the phone down, I returned to my real job of investigating the reason of the train to burst into flames.

The fire was blazing earlier so I couldn't but now, it has been put out so I can investigate it. By now, the girl, and a few other people with mild burns, have been taken to the hospital.

I just pray that they will be alright, no one deserves this to happen to them and no family deserves to feel the pain of it either. I knew something had happened to Riley.

I'm in tears as I quickly, but careful not to make too much noise so I wouldn't wake Maya, pack an overnight bag with her favorite things for her. Once Cory told me about her condition, I knew that she wouldn't be home for a while. I'm not going to tell Maya or else she would beg me that she comes along and will worry to no end, which might make her even more sick so I kiss her forehead, which has cooled down, after I write a note and left it on the table telling her that I have an emergency meeting so I had to leave and that there is some soup that she could easily heat up if she was hungry when she woke up and to call me if she needed anything.

With that, I left the apartment and rushed to the hospital praying that my baby girl would be alright. I arrive at the hospital only to see my baby girl strapped onto a gurney with many tubes surrounding her. Her face is very pale and her beautiful hair is matted.

Some blood has soaked onto the pristine sheets of a cotton pad strapped around her forehead. She looked horrible. No parent should ever be allowed to see their child this way. I'm right here for you. Just as she enters, Topanga arrives. I hug her as tightly as I could, not wanting to let her go. She was connected to so many tubes that it She also looked so small on that gurney. Her hair was matted and Topi, you just wouldn't like what you see. We then just waited outside for news on our baby girl.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. The slight headache I had earlier this morning was gone and I checked my temperature just as I looked at the time on my phone before answering. My temperature was back to normal. Something happened to Riley? See if you can ask the principal or a teacher about Riley. I'll call Mrs. Matthews to see what's going on. Matthews' number. I can hear the nervousness in the usually collected lawyer. Sorry honey, got to go. Break's over.

I knew she was lying. Her voice rose an octave or two higher and she stuttered a little. I then waited at the bay window after freshening myself up a little. Farkle came up a few minutes later and told me to follow him. I grabbed a jacket and went down with him and we got into a taxi where Lucas was already waiting. He turns to Farkle.

Hi guys. No one is probably reading this, but I hope you like it. Right before the car accident, Maya risked her life to save me.

It had started off as a normal day. I was on the train headed to me and my best friend, Maya's favorite store, Demolition. I was sitting on the bench, waiting for my stop while looking through the pictures on my phone.

It happened in slow-motion. The collision. Despite happening in less than a second, it felt like the world had stopped. It was sudden, it was painful, it was deadly. Riley's eyes flickered open, tiny shards of glass imbedded in her skin, and a large gash across her forehead, her lip was busted, and the deflated airbag laid under her, the horn blaring.

Remember send in prompts until May 27 th. And as always Enjoy! Prompt: From gmwfanforlife — Can you do one where there is a car crash with the core four and Riley fights to survive and stay alive? And long please. I opened my eyes to the taste of blood. My heart wasn't pounding in my ears but rather the world was one big blur. And for a moment I couldn't hear anything, and then I heard everything. I heard something rattling, I heard the engine hissing, and I heard something squishy coming from my left. My head felt heavy and when the world finally came into focus I could see I was upside down.

This is my first chapter of my first story that I'm writing. I'm really nervous, and I hope you guys like this chapter. Constructive criticisms is appreciated, but please no hate comments. Feel free to rate and let me know what you guys think of my first chapter.

Gotta new laptop for Christmas so might be updating more regularly.

I'll go home. She was furious at Riley. Just because she straightened out her hair and wore nice clothes that Shawn bought her every now and then didn't mean she was Riley Matthews 2. What Maya didn't see was a red truck.

Authors note: Warning, horrific car crash. Some gore. I do not own anything, not the characters, the prayer Topanga says.

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Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two. Thank you guys for following and favoriting. For those who haven't, please do.

Я из канадского консульства. Я пришел, чтобы убедиться, что с вами все в порядке. Внезапно в гимнастическом зале, превращенном в больничную палату, повисла тишина. Старик внимательно разглядывал подозрительного посетителя. Беккер перешел чуть ли не на шепот: - Я здесь, чтобы узнать, не нужно ли вам чего-нибудь.  - Скажем, принести пару таблеток валиума.

Dec 27, - Matthews, what's going on? Farkle was now getting panicked. "Riley and Maya were in an accident." "What!? Are they okay?" Lucas yelled.

Да, - ответил дружный хор голосов. - Так вот… - Соши шумно вздохнула.  - Похоже, я ошиблась. - Что?! - чуть не подпрыгнул Джабба.  - Мы ищем совсем не .

В этом нет никакого смысла, - размышляла.  - Если он не знал, что мы его убиваем… Ничего не понятно. Слишком поздно.

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Он - лжец. Он вел себя бесчестно по отношению ко многим людям, и Сьюзан Флетчер - одна из. Он очень о многом ей не сказал - о многих вещах, которых теперь стыдился. Она была его иллюзией, его живой фантазией.

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