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Maya was nine months pregnant and expecting in a few days, and Josh was in his office, brainstorming ideas for stories. Josh then heard a scream and he rushed over, only to find that Maya was giving birth a few days earlier than expected. In a moment of panic, he scrambled around for his car keys, only to remember they were in his office. After a quick "Hang in there! Josh carried Maya towards the car and laid her in the back seat.

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Topanga Matthews

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Maya was sleeping soundly in the bed. At this point she was already three days past her due date. Her doctor assured her that it was normal to be off from your due date; the baby would come out when she was fully grown and ready. Normally, Lucas would just go along with what the doctor was saying, but he was so devastated by seeing Maya so uncomfortable all the time that he secretly just wished the baby would come out.

The small blonde was jolted awake by a sudden pain in her stomach. She winced in agony as the pain kept on. She tried rolling every which way into different positions to help ease the tension in her belly, but nothing worked. After less than a minute, the pain stopped. Her breathing steadied as she looked over to her husband, who was still sound asleep. Maya rolled over, trying to find a comfortable position with her belly in the way and fluttered her eyes closed.

Only 9 minutes had passed when the same pain returned. A gasp of pain escaped from Maya's mouth. Her tiny hands clenched into white knuckled fists.

She just hoped the pain would end soon. Like the time before, the ordeal only lasted less than a minute. Once Maya got her head on straight again, she understood what was happening. She reached over and shook Lucas until his head lifted to look at her, wondering if she was ok. She was trying to stay calm but with so many thoughts racing through her head, it was hard to focus on staying calm.

It didn't take Lucas long to process the information from his wife; even with him being half asleep he lifted his body ready to get out of bed. He quickly asked Maya if she was sure. This feels different than the other times! This is it! A couple times within the past couple weeks, Maya and Lucas had made midnight trips to the hospital only to find out Maya was having Braxton Hicks contractions instead.

But now Maya felt something different. The doctor told her she would know when her body was telling her it was the real deal, and that moment was now. Maya eased herself up to sit on the edge of the bed.

She could hear Lucas rummaging in the closet. Maya found herself strangely calm about the whole thing all of a sudden. Her little hand landed on her belly, feeling the baby move around inside. All her emotions seemed to go away and she suddenly felt numb.

She didn't even flinch when Lucas emerged from the closet, dressed and ready to go. He held Maya's hospital bag that had been pack for weeks now in one hand and a sweater and pair of shoes for Maya in the other.

Lucas helped Maya slip on her shoes and called the Uber on his phone, knowing there probably wouldn't be too many cabs in their quiet neighborhood at this hour. He was too high-strung at the moment to notice Maya's blank expression at a time when she should've had a face as anxious as Lucas's. The cab ride was quiet. The only noise was Maya's pained gasps during the 2 contractions she had on the way to the hospital. He tried to remember all the breathing techniques he was taught during their birthing classes and help Maya to do them.

He didn't know if they would really help with the pain, but he could only hope. By the time they arrived at the hospital, Maya's water had broken in the hospital waiting room.

The good news was that dramatic entrance earned Maya a wheelchair right away. She was wheeled into an available room and set up in the bed. Maya hadn't said much the whole ride over. She actually hadn't really said anything since she woke Lucas up. Her husband barely realized this when the nurse left the hospital room, telling Maya the doctor would be in in just a minute to check her progress.

The pregnant blonde gave a small nod before her eye sight went to and stayed on the beige blanket that laid over her bed. Lucas dragged a chair to the side of Maya's bed and sat down, eyeing his wife. It was expected that Maya would be nervous, but even a nervous Maya wasn't like this.

This was something else and Lucas knew it. Lucas's hand inched over to cover Maya's as it laid on top of her belly. For the first time since they arrived at the hospital, she looked at him. He couldn't help but notice her eyes were worried and sad.

Maya if something's wrong you have to tell me! Just tell me what I can do. Well, as comfortable as she could be. He just needed her to talk to him. As she was about to respond, Maya was hit with another contraction. Her hand suddenly clutched onto his, putting more pressure on it than Lucas knew she was capable of. Lucas counted her breathing out loud, helping in the only way he knew how. In the cab ride over, he figured out the contractions lasted about 45 seconds, so he timed it for her now.

Right at 45 seconds, the pain ceased and Maya let out relieved breaths. Her husband's hand went up to stroke her hair. This always seemed to calm her down, though Lucas never understood why. I'm not strong enough to do this," she cried.

Tears ran out of her blue eyes like an ocean. It broke Lucas's heart. She was scared, he could see that. Fear ran through his body, too. All the thoughts that ran through his head making him scared to be a dad to an actual human being were weighing heavily on him from the moment Maya told him she was pregnant. Even with all of that going on inside him, he knew it was nothing compared to what Maya was going through right now. She had the same fears and nerves he did when it came to being a parent.

Right now hers fears were doubled by being the one who had to give birth. She was terrified. Sniffling, Maya nodded. This baby is coming out and when she does, you're going to be a mommy. But she knew it had to be painful. She kept having this fear re-enter her head that she wouldn't be able to do it and she would fail the baby. Lucas would be disappointed in her. But his hand was in hers. She felt a comfort shoot through her fingers and into her veins. Right as his words left his mouth, the door burst open and Riley ran in.

Still clad in her flannel pajamas, her hair disheveled into a ponytail on the top of her head, Riley made her way to Maya's other side. Lucas knew Riley wouldn't want to miss the birth of the baby. He also knew Maya wouldn't want to have this moment without Riley.

In between contractions in the cab ride to the hospital, Lucas texted Riley that it was time. Since about a week before Maya's due date, the brunette had begun to leave her phone on loud at night, just to be ready when the baby was on its way.

A very exhausted looking Farkle came trudging into the room after her, settling on standing right at the end of the bed. Riley sat down on the side of the bed, taking Maya's free hand in hers. You're body knows what to do alright? Especially during Maya's whole pregnancy, Riley was bouncing off the walls with nervousness and excitement. She had made it to the hospital before when it turned out to only be Braxton Hicks contractions and every time she was wired.

This was a different Riley. Lucas could only guess that she saw the distress in Maya's eyes; she couldn't be anxious or overly hyped now. For Maya, she would calm down and try to keep her calm back. He felt pressure on his hand as Maya squeezed. The doctor soon came in and checked Maya out.

Her tiny hands never let go of either her husband's or best friend's as the doctor did the examination. Unfortunately, Maya was only 3 centimeters dilated out of the 10 centimeters she needed to be in order to be ready to push.

With a sigh, Maya slumped back into her bed. The doctor left the room, telling all of them to prepare for the wait.

Story Author Community Forum. Maya Hart doesn't talk to her father. Hardly talks to her mom.

Hello, my fellow readers. Well, this is it.

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GMW — Girl Meets New Years Fanfic

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's the week before summer break and Maya Hart feels left behind because all of her friends are in a romantical relationship with someone and kinda segregate her. On top of that her feelings for a certain Uncle Boing, she has ignored for a few years, find its way back to the surface, stronger than before. What happens, if the two of them meet each other at a college party, drunk and vulnerable? Will Josh finally admit his feelings? Or will Maya finally let go of hers? Can Maya figure out this huge mess with her friends?

Is riley from girl meets world dating lucas

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The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher.

Closing the door, Cory sighed with a long yawn. It had been a crazy few hours, and all he wanted to do was pull back the bed sheets and wrap himself up in them like a mummy. But, the apartment was a mess, and his pregnant wife was trying to pick up the debris of the night by herself.

Girl meets world fanfiction maya and zay dating

Maya was sleeping soundly in the bed. At this point she was already three days past her due date. Her doctor assured her that it was normal to be off from your due date; the baby would come out when she was fully grown and ready. Normally, Lucas would just go along with what the doctor was saying, but he was so devastated by seeing Maya so uncomfortable all the time that he secretly just wished the baby would come out.

Tagged: riley are dating, now, since: maya, and maya. Sequel to play his seat with riley and lucas and riley and ship! Christmas, who just wants to date. He had an upset look on let's go up at the schools most popular girl meets world with affection. Why does.

Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World fanfic

Lucaya centric, but includes other ships. No hate except for Charlie hate. Tried to keep in character but sacrificed being in character for angst. Lucas and Maya find out. Something was wrong, Maya thought. The way they were standing and the expressions on their faces. Farkle upright and alert, glancing nervously at both Riley and Charlie. Charlie, angry and tense, eyes boring in on Riley.

YOU ARE READING. The story of my life (a girl meets world fanfic). Fanfiction. Maya's world isn't going as she planned. She's not doing well in school, her dad.

What happens when Maya finds out that Kenzie has a cute older brother? A simple FaceTime call leads to something so much more. The story is set 10 years after High School Graduation. Maya is 27, Lucas is 28, Riley is 26, and Farkle is also

Captain Swan Fan — Lucaya FanFiction

There was laughter and a few groans at the awful pun when Riley got through with the story. The only ones of us who could even hope to keep up with you when you dance are these two. Her coordination really had improved after working with Coach Kelly and the squad the previous year. Her innate lack of grace was still kind of an issue, but she did alright.

She then concentrated fully on her legal studies at NYU. Upon graduation, and passing the New York Bar Exam, she joined the firm, and has risen to the position of junior partner. She and Cory invested in the neighborhood bakery to preserve it for the founder, Mrs. After her partner's death, she honored Mrs.

The series' main characters were the lovably awkward Cory Matthews, the bad boy with a heart of gold Shawn Hunter, and the flower child perfectionist Topanga Lawrence. But beyond this central trio, the series was populated with colorful and iconic characters, like Cory's brother Eric, Shawn's brother Jack, and the beloved teacher Mr.

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