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Friend with benefits poem

This spoken word performance dissects the route causes and feelings a woman goes through in an unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship. He hit me with the forehead kiss and told me that life was a journey and he was ready to explore this shit. And I was pissed. Like I said, I was his friend, not his wife.


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Friends With Benefits...?

Prev Poem. Next Poem. I just want you to know that this feeling that your having is something that you can't help but you must know this, if you just keep blowing off your feelings your chance for happiness will Read complete story. I hear your problems, I will wipe away a tear. I love you with all my heart, And that is my biggest fear. I can't get you out of my head; You're always around, Everywhere I look, In the sky and on the ground.

You are there when I am about to sleep, And all throughout the night. You are there when I wake. You never leave my sight. You are always on my mind, And you have captured my heart. I am in love with you And don't ever want to be apart. However, I am playing a game, That I cannot possibly win, As you are my best friend, And feeling for you is like a sin.

It's a game of love roulette, And the gun is fully loaded. As loving a best friend is friendship suicide, So I'll make sure it's noted. I do this every time, It is nothing new. I have ruined things once again All because I have fallen for you. Just Friends By Olivia. I'm Sorry By M-Dog. Hidden Love By Alexus Brinkley. Love Struck By Martina. I have known him for a few months, almost close to a year. We get along pretty well; it's amazing.

We talk about everything and anything. A day does not pass without us communicating. We have become part of each other's lives. He told me before that he's not ready for a relationship. H doesn't know that I really like him. Every time I get the courage to tell him how I really feel, I get scared. I don't want to lose our friendship.

I don't know what to do. I have this friend and we've been friends for a while. We are friends with benefits. I told him I liked him over texts, but he says, "You know this is just a friends with benefits type of deal.

To be honest, I think I'm falling in love with him, and Tuesday is my mom's birthday. She died going on 9 months ago, but he doesn't know it because I didn't tell him, but to be honest I want to tell him. I like him. I love him that I need him, but I don't want to lose him. I know I should tell him and that I shouldn't keep it in and keep hurting like this.

To keep him by my side I'll do anything, anything at all, anything he tells me to. I have a guy best friend. We became friends because he is my seatmate so we chat and chat. I told him about my crush and then he kept on saying that I should forget him. So a few months we got closer and we became inseparable and whenever I am talking to some other guy he would drag me away or tell me that he wanted to tell me something.

As we became closer, little did I know that I was starting to fall in love with him. I kept on denying that I like him. So right now, I am starting to ignore him and go to some other places whenever the classes are starting. I wonder if he's noticed it.

Because the day I realized that I am falling for him is the day when he couldn't get out in my mind. I met my best friend in school. At that time, we just trying to know each other, not knowing she was already falling for me. I did not notice it. Then we became very close and inseparable but not dating.

She went into a relationship with another guy, because she thought I might not have the same feelings she had for me, but few months later I discovered that I couldn't do without her. I sleep with her in my thoughts and wake up still thinking about her.

I have told her several times that am in love with her, but it's too late because she is already madly in love with her boyfriend, and now she can't see me as more than a friend.

What should I do, because am deeply in love with my friend? I've know this man for a very long time around 30 years. We became inseparable for about a year and a half back in A year and a half went by and I lost my best friend to the woman he married. I also went and got married.

Twelve years went with only seeing him 2 times. We are both divorced now. He has come back in to my life, and I'm really happy. He's told me he loves me, and he has said he values our friendship. The other day I took him his late Christmas gifts and he loved them and said he would treasure them forever. Then he kissed me on the lips?!!?!

Then a little bit later we were leaving. I said I'm chilly and he grabbed me and held and rubbed my back until I was warm. Then it happened again, but this time was very different. He is my best friend. We have a connection unlike any other friend we have!

We are definitely soulmates. I'm in love with my best friend but he's moving off to college which is 8 states away in less than two weeks. In the past month we've been hinting to each other that we have feelings but I'm terrified that I'll hold him back from experiencing life.

He's the one, but I messed up every other relationship and I don't want to risk hurting him. I know how you feel. I had a failed marriage of 5 years and am currently in a relationship that is failing after 3 years. I have known my best friend for 22 years, and he has always been there for me.

I know I love him, but I am so scared to tell him. I do not want to lose him. He recently told me, about a month ago, that he does care about me and does like me as more than a friend but is scared to mess up the friendship.

I am now left wondering should I just be honest with him and tell him that I have the same feelings. I did the unthinkable. Something I constantly told myself not to do when we first met.

We met on Facebook because of mutual friends. I added her because I thought she was cute. At the time I had just gotten out of a relationship.

My heart was broken so I vowed not to try to talk to her in that way. A few months passed and we started getting closer and closer. She became my best friend. We told each other everything. I never thought that I had liked her in that way. When she got into relationships or was just flirting with other females I got bothered.

I became jealous. That's when I knew I was screwed. The day came when I finally met her and it was perfect. I cried when I saw her and was hugging her.

It was an overdue hug.

A Friend With Benefits

How foolish she was How foolish she was, thinking that she would not fall in love. Report Reply.

Add to list. My friend with benefits When I think about you I get a funny feeling inside and out pops the smile I try to hide.

Sometimes a relationship may start out romantic and turn into an ordinary friendship. However, an ordinary friendship is nothing to scoff at. A relationship between a boy and girl that is platonic can be very valuable. You may be able to share things with each other that you cannot share with anyone else.

A Powerful Spoken-Word Poem Compares Anxiety To A Friend-With-Benefits

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. See also fwb poems fwb collections. Shannon Delaney Apr Continue reading Mito Nov But yeah, i used to have someone who was my friend? We agreed to be friends with benefits but, i caught feelings for her.

Just Friends Poems

Prev Poem. Next Poem. I just want you to know that this feeling that your having is something that you can't help but you must know this, if you just keep blowing off your feelings your chance for happiness will Read complete story. I hear your problems, I will wipe away a tear.

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After several failed relationship attempts, I found refuge in chilling with a friend. We got lost in button taps on Xbox We played games of yellow and blue, single letter taps Pulled triggers to execute heavy punches and swiveled sticks to avoid TKO. And Instant replayed every time we proved we could win. We rested in picking new fighters, cracked knuckles before picking back up the joy sticks.

Friends with Benefits – A black woman’s ode to anxiety

Skip navigation! Story from Wellness. Jae Nichelle has a special relationship with her anxiety — one the spoken word poet describes as "a friends-with-benefits relationship" in a performance now going viral on Twitter. What she describes in the rest of the poem, though, doesn't sound like a supportive or healthy FWB situation, but instead a toxic relationship.

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Friends-with-benefits Poems - Poems For Friends-with-benefits

Don't have an account? Register Here! I know we're not going out, just benefitted friends, But still I always wonder why good things always end. Whenever I see you, its just physical attraction, The only thing I see in your eyes is a sexual reaction. You say we're friends, with benefits on the side, Yet seems we get together, then continue to hide You hide from my friendship until you feel like being found.

Love Poems - Theres No Such Thing as Friends With Benefits by angel hord. Friends with benefits What benefits Just another phrase For two dip shits Its never.

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Fallen For You

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