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View waymark gallery. Guy Lombardo. Quick Description: Final resting place for Guy Lombardo. Located at Pinelawn Memorial Park. Farmingdale, New York.

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Column: Chicago Outfit boss Joey ‘the Clown’ Lombardo and St. Dismas, the ‘Good Thief’

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Welcome to another Woodland Cemetery blog post! Want to find the stone? Face the middle mausoleum-in-the-wall near Section R and turn around. Walk forward down the path until you see a sign for Section R. Approach the grey granite stone for the Rowland family to your right. Look to your left and walk up to the Footitt memorial.

Head straight ahead from here until you see a tall, grey stone with a large sphere for the Hayman family to your right. Ida was born on June 26, to her parents George and Caroline Laing. Their family in that census consists of George, Caroline, Florence, and Kennedy Margaret, who is listed as their house servant.

Ida is missing from this census; she was most likely born after the enumerator came around to ask about the Laing family. The only record that we could find was her birth certificate. The Laing family has grown by the time the census is taken: George and Caroline, now 40 and 41 respectively, have brought four more children into the world.

Oswald Morley Laing was born on July 28, , which was a few months before Ida died. Charles passed away just 9 months later in February and was buried near Ida that same month.

Deaths were only recorded in the census if they had taken place within the last 12 months — more on this in an upcoming blog post.

The census adds Mabel Elizabeth Laing to the household as she was born on July 30, This census also has a new enumerator and his handwriting is much easier to read than the previous two.

But in the 10 years between this census and the next in , the Laing family leaves London for good. The Laing family moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba between and The census lists George as 61, Caroline as 60, and George Stanley as All the censuses in those areas list their respective Laing family member. All except for Edith are buried in the cities they lived in.

Edith will be buried next to her young siblings in Woodland when she passes away on November 24, George Stanley deviated from his siblings and remained in Winnipeg. He lists his occupation as a chartered accountant on his attestation papers. He returns to Winnipeg after being wounded in Passchendaele in He is currently buried in St.

The reason why only three of the ten Laings are buried at Woodland is unknown. The Laing family had room for everyone in their plot, but only Ida, Charles, and Edith are buried there. Census records and the occasional birth certificate allow us to trace general movements through time and space. These kinds of records do, however, leave out all the stories that take place along the way. But with the help of Ancestry. William Maurice Bucke and the compassionate care he was known for at the London Asylum for the Insane in the late s.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading! Among them is a man named Lem Wong. As a teenager Lem first traveled to Vancouver with his uncle on board a sailing ship. Like many Chinese immigrants he found work in laundries. During his time in Nova Scotia Lem participated in biking tournaments for fun and for prize money.

Between his biking winning and his work he made enough money to return to China. Lem was on his way home to an arranged marriage when he met a women named Toye Chin. The two fell in love and Lem backed out of his arranged marriage despite great social pressure from his family.

Lem would return to Canada alone and spend the next few years trying to start a successful business so Toye could enter the country. This was during the Chinese immigration act which required all Chinese immigrants to pay a head tax before, thus limiting Chinese immigration all together in To encourage only working men to emigrate the head tax for women was double that of men.

The wives of merchants were the only exception to this rule. Lem and Toye became the first Chinese couple to start a family in the London. The restaurant flourished into a mainstay of the downtown known for its excellent food, service and music.

The restaurant was the first to introduce supper music and Saturday night dancing. Wong also used the restaurant as a community meeting place. In the London Chinese community held a victory parade in solidarity with China to celebrate the Japanese surrender. Lem was quick to offer his restaurant as the venue for the ceremonial dinner. During the great depression Lem partnered with the Salvation Army to organize a free Christmas dinner and clothing donation drive for the homeless and disenfranchised citizens of London.

Lem Wong was never a rich man, but he was a facet of the downtown for years. We had a nice, comfortable house on Gerrard Street in Old South and friends and everything. Anyhow, I had to sort of leave that and move on. Meagan and I have been hard at work entering data, but we managed to sneak away to the heart of Old South to get you this story. We were tipped off earlier in the summer that a woman who lived in the old house in the front of the cemetery would like to talk to us about her life and tell us some cemetery stories.

We rushed to meet Marjorie once we had time. She welcomed us into her home and told us about life in our cemetery. Now imagine switching schools and moving into a cemetery at the same time. Marjorie was nervous to let anyone know where she lived. She had a few tricks up her sleeve to keep her cemetery house from friends and teachers. Sometimes Woodland Lodge, but never Woodland Cemetery. Teachers would often question her about what the Lodge was until she admitted that it was really a cemetery.

She was so secretive because living in a cemetery could take a toll on her social standing. The girls particularly in high school could be devastating. But you grow out of that. We even used that building as our office space until the current red brick building was built in But Marjorie recalls a house that was there before either of those buildings existed. This current house was constructed for Arthur and his family once he took over as the cemetery manager. It looked and felt less creepy than the old house.

It was much bigger than the one that we lived in. And we each had our own bedroom which was good. And they loved coming out after church and just hanging around. One fellow had a car but the rest of us just biked all over the place. Now they have all those solar lights out there, but then there was nothing. Well, except brothers in sheets. Marjorie notes that her brothers scared her just that first time. Every time after that one was just annoying.

The cemetery grew on Marjorie over time despite the pranks and the secrecy at school. My sister and I would roam all over the place and check things out. You get back from summer holidays in grade school, and your teachers make you write about what you did over the summer holidays. Brienna filling out a form for little Billie. Originally, we thought they were one stone…maybe a ledger that had cracked in several places or something, but when we took the sod off the stones we realized it was two different stones from the s!

Another one to lay down in screening! And finally, while we tried to get that out, we realized it was in more cement! We never knew what to expect with this stone! Robyn: OhhhHHhh there are so many to chose from!

They all contain substances that leech into the stone and cause internal damage when they get wet…the particles expand, crack the stone, and eventually ruin the inscriptions. Please just take pictures, make notes, and lightly feel the stone with your finger tips to determine letters! This is for many reasons.

Firstly, you could scratch the monument with what you are using to probe the ground. What if the burial is shallow? Or what if that plot is still in use? Please just ask the staff inside, they will be happy to assist you. Brienna: Watching a deer give birth! Even though it was a stillbirth and sad, we learned a lot. We found the deer sitting, with a pink sack next to her. This looked super gruesome, as bits of the sack and blood dripped from her mouth.

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Welcome to another Woodland Cemetery blog post! Want to find the stone? Face the middle mausoleum-in-the-wall near Section R and turn around.

Orchestra Leader. The band was a tightly knit group created around the brothers, Guy, Carmen and Lebert and later joined by younger brother Victor. There family numbered seven in all and their father was a musically minded tailor who encouraged them in learning to play a musical instrument.

TEC5 U. Army Master Sergeant U. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request. An email has been sent to the person who requested the photo informing them that you have fulfilled their request. Drag images here or select from your computer for Samuel Guy Lombardo memorial.

Kenny Gardner

He was a vocalist and composer. Lombardo was born in London, Ontario , Canada. As a child, he took flute lessons, and later learned to play saxophone. Lombardo's compositions included the classic "Sweethearts on Parade", which was number one for three weeks in on the U. In , Carmen Lombardo was the vocalist of the hit record, Charmaine , performed by the Guy Lombardo Orchestra. As a young man played in the Lombardo Brothers Concert Company with Guy on violin and another brother, Lebert, on trumpet or piano. Many of his compositions have also been used in Woody Allen films. When singing songs like "Alone at a Table for Two" he would allow his voice to tremble, and seem nearly to break into tears- he was caricatured in Warner Brothers cartoons as "Cryman" Lombardo. Lombardo died of cancer in Miami in , aged

Samuel Guy Lombardo

Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. Lombardo was born in London, Ontario , Canada. She and Lombardo had been victims of a theft in Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video!

Canadian-American bandleader. Gaetano Alberto Lombardo.

Return to "Back Over There" Home. Please be patient. Once loaded, it is lightning fast for searches.

Greenfield Cemetery

Who is this? Please keep the Matheson Family in your thoughts and prayers as the doctors treat Chris for his condition. It becomes my sad duty to report the passing of Corbit Mason, Class of '60, on Saturday, April 11, at his home after a brief illness.


It was raining. Some of the old-timers are still around. And a few younger ones dream about restarting this thing of theirs. But the FBI and the U. Yet for most of the 20th century, the Outfit ruled Chicago and shaped the city you see today.

Carmen Lombardo

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visit to the graves of Count Basie, Guy Lombardo, Tommy Dorsey, and Duke. Saved from Big Band Greats Gravesites. visit to the graves of Count.

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