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Find a godly wife

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How To Find A Godly Man In A Godless World

I would love to see all of you who are godly and single, who want to marry, find a spouse! I want to thank The Transformed Wife and also all the previous commenters to her article here. However, this article near perfectly describes the man I want to be and the woman I want to marry.

I work as an aircraft mechanic in the military and am pursing a bachelors in engineering. I recently bought my first home and have always been pretty frugal. I enjoy serving wherever I can and love how God has given me a servant heart. My first priority is my relationship with Jesus, second is my future family and helping my parents back home when I can , and third is my work and being a good provider for my future family. The part I find most discouraging, however, is the lack of women who are this way.

Every woman near my age, that I see, is going to college and usually working as well. Also, my only romantic relationship was with someone who was very much a career-oriented feminist. I understand many woman lack the security of prospective husbands.

Most men my age are somewhat equally influenced by the feminist culture even in the church. Could I even know before pursing a relationship with her? I guess it simply has to do with her priorities.

On a first date, I could ask if she would rather have a future career or future family as her priority. Proverbs Hope he finds a good woman, but its unlikely. How is it that he cant find a lady at his church? I see this all the time Christian people marrying outside the faith. Which is forbidden. Churches are not producing Godly women anymore. Now this young man is out in the world trying to find a help meet. I feel this man may give in and marry the wrong woman, then his life is over.

In our little Sunday morning fellowship, one young man met his wife in Canada same church. Why are most churches failing in this? Mormons do a much better job at this than Christians do. They have many gatherings of the young people for them to mingle and meet each other. It seems to be the best way. How else are we to find good partners who share the same beliefs we do? There is no shortage of Catholics finding like-minded Catholics to marry. Perhaps churches need to take a page out of their book in this respect.

Rich — As far as my church, we have a fairly small group with few women near my age. My pastor and other men do what they can to offer guidance and I am grateful. I made a comment on a Christian blog site. The first requirement of any potential future wife is that she is a believer. I myself have a bachelors but it was paid for partially by scholarships and the rest by my parents.

All glory to God! I find many of my girlfriends would love to be a stay at home mom but can not due to huge college loan debts. My son was born two weeks after I graduated and I started a masters program within a year.

I was miserable and decided within the first month I just wanted to be home with my child. Even though I was formulate enough to have a loving mother who was caring for him while I was off at school or work, I wanted to be the one raising him! It tore my heart apart that I was missing so much time with him and my husband and I were both super stressed trying to do t all. I was constantly upset with my husband for not picking up all of my slack at home because I was hardly ever there to do it myself.

But my husband also had a demanding job in finance and was coming home late and tired every day. It was a recipe for disaster! We lived in a sweet little square foot house and I was more than happy with a simple lifestyle if it meant I could be home and that all of the extra stress I was putting on myself and my husband would be lifted off of both of us.

I had to deeply apologize to my husband for all of the nagging I did towards him before coming home full time. As soon as we made that decision I decided that all of the cleaning and cooking was officially my job and that I wanted our home to be a haven for him to come home to. Praise be to God! Eventually we started fostering and adopted and when the kids were school aged I started homeschooling with my husbands full support and approval.

I absolutely, hands down love our lifestyle. Now I listen with sadness to my young female family members and friends who are stressed to the max trying to be Wonder Woman and do it all because I was right here with them only 6 years ago. With Gods grace my family was spared from the rat race. I pursued an education related degree speech pathology and planned to work with kids so this could possibly be an insight to her heart for children.

I know many school teachers who desperately wanted to be home with their kids and are now homeschooling. Also, look for a girl who is not materialistic this should be easy to spot! How does she dress looking for modesty here , does she talk a lot about shopping or having expensive things…? Are there any churches in his area that are known to have a lot of homeschooling families?

Once I started homeschooling I found that there were actually several churches in my area that had many homeschooling families in them. I find a lot of homeschoolers raise girls who want this lifestyle. So a church with lots of homeschoolers may produce some good fruit for this guy.

My only daughter is only three but I often wonder if my children boys and girls will struggle finding partners who support this lifestyle. For example, I have been reading this blog for years and years, I also listen to YouTube vlogs by Jane Farrer and John MacArthur while cleaning or cooking, and I also really enjoy gigisphotography blog.

I was raised in a very feminist home and needed help. I sought out these kinds of influences to help me. But there are equally, if not more, Christian teachers who are preaching the absolute opposite to this. That could give you a lot of insight as well! We have 12 children left to get married! Our oldest married a wonderful Christian girl. They are out there! I say if God can part the Red Sea, He can find one a good and godly spouse!

The very fact that a blog like this still has hundreds- is it thousands? As a guy myself finding a godly woman who really lives out biblical womanhood is rare these days. Even women in the church have been heavy indoctrinated by feminism. Best advice is to keep praying and looking, they are out there but few compared to old days. I am 28 years old and bought into the feminist lie before I was saved and culturally it is a very strong and pervasive message.

I come across like I would be a hardcore feminist, I have this disposition about me,I am tall and speak quite better of factly. People make this mistake and when they realise my views, they are quite surprised. I would advise to follow the biblical guidelines regarding modesty and how they spend their time.

But dont judge purely by outward appearance, as happens to me. I would love to message him! Or him message me, haha, men lead! I pray every day for a husband I can submit to and obey, love and serve well, and someone that wants to be very fruitful and multiply a lot! Singleness is a trial. Praying for this man and praying more women would become how the Lord has taught!

Thanks for sharing, Lori! The Bible instructs the older women happily married, raised a family, managed a large, happy home to teach the younger women. You have to have actually done this, and done it well, to be able to teach it. I was simply asking how she does it if she has no experience of it?

But it seems I misunderstood you. My bad. I agree with you, KAK. However, she sounds like a woman of God, and will be a wonderful wife and mother when the Lord provides. Perhaps her channel is geared towards observations and preparing for these roles. We should check out her channel and be an encouragement to her in her time of waiting.

I recently read an article expressing the importance of seeking advice from parents who have raised children, not primarily from others in our current parenting stage. I agree. They are the ones with the wisdom and experience. And yes, seek out older women who have raised godly children for advice!

Traits of a Godly Wife

As a pastor, over the years I had my fair share of people approach me to find out if we were a "courtship" church or a "dating" church. The people invariably would tell me that their approach was "the biblical way. I eventually become leery of such claims given that the Bible does not say much about how to find a wife, or does it? Perhaps you've seen this list floating around the world-wide-web, but it's worth reviewing because it makes a very important point. So here it is, 16 ways to find a wife according to the Bible:.

Abraham was now old and well advanced in years, and the LORD had blessed him in every way. I want you to swear by the LORD, the God of heaven and the God of earth, that you will not get a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I am living, but will go to my country and my own relatives and get a wife for my son Isaac. Shall I then take your son back to the country you came from?

It can be lonely watching other men and women embracing one another, holding hands and flirting. It is a natural feeling to want those kinds of things, and when we are single it can get lonely. This is why it is crucial that we take marriage to God in prayer before and during our time searching for a mate. It is crucial that we take marriage to God in prayer before and during our time searching for a mate.

15. Finding a Godly Mate (Genesis 24)

I am writing this post for him and myriads of other young men like him—young, single men that I have conversations with almost daily about life and relationships. I know that God does not call every man to marriage, but for the many that he does, it is a good thing that they find a godly wife. Outside of salvation in Jesus Christ, a godly wife brings more joy and happiness to a man than anything else on earth. She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. What man does not want to find that? A woman that he can trust with every ounce of his being. But where does a man begin if he wants to find a woman like that? Where does he start to begin the search for a woman of such value? By no means is this list exhaustive, nor or these necessarily in order of importance, although the first one is.

The Transformed Wife

I would love to see all of you who are godly and single, who want to marry, find a spouse! I want to thank The Transformed Wife and also all the previous commenters to her article here. However, this article near perfectly describes the man I want to be and the woman I want to marry. I work as an aircraft mechanic in the military and am pursing a bachelors in engineering.

Why would any husband adore a lazy, messy, addlebrained wife? She never cooks a meal.

When I look at my husband, I see kindness, humility and love. If I had to narrow down the interminable amount of words that would so adeptly describe the man I love with all my heart, these are the three I would pick. He is kindness.

25. How to Find a Godly Wife (Genesis 24:1-67)

Does the Bible teach this? How to find your specifically created partner is the issue and many people go astray in this stage of life. Because every person needs a partner at some point in life, the world has provided its ways of finding a husband or wife. The world, Satan, is a snare to Christians and many have fallen to its deception.

What does the Bible say about? He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Delight yourself in the Lord , and he will give you the desires of your heart. An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.

10 Point Godly Spouse Checklist for Women

The Holy Bible tells you how to find a godly spouse so that you may find the mate you desire. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? For you are the temple of the living God. I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?

“You are not ready to choose a wife until you know what you're lacking and what you need to be choosing,” he says. “When you find someone, because that.

The Christian church has a surplus of two things: Beautiful, godly women and year-old boys with beards. As a result, we are witnessing church-wide extended adolescence, the general acceptance of mid-life singleness, and a silent increase of pornography use. Now before I start, this article is going to upset three groups of Christian readers. First, the immature men. In a culture being overtaken by an ungodly form of feminism, men are increasingly feeling intimidated.

10 Steps to Find a Godly Woman

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How to Find Husband or Wife God’s way

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