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Best looking female djs

Of all the most exciting phenomena in the entertainment world, the rise and rise of female DJs has to be the highlight of the story. With a worldwide presence and huge fan-base, female DJs are slowly creeping up in the male dominated industry. Once a female DJ steps up, the crowd will dance. Talent notwithstanding, a strong social media presence, international recognition, and super sexy looks are the combinations that make females in the industry a force to reckon. Lisa Kensington does not mix business with pleasure when it comes to DJing.

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6 Female DJs from Europe Who Are Killing It Right Now

Explore the entire list and treat yourself to some great music from rising female artists! Nervo 2. Alison Wonderland 3. MATTN 4. Nina Kraviz 5. Mariana BO 6. Miss K8 7. Krewella 8. Peggy Gou 9. Juicy M Check out the entire list here and share it with your friends now! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Not allowing myself to be ruled by social norms, my way of living is an expression of my joy rather than the pursuit of happiness. Venturing into volunteering activities full time, I take time to write about things dear to me - which includes dance music!

My passion for dance music started at the age of 15 which propelled me to host parties and promote dance music events!

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Check out 2015 world sexiest and coolest female DJs

There was a time when female DJs were few and far between. Back when Spinderella and Jazzy Joyce were some of the few names that came to mind when thinking about bonafide female mix masters. While times have definitely changed, the rampant sexism in music means some of the industry's most exciting DJs and producers aren't getting their platform. Just today 45 music festivals pledged to ensure their lineups gender balanced Meet downtown's sweetheart Vashtie Kola.

From seasoned veterans to rising stars, here are 25 female artists you can't afford to be clueless about. Her envelope-pushing blend of techno and experimental electronica has earned her prestigious residencies across the globe. Francesca Lombardo cut her teeth in London clubs under the name Jackie Misfit.

The moment you walk into a party or a nightclub, it is the music that takes you by surprise. It defines the theme of the party. The beats either turn you on or energizes the mood at the party. But, what gives the party an extra zing is when the DJ is no ordinary person but someone who is well dressed and looks incredibly stunning and hot.

The 15 HOTTEST Female DJs in the UK right now!

Novalja, Croatia. Upminster, United Kingdom. London, United Kingdom. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Daresbury, United Kingdom. Paris, France. Maidstone, United Kingdom. It's hard to ignore how male-dominated the electronic music scene still is, but that doesn't mean there is a shortage of powerful ladies making their name behind the turntables and flying the female flag.

Top 10 Hottest Female DJ’s in the World

Explore the entire list and treat yourself to some great music from rising female artists! Nervo 2. Alison Wonderland 3. MATTN 4.

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These 15 are the hottest — in so many ways — of UK talent right now and they are the absolute best reasons to head out for the night or even pick up the skills yourself. Flava D. Flava D is one of grimes biggest female producers. Not only is she skilled in the art of producing she is also a member of Eskibeat and A List.

These Were The Top Female DJs Of 2019 [LIST]

Most nightclubs and music festivals have live DJs and lots of people who love music. Often times there are many attractive people at these events, but sometimes the DJ ends up being the hottest person in the room. It is becoming more common to see or hear a female DJ, and ladies can provide a different type of environment than traditional male DJs do. Some of the Hottest Female DJs on this list have also been models and use their sex appeal to get noticed, while others are just serious about playing good music and happen to get noticed because of their good looks as well.

DJs are taken as the soul of the parties. Without them the parties look dry and boring. These days the DJs are much advanced in their work. Here are the top 10 the hottest female DJs of They belong to the different states of the world.

TOP 10: Female DJs

With more than a million listeners tuned into her Friday night show at any given time, this lady of sound is killing it as both a prolific DJ, presenter and stalwart of UK dance music. A strong current of house music runs though her own productions, although she is known for her versatility, energy and creativity that opens her to experiment with more bass-heavy and dubstep sounds. Russian-born DJ, singer, and producer Nina Kraviz is a a force to be reckoned with. Her DJ sets are deep, dark and pulsating, and she also happens to own her own record label. She is passionate about imperfect sounds, putting out raw tech-house and acid house, and mixes the strange and the unclear to create music with character. Sarah is part of the Through My Speakers family, continuing to play big events and clubs in Germany and abroad, and has also appeared on Boiler Room three times already. Cologne-based DJ and producer Lena Willikens has been kicking up a fuss with her innovative, fresh and devastatingly cool approach to sound.

Top 10 Hottest Female DJ's in the World. By. Abayomi Jegede. -. May 4, 2.

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