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A virgo woman hurt

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Virgo women, especially younger women, have a tendency to be attracted to these 3 male zodiac signs: Scorpios, Taurus, and Leos. From what I can tell from my own personal experience, virgo women do have the tendency to be quite virginal and innocent. They have an inner naivety and innocence that they guard with a very masculine front. Many virgo women are true romantics at heart, and often wish that they could only allow themselves to feel soft. They crave sexual polarity, but their partners will not always be willing to work towards unlocking their feminine side. Their partners might sense her need to nurture and give, and walk all over her.

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How To Hurt A Virgo Woman

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Virgo Woman. April 03, Please note: this information has been collected from various astrology sites. Here through Google or some other search engine? I hope you find this post informative, I would like to add that this post is made up of content taken from different astrology sites only because I am a Virgo Woman. Surf through rest of "Straight From The Heart" and you will know that this site is more than just information about virgo woman.

I am sure, it will be worth it :. One thing you need to know about a Virgo woman - she has guts and lots of them! It doesn't mean that she is not as shy and as reserved as she seems to be. It's just that she can do anything and everything for the people she loves. By love, she mean real love, no other type of love exists for her. A Virgo female is a complete woman! She has all the charms and tricks that any other female has, but she is not weak. In fact, she has quite a determination and can do anything if she sets her mind to it.

She will be completely devoted and loyal to you in a relationship. Still, if it doesn't seems to be working, she will severe all the ties and become as cold as the North Pole. Virgo women's characteristics profile is an odd mix of emotions and practicality, romance and common sense.

When they fall in love, they show such extreme passion and intensity that only few other women can. Making them fall in love is, however, an entirely different task.

They will demand total perfection from you, even though they may fall short in that arena. It's better to get used to their critical nature. A Virgo girl believes that she is extremely efficient and organized and what is more annoying is that she is right.

She is a stickler for time and it is better not to be late when you are meeting her. She will not break the new, expensive vase when she is upset, but she can be very demanding and fussy. If the fault is yours, admit that you are wrong and say it while handing her the flowers. Don't even try to argue, or she will lose her temper again. It is better to leave her alone for some time and she will cool again. On the other hand, a Virgo woman will find it very hard to accept that she is wrong.

The fact is, most of the time she's not. When you are courting her as well as after you get married, it is advisable to mind your manners. She cannot tolerate someone using abusive language, coming late, dressing sloppily, not minding table manners, etc.

It's better to brush up your vocabulary too. She will not cling to you, nor will she become totally aloof. She is also very good with finances and extravagance is not one of her personality traits. A Virgo female cannot stand public displays of affection and it is better to be subtle in this area.

Her taste is very good and her intellect quite developed. If you are trying to woo her, take her to places like theatre, art gallery, etc. Just like a typical Virgo, she is prone to worrying about things too much and she will do your part of the job too. She is very much attached to the ground and prefers to live in the real world. You let a Virgo female do her part of making things seem just perfect and she will keep you entertained with all her feminine charms.

She is very sensitive and her feelings are pretty fragile, but she will become exceedingly strong when you need her support. With kids, she will be very considerate and you will never see them running around in their underclothes.

She will be gentle, but firm and will demand complete discipline from them. Even though a Virgo woman is very critical, she will not take criticism very nicely. It never works the other way round for her. The reason for this is that she is as aware of her own imperfections as she is of yours. So, she doesn't need you to remind her of her own shortcomings every now and then. Instead of fretting over her perfectionism, you should feel blessed to have such a charming female who never makes your house look like a garbage dump.

Your toast will never get burnt and your coffee will always taste just perfect. She has a witty side too and when she laughs, it seems like the ringing of little bells, doesn't it! Virgo Weakness Keywords :. Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for them. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives.

They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves.

Virgo and Friendship :. People look up to Virgo for friends because they are straight thinkers and solve problems logically. They are truthful, loyal and determined. Some people might find them cold or emotionally detached because they live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings.

It might be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend is feeling because they easily live in denial. A person who is able to read deep into another person will notice when Virgo is not well but if they confront them about it, they would rather retreat then talk about it.

It is best to keep your emotional distance from a Virgo friend unless they open up to you first. Virgo might try to analyze and control a friend's life but only with the idea that they will improve their life, not purely for the sake of controlling. Be patient with your Virgo friend and understand that their recommendations are only to make your life better. Virgo and Business :. Virgos are very intelligent; they have an excellent memory and a highly analytical mind.

This makes them good investigators and researchers. They also have the ability to probe into a person's emotions and they can often see into people and detect what their motives are. This makes them great policemen or interrogators. Virgos are very good at problem solving; this is what they do best.

They are confronted with a problem; they will pick apart the pieces and put it together in the proper order. They are rational thinkers and are good at settling other people's disputes and putting them on the right track for reconciliation. Any position that requires the above features, which is a very long list, is perfect for the Virgo. They keep the world in order. Before a Virgo plunges into anything, from a problem to a vacation idea, they need to analyze all the facts and know all the details before they plunge in and make a decision.

This makes them seem indecisive and slow. Virgo's perception is their reality, more so then other astrology signs. If they are positive, the same events that occur will be held in a positive light and they will be a pleasant, well adjusted person.

A Virgo mind is a very powerful mind and they must have the proper attitude for their life to be happy and successful. Virgo needs to get in touch with their feelings; this is why they usually seem cold or detached. They are very prone of living in denial. They will say they feel okay or everything is alright even when it's not. This is an easy way out, the one thing that Virgo does not like to analyze is their feelings so pretending everything is okay is a good defense mechanism for not having to take a closer look at their feelings.

Virgo has an unpredictable and sometimes unstable temperament. Virgo Deep Inside :. They need to be organized in their mind, sometimes all their energy is taken from organizing their mind that they have a difficult time organizing their surroundings. They easily look too deep into an issue and over analyze what they percept. Virgo is ambitious and strives to always know more and have more.

This is in their eternal quest to bring order to chaos. Even if order is obtained from an outsiders' point of view, Virgo will not be settled for they have a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. Virgos want to be of use, they need to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do. Virgo's major life lesson is to learn to trust in and have faith in the unknown. They have to understand that things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to them, they do not have to always know everything.

They need to learn to calm down and not over-analyze a situation or event. Deep inside, Virgo is very sensitive and they need to be appreciated for all the things they do. When Virgo is is offended or hurt, they may never show it. Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside.

To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking.

Virgos When Hurt

Actually, when a Virgo feels the time is right, they have no problem moving on. They only seem to have difficulties letting go because they don't make hasty decisions, especially when it comes to getting in or out of a romantic relationship. Virgos are typically practical, so when a relationship doesn't seem to be working out, instead of cutting and running, they think of all the time they've invested in it and try hard to revive it.

I am a Scandinavian woman is interested in the compatibility of different astrological signs. Astrologers have the habit of casting Virgos in a bad light when it comes to astrological signs.

If a virgo were to ever explode because of criticism, they most likely already are aware of what was pointed out and would much prefer you not to throw it in their face. Why virgos hide their feelings. From one Virgo, Tauruses tend to be a bit blunt so you may wanna watch yourself. Virgos view mind games and manipulation as dishonest, sneaky and beneath them, and will spot such pettiness a mile away. When they are brought to the point of expressing their displeasure with a person or situation, it is often to Answers.

Angry Virgo, and Revenge

My experience with Virgo Woman - Our relationship has lasted 6 years - and therefore I would like to divide my whole jury in 3 parts: Part one: 1st Two Years In the beginning of our relationship she was completely devoted and loyal to me. She gave me full her love. In the beginning she was with full of romance and she was ready to give her life for me. Everyday she promised so much without having the feeling of the consequences when they are left empty. She was with full of common sense and she surprises me daily with something new. She loved to send me expansive presents with full passion, and she has expected the same in return. Though she was so emotional at times she was ice cold with her feelings.

Virgo in Love

Email address:. If you want to break up with a Virgo woman you should try and get close to her in the beginning because the separation will be painful. The Virgo woman is known to analyze every situation in her mind and to think of all the reasons why she should break up with a man, long before he has decided to do the same thing. Therefore, more sensitive people should avoid being with this girl, but if they happen to be with her and to wait for things in their relationship to get better, they should be ready to face their judgment or their things to be thrown out the window if they have ever made her upset.

Being a Virgo, I can attest to the fact that every personality trait astrologers use to describe us is dead on.

How do Virgos act when they are hurt emotionally? Do they blame everything on the other person or are they still able to make an objective analysis of the situation? Eccentric but down to earth when applies! Shak, I've sent you a PM.

What Happens When a Virgo Woman Is Hurt?

Virgos are known to be very analytical, and careful and orderly. They represent a very uniform and systematic approach to life and problem-solving. They are known to ground others, and are highly selective when it comes to the human experience. Virgos are very mature and secretive, and often control exactly what they can reveal and exactly what they must bottle up inside of them.

Life is a journey. There are a lot of good things and bad things that happen in life. Not to let us go so high or so down, but to let us learn better on how to be a good person. All of us can feel hurt, and so does Virgo. To not let the situation getting worse, we will need to know how to react when someone is hurt. Those who falls into Virgo, are known as the most patient people compared to other zodiac signs.

How Do Virgos Act When They Are Hurt? Virgo Personality Traits

Virgos Aug 24th-Sept 23rd are often one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. They are so careful to conceal their emotions; they are often seen as cold or uncaring. But don't let the Virgos fool you! Underneath their shield is a sensitive, sensuous being, very capable of giving as well as receiving love. Virgo Women On the outside, Virgo women seem calm, cool, and collected, almost to the point of being remote. But, do not let her outward demeanour fool you. Virgo women have emotions surging through their veins, but these emotions so intense, they often scare her.

Apr 30, - A Virgo will challenge you with their negative qualities in order to see if you come up with a way to heal themselves and to distract their hurt.

Home Zodiac Interpretations Synastry Horoscope Virgo is organized, analytical, and obsessive to perfection. They are finicky about everything around them - which should either be perfect, or cease to exist.

You'll probably claim that I'm the most indecent man you've ever heard. As a taurus me I fell in love with a Virgo at first sight, fairly common in astrology I saw. Social network has developed thus far in order for me to write my confession of love to her but she never saw me more than a friend. Doing my research, I thought Taurus and Virgo was a great pair and I sat in confusion.

Virgo Woman. April 03, Please note: this information has been collected from various astrology sites.

Perfectionist Virgos aren't always the easiest signs to love, but if you're capable of it, they will be extremely loyal and loving.

A Virgo woman wants to feel secure in her relationship. When a Virgo woman is hurt through cheating or betrayal, it pushes her outside of her comfort zone. She might be timid and quiet normally, but she will speak her mind after she is hurt. A Virgo woman is not going to back down when she feels attacked, so you had better watch out for her!

Are you dealing with an angry Virgo man or woman? By knowing exactly how Virgos think, one can use specific techniques to win a Virgo over. Saying rude things is one of the worst Virgo traits. Virgos When Hurt. People can either do good, or bad in life; you may not be able to predict which they do, or the frequency, but they can go either way, so generally knowing that makes dealing with let downs.

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